Tuesday, 10 December 2013


"Note:  Accordingly, the worldwide financial settlements remain on hold, as IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde has now called for an immediate European Union (EU) inquiry into Bitcoin's currency racketeering.

Brazilian government officials are also convinced that the NSA and Bitcoin were responsible for driving up the value of the Brazilian Reais aka Brazilian Real.

Lagarde has also notified U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew that Bitcoin, Wells Fargo Bank of Reno, Nevada, along with Bank of America and the Royal Bank of Canada, are tied to the Iraqi dinar ponzi scam that actually involves counterfeit foreign currency."

And so we held off, until we could think clearly .. and then, when we could .. look, see:

Open-Transactions.com: 中国 #ARRESTS BITCOIN #THEFT **FIVE ARRESTED** #GERMANY http://www.open-transactions.com/2013/12/arrests-bitcoin-theft-five-arrested.html via @censorednewsnow

German .. Illuminati ? <g>

#OT TOP TUNE God Is an Astronaut - Reverse World

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