Tuesday, 10 December 2013


"Violent mass looting engulfs Argentina amid police strike, 9 dead

Nine people were killed and hundreds others injured as chaos gripped Argentina amid a police strike demanding pay rises. Mobs have taken over the streets, looting shops and robbing homes, local media reported.

Officers across the country refused to go on patrol in 19 out of 23 Argentinean provinces.

Overnight on Monday, four people - including a 35-year-old police officer – were killed in the province of Chaco. The officer died while protecting a supermarket in the provincial capital of Resistencia.

Two other fatalities occurred in the province of Jujuy in the towns of San Pedro and Perico.

A man was shot in Tucuman province and died after surgery, Zenon Hospital chief Diego Eskenazi told Todo Noticias. This raised the number of dead from the mass riots that started last week to nine people.

Videos and photos from the scenes show smashed shop windows and looters attempting to carry various products - including appliances and luxury goods such as jewelry.

Federal police, border patrol officers, and other security forces have been deployed to locations where looting is taking place. Fearing mobs, many citizens have armed themselves.

The violence initially broke out last week in Cordoba, located 700 kilometers north of the capital of Buenos Aires. It came amid a police strike in which officers demanded pay raises to keep up with the country’s 25 percent annual inflation. A police rally led to lootings in the area, leaving two dead and hundreds injured."

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"Seven dead in Argentina looting amid police strike

(AFP) – 7 hours ago

Buenos Aires — Seven people died overnight in looting in northern Argentina sparked by a police strike, bringing the death toll to nine since the job action began a week ago, authorities said Tuesday.

Four deaths were reported in the northeastern province of Chaco, with three others in the provinces of Jujuy and Tucuman, local government officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Riots and looting first erupted in the city of Cordoba some 700 kilometers (430 miles) north of the capital Buenos Aires a week ago after police demanding higher wages and better working conditions refused to go on patrol there.

So far, the strikes -- which have spread to about 10 provinces -- are being observed by provincial forces and not the 60,000-strong federal police. Hundreds of people have been injured and dozens arrested.

In Chaco, three civilians and a 35-year-old police officer were killed, one local official said."

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- See more at: http://www.occupythebanks.com/2013/12/opcleansweep-iceland-hears-white-rabbit.html#sthash.xVV2auYX.dpuf

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