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We did tell you: yes, yes, WE DID: 

Forgive us, but those of you who have been regular readers of The White Rabbit since the start, know this site was set up, to promote (as the first site on planet earth to do so, pretty much) the cryptographic digital currency library Open-Transactions, which allows ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, to start and run their VERY OWN CRYPTO-CURRENCY.  PROOF: note the DATES well ;) heh!


- See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/#sthash.Z0VChVmr.dpuf

Occupy LSX Music (Global Revolution)

Occupy LSX Music (Global Revolution) by James Newman

Well now, we've just checked; 1st post 16th October 2011; and today, 3rd December 2013; a little over two years and one month later, we are so proud to report this fact, we just can't STOP LAUGHING as we type this!!  GET THIS FOLKS!!  cross post from the site we set up to move open-transactions promotion (and TUTORIALS on crypto-currencies, FREE SOFTWARE, and EVERYTHING cipherlicious about OUR NEW FUTURES on this planet to) went live, with THIS POST, about 30 minnutes ago:  YOUR NEW FUTURE IS HERE!


Open-transactions; GOES FORBES!

'@censorednewsnow hey brother,you really do dig up the shit,your amazing,I'm glad that we hooked up.' Writes @Stash11Wg1h

"With bitcong Now worth potentially more than an ounces of gold, I', capping off my series of bitcoin posts with ann attempt to answer a reoccurring question. How to go about creating your very own crypto-currency.

When looking at the various crypto-currencies that have emerged over the last few months, most, if not all of them have had one thing in common. they are essentially cloned versions of Bitcoin. My question isn't how to clone bitcoin but rather how you can go about creating, a completely new virtual currency.. One that is based on varied asset backings. the currency could be like a bitcoin, based on an algorithm or based upon more traditional assets like US dollars, gold, or even a basket of mixed existing asset types.

As it turns out, there is a free open source project that aims to do exactly this. Called Open-Transactions or OT, the project itself is a transaction processor in the cypherpunk tradition!"


Indeed, and our first site, set up OVER TWO YEARS AGO to tell you all about it http://www.occupythebanks.com got rather distracted teaching the NEED for this, hence we set up this site, to focuse exclusively on tech; and SPECIFICALLY on Open-Transactions tutorials, as word spread, and more people started producing the videos, etc, required, to understand AND IMPLEMENT any instance of a CRYPTO-CURRENCY that WAS or WAS NOT asset backed. AND NOW WE SHALL COMMENCE IN EARNEST!
'@censorednewsnow hey brother,you really do dig up the shit,your amazing,I'm glad that we hooked up.' Writes @Stash11Wg1h
I think now I know, why they trashed our Feed-burner, just last week! <g> GET SUBBED UP via the direct orange button over in the sidebars, and DO NOT MISS OUT!

The race of the new millennium JUST STARTED IN EARNEST!

You're BEHIND!

Monday, 1 April 2013

FREE #BITCOIN TUTORIALS http://www.open-transactions.com

World's First Demo/Tutorial
Worlds First Interview! FT!!
get over to open-transactions.com for the next video;

Open-Transactions & BitMessage

We did tell you:
'@censorednewsnow hey brother,you really do dig up the shit,your amazing,I'm glad that we hooked up.' Writes @Stash11Wg1h
http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/03/resistance-to-civil-government-duty-of.html - See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/search?q=%23OT#sthash.NxXOIdkI.dpuf- See more at: http://www.open-transactions.com/#sthash.jwlylrfM.dpuf"!

TOP TUNE!  It's just got to be .... 

FREE #BITCOIN TUTORIALS http://www.open-transactions.com

Nina Simone: Revolution by Nina Simone
'@censorednewsnow hey brother,you really do dig up the shit,your amazing,I'm glad that we hooked up.' Writes @Stash11Wg1h

TOP TUNE!  It's just got to be .... 

The Mahones - "The Revolution Starts Now" Whiskey Devil Records

The Mahones - "The Revolution Starts Now" Whiskey Devil Records by BlankTV

Coming right up, just as SOON as I get FIVE MINUTES (i've already wired in the DNS <g>)

We haz:  http://www.occupycurrencies.com  Bookmark now! 

I'll get the site live ASAP! :) Where of course, you will be able to list YOUR currency, as available for use! ;)  And FIND OUT ABOUT THE OTHERS! :)

And if you're SERIOUSLY SMART; of course, you'll get your EMAIL right into the box, at the bottom of THIS PAGE, and RIGHT NOW, because as you might imagine, the person who first understood the significance of the coding being done by FT (fellow Traveler; lead coder on the Open-Transactions cryptographers team), well now, I've been having RATHER A LOT OF PLANNING on MY OWN version of THE WORLD BEST CURRENCY! ;)

And my,if you LIKE GOLD, and you LIKE GOLD COINS, and you LOVE Occupy; the PEOPLE THAT STARTED THE FIGHTBACK against the BANKSTERS!  Well now, let's just say, I hope ONE OTHER PERSON READING THIS right now, fancies coming along for the ride; that would be you, the one that got the DM, and the only one that got a DM from me, containing a link, to this page. : )  It's TIME!


Let's ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether you have TEN TRILLION or TEN PENCE, or NOTHING; get your email in the form on Occupy Venture Capital  RIGHT NOW; we'll sort out things, as we go along ...

We ... the SOCIAL ANIMAL LTD that promised to SAVE HUMAN ASS ... We ...  The White Rabbit! ... COMING THROUGH FOR HUMANITY! ...


Take it, from FORBES! ;)

'@censorednewsnow hey brother,you really do dig up the shit,your amazing,I'm glad that we hooked up.' Writes @Stash11Wg1h


The White Rabbit!  
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