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Machine Translated (from Dutch)

"Alert sleuthing TPO's banking pitbull  Erik de Vlieger . BlackRock, the controversial money management conglomerate  from New York, is the Dutch Central Bank to advise on the value of the real estate banking patriotic, while BlackRock itself has interests in some of these banks.

Prerequisite: course is high time that we finally see what that bench stones are worth more because property represents too much money in the bank balance sheets. BlackRock did the same work already for the U.S. government.   then had to be bled a lot on bank balance sheets.

Dutch interests

Yet there is a big difference with the Netherlands and America. BlackRock has namely financial interests in Rabobank and ING.

Let's just say that the banks with balance sheets full of not yet been appreciated property portfolios. The Kite in an email to ThePostOnline: "Not really honest is not it, to have approved by a partner property products? Whether you think of it? "


Rabobank sells discovered Flyer, BlackRock products to its customers. Another curious fact: BlackRock, the ailing ING property to assess, is co-owner of ING. "That's probably not you believe it? That would not be? Transparency preaches our Ministry of Finance yet? Fine race! "Says De Vlieger on his characteristic cheerful sarcastic manner.

Come on in, MPs. Do you already have something for question time on Tuesday ...

UPDATE: Even more embarrassing facts. BlackRock is responsible for the pension of De Nederlandsche Bank. (Tip: @ ewdevlieger). We expect that there is a statement Monday which refers to Chinese walls at BlackRock. Chinese walls have to be like that as well when there was however broken Goldman Sachs. "

Top (and ONLY comment before they were closed)

"Seems inconceivable that DNB did not know this. Just a ploy to ensure that the results are positive for the Dutch banks. And if Knot still indicate that he did not know this, then dismiss equal for incompetence. This you ought to check prior to such assignment."

TOP TUNE! Doves - Black And White Town  

Doves - Black And White Town by Doves 


Could be worse, the POLICE might be EATING you ... If you're in GERMANY! <g>


"Police in Dresden say they have arrested a 55-year-old police officer on suspicion of murder after the body of another man was found in the Erz mountains in eastern Germany.
Investigators believe that the two men met via an internet site for cannibalism fetishists.
The suspect denies eating body parts and says he killed the man at his request.
The dead man lived in Hanover and had been reported missing.
Police say that the victim was killed and dismembered, and that his body parts were buried on a piece of land in the mountainous region which belonged to the alleged killer.
The arrested man, identified as Detlef G, works for Saxony's State Office of Criminal Investigation in the forensics department.
German media report that he is an expert in handwriting analysis."

"UK household debt hits record high

Household debt is now at £1.43 trillion

Household debt in the UK has reached a record level, according to figures from the Bank of England.

Individuals now owe a total of £1.43 trillion, including mortgage debt, slightly above the previous high.

The previous record was set in September 2008, just before the effects of the financial crisis and the recession began to bite.

But the government said that relative to household income, debt had actually fallen.

The rise may reflect the willingness of consumers to borrow more, as a recovery comes into sight.

However, the figures may also show that families are having to borrow to deal with the higher cost of living, and to pay household bills."



Another FOUR HUNDRED YEARS of FINANCIAL TYRANNY already underway! 

Dare you ALSO see whre BLACKROCK appears????????

Dare you REALLY?

Comet ISON is Alive*!

Oh, and I almost forgot, whilst we're on the subject of ROCKS ;) #LULZ

"The Toronto city council has voted to strip Mayor Rob Ford of most of his authority, as the embattled city leader resists growing pressure to step down.
On Monday, the council transferred most of Mr Ford's budget and many of his powers to the deputy mayor.
Mr Ford, 44, who has promised to fight the council's decisions, criticised the vote as a "coup d'etat".
The mayor of Canada's largest city has faced intense pressure to resign after admitting to smoking crack cocaine
In recent weeks he has also acknowledged buying illegal drugs while serving as mayor.
Mr Ford abstained from Monday's vote, but promised "outright war" in the next election against the councillors who opposed him.
"What's happening here today is not a democratic process, this is a dictatorship," he told the city councillors.
"You are absolutely telling everybody that voted in the last municipal election that their vote does not count."
And Mr Ford refused to apologise, saying he had done enough apologising already."
LOL ... Seems like the MAYOR of TORONTO is WELL up to speed on ROCKS! ;) LOL

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