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Before Mor! .... First, some PIE! :)   ... And to endn with mor SUPERWAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"The British Ministry of Interior has ordered an inquiry into shocking allegations that the government would have spent on pedophile Information Exchange (PIE ) . Tens of thousands of pounds

This was a notorious group of pedophiles in the nineteen seventies conducted openly campaigned to get . Legalized sex with children That today reports the Daily Mail online .

Officials have the archives of the past decades go by teams looking for clues that the Department ever subsidized PIE . This particular move comes at the hands of top official Mark Sedwill , following allegations of an " insider " that the Voluntary Services Unit ( VSU ) , which annual grants awarded thousands of pounds to charity , was also given to a network of child abusers financial support.

Labour MP Tom Watson says a retired official of the ministry already expressed concern about this , in the seventies , but he was warned that he could let the matter rest , but rather: "We are working to lift the lid of a nasty period in our political history , "said Watson . " It gives the feeling that we are getting closer ONE ANSWER many people are looking for a long time. People will be surprised when we find out that the Government or any political mantle PIE funded . "

Since the spectacular , but posthumous unmasking of television personality Jimmy Savile and other notables as notorious abusers , who always managed to escape prosecution is the awareness of the existence of pedophile circles in the upper layer of society in England increased greatly ."

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The Mystery High Decibel Booms of Kokomo, Indiana 

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It's VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Send them SLAVES!

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Short Bio: PAUL A. LaVIOLETTE, PH.D, is author of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Subquantum Kinetics,Earth Under Fire, Genesis of the Cosmos,Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology.

Published on Dec 6, 2013

Topics for possible discussion during the interview:
What first led to the discovery of the Galactic superwave phenomenon.

• Decoding the zodiac's cataclysmic message

Probability that a Galactic Superwave Could Occur this Coming Year

• We will discuss the G2 Cloud which is currently approaching the Galactic core which poses a possible threat to the Earth if it triggers a.Galactic core explosion.
• We can discuss what is the current status on reseach into the nature of the G2 Cloud.
• When can we expect the fireworks to begin at the Galactic center.
• Why most astronomers do not realize the gravity of the situation should a core explosion occur.
• Astronomical and geological evidence that the Earth has have been impacted by 13 superwaves in the last 5300 years.
* What to do should a superwave occur.

Past Superwave Events

• How did superwaves affect the Earth at the end of the last ice age 16,000 to 11,000 years ago?
• What impact did the superwave have that struck the Earth around 40,000 years ago.
• Recent astronomical discoveries that support the existence of recent superwaves -- the Fermi gamma ray bubbles and also the ultraviolet excitation of the Magellanic Stream.

Comet Ison

• Will it have an effect on the Earth? If so what can we expect?

Other news items on the Sphynx Stargate website

• The November test of the North American electric grid.
• Sphinx Stargate game testing your ability to solve the ancient zodiac cipher.
• What is the source of energy in overunity energy generator: The subquantum Kinetics perspective?

Dr. LaViolette has been president of the Starburst Foundation since 1984, where he has conducted interdisciplinary research in physics, astronomy, geology, climatology, psychology, and cultural anthropology. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and his Ph.D. in systems science from Portland State University. He has conducted occupational safety research at Harvard University, and served as a solar energy consultant to the Club of Rome and Greek government. He has also consulted Hughes Aircraft on ways to improve company innovation. In 1993 he reverse engineered the B-2 bomber's classified propulsion technology and more recently has disclosed and explained the microwave beam technology used to propel vehicles developed in the super secret Skyvault Project. He is the originator of the subquantum kinetics physics paradigm and also discoverer of the galactic superwave phenomenon, the notion that cosmic ray outbursts from the galactic core periodically trigger major shifts in the Earth's climate. In testing this theory he became the first to discover high concentrations of cosmic dust and gold in ice age polar ice. He is author of six books, which include Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Genesis of the Cosmos, Subquantum Kinetics, Earth Under Fire, Galactic Superwaves, and Decoding the Message of the Pulsar.

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