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Germany asks US Fed reserve for its gold and told 'Pound Sand' 

Mor JAPAN FASCISM update (US Puppet State of MAFIA DON Rockefeller GENOCIDAL SCUMBAG #Agenda21 LEAD criminal CONSPIRATOR ...

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Machine Translation

""Actually rightward tilt of Japan" by the U.S. media say what is along the will of Washington 

From 3.11 immediately after the think tank in Washington, it has been debating "How do deal with Japan" for the gang.

If you look at the article at the time of the think-tank known name in Japan, and has claimed the most, should be participating in the TPP Japan.

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) issued (magazine "Foreign Affairs") Foreign Affairs magazine , "was published in the turning point of Tokyo (Tokyo's Turning Point) in the article entitled, "said,
It is written, "This disaster is an excellent opportunity for Japan to abandon the protection policy up to now, to a" mockery "of free trade that TPP" he said.

The expression "mockery" is interesting.

Well, these think tanks, he advises to Washington at the same time as the TPP participation, and, should be the militarization of Japan Self-Defense Forces.

For example, in an article in the "turning point of Tokyo", I will not mention this as well as the Council on Foreign Relations listed above of (CFR).

"Future military reforms resulting from March 11 should include removing" anachronistic constraints "on JSDF rules of engagement, interoperability with US forces, and participation in international defense industrial collaboration."

As a result of "3.11, momentum on the reform of the army of Japan takes place.JSDF (with the U.S. Army) in relationship (= Self-Defense Forces: Japan Self-Defense Forces) it, the elimination of "Constraints outdated" of the rules of, and interoperability, with the U.S. military, to the cooperation of the defense industry international and includes participation ".
"It also suggests that faith in nuclear power having been shaken, Japan's dependency on foreign oil will increase, breathing new life into America's mandate to maintain the security of sea-lanes from Japan's coast all the way to the Middle East."
"In addition, confidence in nuclear power (by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident) is unwavering, dependence on foreign crude oil in Japan is increasing, a wide range leading to the Middle East from the coast of Japan, that matter,the safety of the sea lanes in order to maintain, is going to be able to breathe new vigor to delegation of the United States ".

New American Security Center (CNAS) , "his Patrick Cronin of the corporate sector and opportunities for New Deal of Japan (Japan's New Deal Opportunity in the article) "and of, in this view the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has been tuned.

Cronin has argued that it should be fully integrated into the military interoperability of NATO form the Self-Defense Forces of Japan further.
That part.

"While any nuclear renaissance has been put on hold as a result of the Fukushima meltdown, a military renaissance appears ready to emerge. With 100,000 troops mobilized for disaster relief, Japan's Self-Defence Forces havecrossed a post-war hurdle by proving to the Japanese people their indisputablerelevance. "
a result of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has meltdown, nuclear renaissance has stalled, but more of Renaissance military is likely emerging from now.
Army of 100,000 is recruited to disaster relief, by the relationship "present together" was shown to the people of Japan, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces is was overcome hurdle after the war.
"US military and civilian leaders should be ready to seize the opportunity implied by this combined crisis response: to move towards genuine, NATO-style military interoperability for a range of missions, perhaps starting with humanitarian assistance and disaster relief."
And U.S. military leaders in the private sector (in the U.S.) should be preparing to seize the opportunity that implies the way of such a crisis response a complex manner (by the Japan-US cooperation).
It was a good opportunity to educate the people of Japan that of Japan and the United States "Friend Campaign", army that has become for people.
By this, it may be possible that the Japanese people also overcome the anti-military consciousness after the war.
Without having to miss this opportunity, opinion leaders in the United States and the U.S. military, I have said that, should push that the U.S. forces and the SDF cooperate to deepen it further)
"... To move towards genuine, NATO-style military interoperability for a range of missions, perhaps starting with humanitarian assistance and disaster relief."
... You should to proceed to the "military interoperability of NATO style" real.First of all it will should start from disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.

Mission of the series believes Japan as the stand up again, such as "Japan-US military interoperability", Cronin have requested to participate in Japan, the military-industrial to fund ※ CNAS is a think tank of his for the complex, bringing huge profits is that there is no doubt.

 are you funding to CNAS is, it is the military and multinational companies.

America, which is fully privatized war, army also, I is at war for multinational companies as a result. For them, the war's a nice piece of business the most.

Think tank in Washington, also,'s the part which forms a vast base of this "war industry".

This is not just to say "in a hurry defense Gun-ka of Self-Defense Forces,! Let's go to war with the United States Armed Forces" he said.

Cronin, as has been said, "will should start from disaster relief and humanitarian assistance first", also of Japan version of FEMA founding, I have to say at the same time separate from the military.

