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"29 responses to item "Demmink goes viral!"

Politicians hide for years behind there is insufficient evidence or, if he is not convicted, nothing beats it. But how easy is that if you know there is not even a criminal investigation was opened to him? Yes, of course he can not be condemned! You do not have to be called Donner to understand that, to be able to say because. This is the epitome of class justice because how can the hell have to be so that any given citizen is at perhaps only 10% of the allegations and two statements against him at 6 am lifted from his bed, and Joris Demmink correct only in rank increased in the judiciary and a few days after the death of Claus Ambstberg the position of Secretary General is put? There are too many question marks and the people demanding answers. You can drop people remain as conspiracy theorists, but the harder the lid comes sooner or later on your nose. This is no longer hold, and I should know as a police officer. I want the Dutch state is purified of all leaders who have a share in or participated in the cover-up.So we can give our children. Clean and righteous Netherlands I say: Acceptance, bereavement, reconstruction.
- By HAMMER on Friday, July 26 at 17:17

People forget that Demmink nothing without the Proponents From Dictatorship. He is not only about what one sees
- By French on Saturday, October 20th at 09:37

The Dutch people have no MPs but people traitors who feign democracy and secretly serve the financial interests of big investors. So not only a pervert like Joris Demmink but the whole corrupt and criminal mess should be expelled from our government buildings. We will really have to go to The Hague are all. And though I'm well past sixty, I'll be sure to be there! 
- By Johan Bosman on Friday, October 19th at 12:55

I would like to spruce up a minute with geteisum that, for all the misery they cause to keep the wind once again a member of that family robber, in this case, Claus v. A.uit
- By cage fighter on Friday, October 19th at 11:00

If that is so Demmink incorruptible, why is he not in the counterattack on defamation and slander? Is it perhaps because there cesspools will be gradually the hearing? Open
- By M. Faverey on Thursday, October 18th at 12:39

So people still seem to think that it's all nonsense, "and slander, because there are" prove "no.does the demand to travel, "What is a proof? A signed statement, eg a tax return? There are, but if justice there with 'do' anything, such as the highest judicial boss is involved and other "investigative bodies" as National Police and the AIVD could find nothing is still overdue even these bodies under the magnifying glass to explain! A lay person may, within one day, over the internet, a 'destructive' file on Demmink and the authorities hand over the head to keep him, composing! Apparently the organs of our democratic constitutional state so affected by pathogens, that one is not able to take. here action

- By appie b. pants on Thursday, October 18th at 10:46

they go at him is locked up or doing politics and government not count sick people. joris the beginning there is a lot more to follow. We kunnnen the public system do away. nothing is to be trusted.
- By sandro on Thursday, October 18th at 02:13 The Constitution, as formulated by Thorbecke in 1848, the King considered inviolable for political action: Ministers are responsible. Nowadays it seems inviolability interpreted more broadly. 1. Applies not only to the King, but also for his family, ministers and even top officials? 2. Is not just about political act, but all act nowadays seems to stand outside. Discussion Immunity is not of this time. We request to lift the immunity of both the King (or Queen), his family, and politicians (top) officials.

- By PETITION: Immunity is not of this time on Wednesday, October 17th at 22:27

The critics who ask for evidence, would give the broadcast of the NOS news of 5-11-2003 must look first (see The Demmink case on TV in the right menu). At 2:11 minutes it cites how Demmink the nota bene admits: "In conversations with Panorama and Gay Krant, behind closed doors last week, he has to have had with young gay sex and admitted that he did not always asked how old they were. " Add to that the truckload of incriminating material collected under 'Disturbing reports' ... by several independent parties anyone still doubts can not convince his energy and can probably be better spent on other things.
- By webmaster on Wednesday, October 17th at 13:21

Agree with Helmuth. Views say anything. Facts, like evidence. Who are still missing. There is nothing wrong perhaps?
- By Pyotr Rob on Wednesday, October 17th at 11:55

living i / h abroad, but take quite some time knowledge v / d efforts to establish a new research i / d D thing 
people hang in the name of all the victims of this pedo 
agree that the law should prevail.
- By pieter jakob quite field on Tuesday, October 16th at 21:31

