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BREAKING; Ukraine Special Forces Storming Square! LIVESTREAM

Громадське ONLINE. 9 грудня

Just in, for the discerning Human ;) Of PROPAGANDA ? ??

Sacred Native American objects put up for auction in Paris by reuters

U drinking the Koolaid?

EXTRACTED (part only) 

"From Yediot Ahronoth:

June 26, 1984 … Iran will be capable of producing a nuclear weapon in another seven years.
Nov. 15, 1991 … Nuclear expert: Iran will have a nuclear weapon by the end of the decade or seven to eight years if China, Pakistan and Argentina continue aiding it.
June 15, 1992 … Within 10 years Syria will have a nuclear weapon.
Sept. 20, 1992 … Iran will have an operational nuclear weapon in the next five to eight years.
Jan. 21, 1993 … Rabin: Iran has the manpower and will get a nuclear weapon in the coming decade.
Jan. 24, 1993 … Iran has in its possession a nuclear weapon ready for immediate deployment.
Jan. 9, 1995 … Iran may achieve nuclear capability at any moment.
Dec. 27, 1995 … Iran wants a nuclear weapon by 2001.
June 27, 1997 … US: Iran will have a nuclear weapon around 2000
July 10, 2001 … Iran will threaten Israel with a nuclear weapon within four years.
Aug. 8, 2003 … IDF: Preparing for an Iranian atomic bomb in 2005
Aug. 20, 2004 … Iran announces: we will achieve a nuclear weapon within four years.
July 8, 2005 … Israeli intelligence sources: within two years they will have a bomb on the shelf
Dec. 2005 … Entire Mideast will arm itself with nukes.
March 26, 2006 … Iranian atomic bomb in three years.
June 22, 2006 … Olmert: Within months Iran will be able to assemble a nuclear bomb.
June 22, 2011 … Iran will have a nuclear weapon in a year or two.
How many times has Israel attacked?
How many times has Israel attacked?
As my regular readers know I don’t often use this much outside material in an article but if I had abridged this to a few examples I think you can see it would have had nowhere near the same impact.
These headlines are mainly from just one newspaper, and one particular issue to lie about. You can extrapolate this out for all the others and you get a pretty good idea whether the claims of these people being pathological liars is valid.
I can assure you that many of the Israeli lobby folks promoting these lies upon their fellow Americans, might have believed some truth in them, maybe in the early days.
But the professionals among them had to be aware of this bomb hoax track record. I know because they can read. So I have not felt it untrue or unkind to say that many don’t care if the Iran nuke threat was bogus as long as it had the desired manipulative effect.
People don’t like to be used, so when I show this to them and let it sink in a bit, I then hit them with the big question…“Why do you let them make fools out of you with base, bogus propaganda to exploit your own people?”
We have a slang saying here in America when you are the underdog for reversing a bad situation, that you have to “up our game”. It means taking a hard cold look in the mirror about the changes that need to be done to stop using failed tactics.
Power senses fear and uncertainty and knows how to exploit it. The news headlines above show how unembarrassed the Israeli media was to exploit their own people’s fear. With the Iranians in the past year they have used Neo-holocaust language, the Nazis, holocaust deniers…there are no depths to which they will not stoop.
It is time to take the gloves off and go after the militant Zionists, and this includes all those who have worked with them. Whether they are participants in the lies or not makes no difference. A victim cares little over whether he was killed by a murderer or a drunk driver because the result is the same.
A lot of work has gone into getting us where we are now, where we have some momentum. We have dodged some head shot bullets, like with the Syria attack. Now it is upon us to honor those victories by doing what needs to be done…denuclearize and demilitarize Zionist Israel. See you on the front lines."
U reading ... the real rite writes of ...

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"New studies: ‘Conspiracy theorists’ sane; government dupes crazy, hostile"

UPDATE 5.56am (long night lol ..

"Strasbourg/Kyiv, 06.12.2013 - The three main opposition parties in Ukraine and Prime Minister Azarov have accepted Secretary General Jagland's plan to establish an expert advisory panel to oversee the investigation into the violent incidents in Kyiv on 30 November and 1 December.

"The investigation and its results must be accepted by all concerned. Therefore, the expert advisory panel to oversee the investigation will consist of one member nominated by the opposition, one member nominated by the government, and one member from the international community.

Transparency and acceptance of this investigation will be the first step to rebuilding trust in Ukraine", Jagland said." .... urrrrmmm seems that plan, didn't work out  ... so well ..

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