The flow of the reporting on policy-to-day (good skill as if I knew in advance of catastrophe like 3.11) New American Security Center or (CFR) of (CNAS) Council on Foreign Relations,
"Japan is ripped off by the Trojan · TPP" I am writing in detail.

Washington think tank of these, are you caught in the framework of the military strategy of the South China Sea East China Sea of ​​Metropolitan (tool of the global elite) United States Army TPP that assumes the participation of Japan.

Think tank that has a large impact on the political party Liberal Democrats, such as democratic in particular, Japanese politicians have bowed down "I have received your snowfall, Ya gratitude" to the Japanese, the U.S. Strategic and International Joseph Nye and Richard Armitage (CSIS) is famous Studies.

Seiji Maehara (Democratic Party), Akihisa Nagashima (Democratic Party), and Koizumi SusumuJiro (LDP) is the Bettari to this think tank.

Heritage Ishihara boss is Bettari (missile) Foundation.
Identity of China money "missile Foundation" - a blind spot of the Senkaku problem 

that any think tank also is requesting to Japan is about the same.
In other words, this is to say that it is the will of Washington.

And is that in advance (and world unity government, integration of all religion) the global strategy of Washington, that's impossible to eliminate technical capabilities and Japan's economic power.

Researcher who these think tank, says -

The "Constitution of Japan, the United States we have made certainly.
However, times have changed. Landscape of the world was also repainted.

As without the partner subordinate, revised by (right of collective self-defense) this Constitution anachronistic, it was promoted to the armed forces the Self-Defense Forces, Japan Let's make the world defense forces with the U.S. military hurry up and as long as the United States "
I'm saying.

"At that time, however, try to do a joint development (test phase has come up already = to space weapons) of military systems development, state-of-the-art weapons, gold in Japan".

To do so ", we to participate in the TPP Japan but desperately, that suck up the wealth of Japan I need.
It would cost required to establish a new world order.

So, Japan is protected by it to pay fair share of it might be expected. Regards Sokontoko, politicians and his friends in Japan ".

3.11 immediately after the think tank of the United States, are you closing in on Japan such a thing.

This is Alex Jones is skipping the corner of the mouth foam as usual, we are yelling, "We do over to Te, I'm over to Te".

Meaning to create in Japan FEMA "shadow government" of the United States, where is that?

Well, pledges of the Liberal Democratic Party is in,
In addition to the "founding Japan version NSC of the (National Security Council) and the exercise of the right of collective self-defense", service = Japan version FEMA corresponding "Earthquake, etc., to the emergency of" national emergency system "(Fima) establishment, it is specified with other ".

It is Because it is stated as "Japan version FEMA", and that, to establish the Japan version of the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (Federal Emergency Management Agency of the United States).

The FEMA of America, judging from its name alone, people with the impression it is dispatched at the time of such large floods onslaught of hurricane or earthquake, such as "disaster rescue team" seems to many.

From the fact that "success" of FEMA was reported in Japanese newspapers at the time of the Los Angeles earthquake in 1994, founding of the Japan version has been discussed in the Liberal Democratic Party, but it was a going-out all too soon.

Then, since the government moved to the Democratic Party, Kazuhiro Haraguchi When the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications has been proposed also.
Creation of a Japan version of FEMA I had been also specified in the manifest of the Democratic Party. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications home page )

This FEMA, in recent years, I have also dispatched when huge hurricanes and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, New York, New Jersey and "Sandy".

"FEMA is dealing as prisoners us. To be frank, we feels like being in a concentration camp," said residents of New Jersey entered into the shelter by FEMA to victims It seems to feel the fear and dissatisfaction with the handling of FEMA who do not also human.
[Reuters November 10] evacuees Sandy, says tent shelter that said they like a prison 

In addition, evacuees 40,000 people came out in New York, but because in just a handful, there is no facility to accept the other, prison Staten Island man was able to enter the temporary housing that is prepared of FEMA is, ( abnormal situation such as that, to accommodate the 900 people on Arthur Kill Correctional Facility) has occurred.

I have said in one blankets, people were evacuated and became purple hands and feet.
[New York Post November 9] residents evicted in Sandy, stare the life of Staten Island in the "prison"

Others, even after a week, that bottled water even that, does not reach the affected areas one after another. Very much, for the Americans, reputation is extremely bad to be "treated like cattle people" to FEMA.

Japanese newspapers, was reported as "an outstanding performance" the movement of FEMA at the time of the Los Angeles earthquake in 1994, which is not a fact, this is that to rescue victims that have moaned Become a trapped under rubble more, the American media of some of them reported what time of the catastrophe, and to how people become panic, and, suspect that the give priority to the study from the perspective of social engineering.

To hear that FEMA, net, of course, Americans do not think of coffin or (FEMA concentration camp) a (FEMA coffin) huge camps being built in dozens ~Ka-sho across the United States, shut off the information of any newspaper, from TV It will be those who are.