I would like to trial Demmink
- By g cooper on Monday, October 15th at 21:19

PETITION: Immunity is not of this time in the constitution, as expressed by Thorbecke in 1848, the King considered inviolable for political action: Ministers are responsible. Nowadays it seems inviolability interpreted more broadly. 1. Applies not only to the King, but also for his family, ministers and even top officials? 2. Is not just about political act, but all act nowadays seems to stand outside. Discussion We ask first. Lifting of immunity, with the exception of acting political and social debate. 2. Examining existing putative latent issues (such as Joris Demmink, Marianne Vaatstra, Pim Fortuyn, Manuel Schadwald, Zandvoort case, Maarten van Traa, Baybasin, and the restriction of press freedom). Spacious "inviolability" is not of this time and no need purpose. It is not good for the Netherlands.

- By Anna: Now Constitution on Monday, October 15th at 20:21

What does the number of "hits"? My photo site with pictures of planes, viz am spotter, has more than 1,500 daily unique visits and that for 12 years. It has been about 6 million times. And only the photos sold. Bad pictures? Many viewers? Frugal people? It will all but visitors say something in sports, museums but not on the Internet. Perhaps believes politics, OM, etc. do not. Could just as much info Kat is received. And he's only exposes on the radio as a liar, conspiracy thinker, pathetic male. That says enough.
- By Helmuth on Monday, October 15th at 19:27

- By G. van Wijk on Monday, October 15th at 08:34 !!PETITION!! In the Constitution, formulated in 1848 by Thorbecke, the king considered inviolable for political action: Ministers are responsible. Today inviolability seen even wider. 1.Applies not only to the King, but also for his family, ministers and even top officials. 2. Is not just about political act, but all act nowadays seems to stand outside. Discussion The effect of immunity is the opposite of what is intended. It actually leads to negative reports about abuses.Where the state is only limited research has been done into possible abuses, is-rightly or wrongly-often a cover-up suggested, precisely because of this broad definition of immunity. So the inviolability harms the good name of our country directors. We ask first. Lifting of immunity, with the exception of acting political and social debate. 2. Examining existing putative latent issues (such as Joris Demmink, Marianne Vaatstra, Pim Fortuyn, Manuel Schadwald, Zandvoort case, Maarten van Traa, Baybasin, and the restriction of press freedom). Spacious "inviolability" is not of this time and no need purpose. It's not good for

- By Just the Constitution on Sunday, October 14th at 20:23

Minister Opstelten think that no research is needed, and that the AIVD, Justice and the National Police did not find that necessary. 
But if you are abroad crazy state, you have better sound, I think.
- By dick on Saturday, October 13th at 23:04

The rest of the world is starting to wake up. We want to share our voice with yours and see justice for victims thesis. / arrestdemmink

- By Judgment Demmink on Sunday, August 19th at 21:11

Great that there is now made ​​clear from Abroad that mafia boss of Justice has decided not entitled to its function. Despite the efforts of integrity among others. victims, Klaas Langedoen, Adele van der Plas, mr. Leg and unjustly arrested journalist Micha Kat is in NL blackmailing power of the child income elite apparently so great that the self-cleaning ability is severely compromised, leading up to their planned nwo. 
As the verses of Van Randwijk indicate: "A nation that yields to tyrants, more than life and property losses, then turns off the light. " 
This elite is now worldwide from their positions removed by joint actions of people who stand for the Light ... and these people have the Cosmic wind at their backs.
- By A. Soul on Thursday, August 16 at 23:18

This needs to be sorted out at the bottom. Hopefully there are plenty of honest people who ensure that justice prevails. Shocking! Which political party has the guts to carry the glove
- By L.Broekman on Thursday, August 16 at 22:07

Incomprehensible, I follow this for some time. 
My compliments on your drive. 
Apparently Demmink knows business and he can threat of back mail ahead and he put so Netherlands and the majesty disgrace. 
No DA or Attorney General dares, I'm afraid . 
Hopefully can help take the pressure from abroad. 
Normally, when you do not have to hide research is welcome. There is a confession towards the man of the COC that he does not always checked whether he had sex with a minor. Apparently this is normal in that circle. I have to think about decisions and issues that played by Gerard Reve. 
What is real and what is fiction? 
Hope there once clearance is ...
- By dick on Thursday, August 16 at 21:59

