Friday, 13 December 2013


"A Conspiracy So Vast 

It's Not Just The NSA, Now The FBI, Your Local Police Are Also Spying On US Citizens
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

December 12, 2013 "Information Clearing House -  Readers of this page are well aware of the revelations during the past six months of spying by the National Security Agency (NSA). Edward Snowden, a former employee of an NSA vendor, risked his life and liberty to inform us of a governmental conspiracy to violate our right to privacy, a right guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment.

The conspiracy he revealed is vast. It involves former President George W. Bush, President Obama and their aides, a dozen or so members of Congress, federal judges, executives and technicians at American computer servers and telecoms, and the thousands of NSA employees and vendors who have manipulated their fellow conspirators. The conspirators all agreed that it would be a crime for any of them to reveal the conspiracy. Snowden violated that agreement in order to uphold his higher oath to defend the Constitution.

The object of the conspiracy is to emasculate all Americans and many foreigners of their right to privacy in order to predict our behavior and make it easier to find among us those who are planning harm."

GENOCIDE FOR THE PET GOAT; whilst MPs representing the Ewe; 'can't refuse' AUSTERITY pay rises ;) I guess, someone, took a cut of the SPYING BUDGETS ;) #OpBlackheath

While David Cameron may have admitted he has concerns over public sector pay restraints, Westminster is set for an 11 percent rise in wages. The Premier himself has expressed surprise at the ruling, but the parliamentary watchdog in charge claims the move won't cost the taxpayer a single penny. READ MORE:

Meantime The Pet Goat! ... Unaware MORONS MAFIA are all BANKSTERS ... whom MASSIVELY BENEFIT from the FOUR HUNDRED YEARS' worht of DEBT DUMPED on Ewe; and Ewes' Kids ... And the Kids, of The Pet Goats' Kids, Kids! ;) FOR TEN GENERATION ..


Whilst those Ewe getting lined up to GET SLAUGHTERED sit, ...

TOP TUNE! Luke Sital-Singh - Nothing Stays the Same  

Luke Sital-Singh - Nothing Stays the Same by Luke Sital-Singh

Global Resistance To The New World Order
Or Global Communism Covertly sneaked in by the NAZI-COMMIES; to DELUDE The Pet Goat! ... Before The Pet Goat ... GET SLAUGHTERED! ... You do decide!  Ewe Human; it's NOT for Ewe!



""Snowden says tech capabilities mustn't trump laws and values
NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden says he "bet his life" that an open, societal discussion could lead to a better balance between the power of spy technologies and the power of democratic controls.""
Harry Dent vs. Peter Schiff : Inflation/Deflation Debate

The smart The Pet Goat, like EWE, still reading, but not tweeting, or teliing your mates about this website, keep, getting lined up TOO, to GET SLAUGHTERED.



T4 .. it's TERMINAL! :)


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