Search youtube English [ FEMA concentration camp coffin ]
Japanese youtube search [ FEMA camp coffin ]

[FEMA] information together "there is no possibility that the person who is repulsive to those in power get out alive [concentration camp] founding" 
The highest authority of the Liberal Democratic Party advocated.

For FEMA, from two years ago, and since has been writing articles for several tens of even on this blog, please read by typing "FEMA" in the search form of banner image under bazooka squirrel-kun on the left side menu .
[Trigger ready! U.S. 5 split plan, FEMA began to prepare finally

In organizations that are positioned on the U.S. military, the police and FEMA, in the budget that is not approved by Congress, various facilities have been built.

Apart from the huge camp, which is said to FEMA concentration camp, when the day of reckoning came, underground facility that is (already completed) construction in dozens ~Ka-sho nation, super government of the United States as well as a facility for operating the American governing body = FEMA of on behalf of the U.S. government, and the thing that is provided as a place to officials who were chosen to evacuate, the construction budget plan itself passed by Congress what you do not have a, construction has been underway in secret.

Among them, (pictured below), is a huge thing should be called the underground city FEMA underground facility in the mountains (weather mountain) Mount Weather in Virginia, and all can live without even once out on the ground for several years I have a function.

What, in this underground base,'s also vegetable plant.

(There is a huge underground city to this below) Click on the image

For underground facility of Mount Weather, in his blog, international journalist, Tanaka宇氏is in 2002 the government of "shadow running secretly in the United States are introduced to write an article called.

I we summarize below the main points in it.

· (Federal government at the time of the Last Judgment is located) Mount Weather is, I in the mountains of Virginia went about 120 km to the west East Coast of the United States, from Washington, DC.

The name "mountain weather" is derived from the fact that the federal government buys land of this area in 1902, the Bureau of Meteorology Department of Agriculture had been placed.

• In this mountain, "emergency relief center" be in the basement that (most, know the full picture from the surface facilities to prepare for any emergency situation occurring earthquake and wind and flood damage, such as terrorism, the United States is located and there should be a will) can not, government office that FEMA (FEMA) is managing that.

· The home page of FEMA, there was a written description such as "In order to prepare for natural disasters," primarily the purpose of this underground facility, but it has been removed now.
(Because now well understood that the real goal is not the case, no longer needed, such as home page for camouflage bother).

And fields as well as disaster recovery, and prepared for war and terrorism are also contained in the scope of activities of FEMA. People critical of the government continued to point out, "still, than to help the victims of disaster, FEMA has placed the focus of the organization that you seize power in case of emergencies" because the.

However, there were no indications that they are placed in the category of "conspiracy theory" are headlines.

Computer was at that time the fastest is placed in the mount weather, it is possible to access the personal information of the American people, which is stored in various government agencies.
Of government criticism "information disclosure also remain not performed, personal information is handled by ignoring the human rights of the people" and boils, had managed the mount weather at that time, "Federal military station" (FPA) was interrogated call to Congress subcommittee of the person in charge, but during the interrogation of two hours, nothing answer almost on the grounds of state secrets.

• In FEMA, and in case the government function is paralyzed in major incident such as a nuclear missile attack, make a list of 100 people total to move the administrative organs of government in an emergency in advance, Once the emergency situation, under the control of the President system that "Security Council" (NSC) is suppressed and energy transportation and communication, mass media, such as power plant by moving the 100 people were made.
This organization of 100 people, something should be called the "shadow government" virtually.

· There was also the feeling should you are thinking chief executive of the United States, which has been said to be a country that values ​​democracy in the world is, and so want to migrate to the dictatorship of ignoring the democracy that, no.

...... However, such a situation blew on March 1.
Washington Post Suppanuki that the "shadow government" for the first time in U.S. history is placed immediately after the 9.11, the President also was because acknowledged that fact.

By the way, the movie dealing with the underground world of this FEMA is "in Dai seven days of May movie titled ".
The original title of the English, "Seven Days in May" if search in youtube, you can watch full-length." 

Continues .... AT REAL BIG LENGTH! (must read!)


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I talk about the revision of Article 9 "Weekly BS-TBS news department" Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Ishiba Constitution 2013.4.21

Machine Translated (video blurb)

"Armed Forces Once founded by constitutional amendment, even in war, no matter how unreasonable, name defense, discipline hold you can not escape the military service on the basis of. Refusal of military service will be the death penalty in secret. It is war It is a thing of War -. No one go to war MPs. 
Senso-ya Rockefeller to wad, "protect the country", the young people who devote their lives to the "protect a loved one" buried, I see Te嗤~Tsu with a knowing smile. See also "treasure box of happiness" blog. "

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