High time that a satisfactory end to this dirty business. 
Messrs protect each other and our living democracy is the laughing stock of Europe. Ugh, what a country, and the worst thing is .... flights can not!
- By Peter on Thursday, August 16 at 21:59

Why vote on a bunch of weak lackeys who will swear up with two fingers, or pledge allegiance to a foreign unelected Ms, and the status of the so-called kingdom, the invalid Constitution while Netherlands has still not been officially transferred since the German occupation. Click URL.Apparently¬e=21114 also be blackmailed to this day by the affair Demmink with all the consequences. Click on URL:. Http:// 
will allow the newly elected everything on their course and thus participate in a criminal organization, as long as there is no intervention. Start with the Public Prosecutor who claims to be helpless. Netherlands in one blow from the recession may get when a courageous judge BOOM legislation released on these people. At home and abroad attachment may be placed on property, valuable vehicles, vessels, art, bank accounts and cash. Netherlands broken created by criminal practices of banks, government officials, and a government that has not intervened.Why not give away billions that have been spent on the Dutch may relate to chant the accountability of the Dutch government. High Time for a rigorous cleaning by all levels of government, semi-government, judiciary, police management, public broadcasting, education, Chambers of Commerce, housing associations, charitable institutions, which can be at the expense of citizens and businesses parasitize. Netherlands can get by making a clean sweep and tackle those guilty of the present deplorable situation arose in the Netherlands which hardworking Dutch, the elderly and the unemployed, to pay the piper. All those people out of the recession SCANDALOUS! Why does the Dutch government pedophile scandal fester?Apparently because there are many interests at stake when it is pulled open cesspool. Why did Beatrix on private visit to Turkey. Because of the Demmink affair?
- By J. Pen senior on Thursday, August 16 at 21:34

Dear Sir J.Poot, with much attention, I still read your pieces in the Haarlem Dagblad and the emails I receive from you. offers you many years cost a lot of energy to our friends, (ie, Ministries, Schiphol lawyers) on their responsibilities wijzen.Ik now get the impression that all the attention that our friends (Demmink) get mn will be from abroad are quite cut the legs from our friends and that makes me to pleasure. vriendeliijke With regards, Frans de Ruijte. A fan.

- By FC Ruijte. on Thursday, August 16 at 20:36

How corrupt and greek is with us?????
- By eagle on Thursday, August 16 at 20:11

It is sad to put the integrity of the political authorities in the Netherlands and abroad. 
Unfortunately, these days I am surprised about anything, but I wonder daily to the naive and disinterested attitude of the average citizen. 
After the Dutroux affair, the harrowing cover-Demmink and the scandals in the church you would think, no hope that they finally get it now has. 
Unfortunately, the people remain ostrich politics. 
Perhaps the cries of american side this thing moving again if journalists are going to do instead of all their work, but their editors listen. 
Unfortunately they are paid by the very ones who want to be. not seen the light of day 
It's time for total outrage and civil protest about the lies, cronyism, corruption, theft, injustice, etc. over us be poured. from The Hague 
The Time for a new political system in which we individually decide jointly on important matters.Our so-called elected representatives no longer represent us long ago they only represent the interests of large corporations. 
Wishing you Mr. Poot, the Dutch people and myself luck to get to the bottom of even though I like realist little confidence more integrity, humanity and social involvement of the citizen.
- By D. Kuzee on Thursday, August 16 at 18:40

Apologies Mr. Poot I called Mr. Demmink my reaction when accidentally opening words!
- By S. Jaarsma on Thursday, August 16 at 17:28

Thanks for your response, S. Jaarsma. Unfortunately, Mr. Demmink itself does not contribute to this site. Then the problem would be resolved quickly.
- By webmaster on Thursday, August 16 at 17:27

Demmink Dear Sir, I follow with interest your struggle for years and wonder with you about the morality of politics Netherlands, but especially on the top leaders of this. Strength in your struggle, which is now beginning to bear fruit yet!"



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