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Bombs; they send a pretty strong message.  And so, we went looking.  What had just happened, that may give cause for any nation or group with a track record of using VIOLENCE FOR POLITICAL ENDS, you know TERRORISM, to achieve it's objectives ... Had anything happened, to make ANY GROUP KNOWN FOR THIS SORT OF THING seriously pissed off .. We went digging, and look what popped up, in the wash ... U ready ..

Raw: in the Midst of Finals, Harvard Evacuates by associatedpress

Big deep breath America ... Because there's TWO things; the first, we covered, in the WEE SMALL HOURS, of this morning, but AFAICT, it has no ACADEMIC LINK; that, was this:

So what, or WHAT, could cause ANYONE to want to BLOW UP ACADEMICS, or TERRIFY THEM (back into, unfortunately) SILENCE ... Read on Ewe:

"December 16, 2013 – The  US Campaign for the Academic & Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI) congratulates the American Studies Association following today’s announcement that its membership has endorsed the Association’s participation in a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In an election that attracted 1252 voters, the largest number of participants in such a referendum in the history of the organization, 66.05 percent of voters endorsed the resolution, while 30.5 percent of voters voted no, and 3.43 percent abstained.
Nada Elia, professor and USACBI organizing committee member noted, “This is not only a victory for Palestinians.  It is a victory for all who believe in justice for an indigenous people who have faced ongoing dispossession. It is a victory for global justice, for academic freedom, for freedom of expression, for believing in the power of the people to bring about the much-needed changes that politicians refuse to consider. Through the grassroots organizing efforts of many, we are building a more just world.”
The original resolution, which the ASA Activism Caucus proposed a year ago, was discussed at the 2013 ASA convention in Washington D.C, and modified in response to ongoing discussions. In turn, the ASA National Council adopted it. The National Council opened the question to the entire membership to ensure that the adoption of the resolution adequately represented the association. During the voting process, many academics and groups demonstrated support for the adoption of the resolution through articles and statements, including the Critical Ethnic Studies Association, The Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors, and Students for Justice in Palestine – National and local chapters.
Sunaina Maira, ASA Activism Caucus member, added, “Today, we are grateful not just for the ASA membership’s decision to endorse BDS, but also for the process that the ASA National Council chose to adopt, as it created the space and time to learn about the conditions Palestinian students and academics face as a result of Israeli policies and to engage with the serious questions about our responsibilities and methods for bringing about change.” "

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At least 60 Harvard Students Forced to Withdraw for Cheating

At least 60 Harvard Students Forced to Withdraw for Cheating by NewsyVideos
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