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"Paedophile rock star Ian Watkins jailed for 35 years
Paedophile Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins has been jailed for 35 years after admitting to 13 sex offences, with two female accomplices given 14 years and 16 years respectively"  Much needed ;) Forums you can listen to our shows and make contact with other Anon's Come join us on our forum ircs:// #anonuk

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"MOSCOW, December 18 (RIA Novosti) – Russia will draft a plan in the coming year to deploy rail-mounted nuclear missiles as a potential response to the United States’ Prompt Global Strike program, the commander of its Strategic Missile Force said on Wednesday.
“A Defense Ministry report has been submitted to the president and the order has been given to develop a preliminary design of a rail-mounted missile system,” Lt. Gen. Sergei Karakaev said.
The work will be carried out by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology – the developer of the submarine-launched Bulava nuclear missile – in the first half of next year.
Karakaev added that defense officials, after analyzing the American system, concluded “there is a need to reconsider the issue of a rail-mounted missile system given its increased survivability and the extent of our railway network.”
The rail weapons plan appears to be a response to a US program known as Prompt Global Strike that includes development of long-range missiles with conventional explosives in place of nuclear warheads. The United States says the program would increase the options available in responding to high-priority threats around the globe. A high-speed, high-altitude drone has also been considered as part of the program."


Published: October 11, 1863

From the London Globe.

Among all the congresses held this Summer, of princes, lawyers, musicians, schoolmasters, social science men, political economists, and a hundred others, one very notable meeting has almost escaped public attention. A few days ago, our Paris correspondent told us that a congress of the members of the illustrious house of ROTHSCHILD has been sitting at Paris. The purport of the meeting was nothing less than to rearrange the dominions of the great banking dynasty. In one word, the great object of the Rothschild congress wat to reduce the five branches of the house who now rule Europe to four, and following the example of GARIBALDI, to strike another sovereign of Naples from the list of reigning monarchs. Henceforth there are to be but four kings of the house of ROTHSCHILD, with secure thrones at London, Paris, Vienna, and Frankfort. It is now exactly a hundred years since a poor Jew, called MAYER ANSELM, made his appearance at the City of Hanover; barefooted, with a sack, oa his shoulders, and a bundle of rags on his back. Successful in trade, like most of his co-religionists, he returned to Frankfort at the end of a few years, and set up a small shop in the "Jew-lane," over which hung the signboard of a red shield, called in German roth-schild. As a dealer in old and rare coins, he made the acquaintance of the Serene Elector of Hesse Cassel, who, happening to be in want of a confidential agent for various open and secret purposes, appointed the shrewd-looking MAYER ANSELM to the post. The Serene Elector being compelled soon after to fly his country. MAYER ANSELM took charge of his cash, amounting to several millions of florins. With the instinct of his race, ANSELM did not forget to put the money out on good interest, so that, before NAPOLEON was gone to Elba, and the illustrious Elector had returned to Cassel, the capital had more than doubled. The ruler of Hesse Casse thought it almost a marvel to get his money safely returned from the Jew-lane of Frankfort, and at the Congress of Vienna was never tired of singing the praise of his Hebrew agent to all the Princes of Europe. The dwellers under the sign of the Red Shield laughed in their sleeves; keeping carefully to themselves the great fact that the electoral two million florins had brought them four millions of their own. Never was honesty a better policy." Continues

Google Pivots From Android OS to DARPA Robots

I guess, they've realised, we're ONTO THEM BIGTIME! :) #NWO

WANTA - TOTALLY BROKE COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And simply NO ONE knows MOR SHIT about CROOK BUSH than WANTA! hehe!  Been trying to read this for TWO DAYS!  JUMP RIGHT AHEAD OF ME!  

Tehran, Iran - December 01 thru 06, 2013

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Islamic Republic of Iran

Link to Speech – Click Here -

There is an old Islamic saying with which I totally concur: ” He who keeps his own
counsel keeps his affairs in his own hands.”

I have kept my affairs in my own hands for many years and the truth of that old
Islamic saying represents success because otherwise I would not be alive to share my thoughts
with you today. July 7, 2013, was the 20th anniversary of my unlawful arrest and
imprisonment in Lausanne, Switzerland – but more about that later. I merely point out that for
20 years I have kept my own counsel and have not spoken publicly about what happened to
me until today.

As …. said in his introduction, I was a Secret Agent who reported directly to United
States President Ronald Wilson Reagan under the mandated provisions and directives of the
Totten Doctrine ( 92 U.S. 105, 107 (1875), Presidential Executive Order No. 12333, Rogers -
Houston Memorandum, among other directives. The story I want to share with you today is
one I have kept quiet about – keeping my affairs in my own hands – for many years. Other
people have written about me and what I did for the United States Government, but this is the
first time I have made a personal appearance to speak publicly about it.

Before beginning my planned comments, I have a few things to say about what being
back in this part of the world brought to mind as I think about my past activities in the Middle
East: Meeting Osama bin Laden – or, as I knew him, Tim Osman – a good and trusted agent
of the Central Intelligence Agency who I met when General Dynamics’ Stinger Missiles -
allegedly spent in Afghanistan – were being sold on the open market.


I have never believed Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the attacks against my
country because I truly believed he died of his kidney illness in December 2001, just a few
months after what we in the United States call 9/11. That information was given to me by
very reliable INTEL sources.

 Continue Reading at ....

"Crowdfunding Businesses: New SEC Rules

William Michael Cunningham will speak on Crowdfunding at the National Black MBA Entrepreneur's Expo, Tuesday, November 5, 2013. Smith School of Business Auditorium, College Park, MD.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

PRLog (Press Release) - Nov. 2, 2013 - COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- William Michael Cunningham, author of The JOBS Act: Crowdfunding for Small Businesses and Startups( will discuss recently proposed equity crowdfunding rules on Tuesday November 5th at the National Black MBA Association, Inc., Washington, D.C. Chapter (NBMBAA-DC) 2013 Entrepreneur Expo.

The Expo, to be held at the University of Maryland - Smith School of Business Auditorium in College Park, MD, "will provide resources and information to help establish relationships with prospective customers" and will showcase Black businesses.

Mr. Cunningham will describe how the new crowdfunding rules will impact Black businesses, both established firms and startups. Title 3 of the JOBS Act means that startups and established businesses can sell equity online to anyone. Black firms should be among the primary beneficiaries of this new law, given their strong networks, great business skill and ideas that just need a little money to blossom."

"Inside the Saudi 9/11 coverup

By Paul Sperry

December 15, 2013 | 5:13am


"Canadian Geoengineering and Chemtrails Criminal Lawsuit Campaign"


"United Nations base in South Sudan stormed
Youth from Nuer ethnic group force entry into base in Akobo in Jonglei state"

"Could MI5 have prevented murder of Lee Rigby?

There were no controls on Michael Adebolajo's movements or activities when he returned from Kenya in 2010 where he had been caught trying to join the al-Shabaab terror group"

"Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 | Posted by Gordon Duff
More proof America has ‘gone rogue’"

By Gordon Duff and Press TV
Related Interviews:

‘Privacy concerns growing in US society’
‘US wants to victimize ordinary Iranians’

The recent Robert Levinson scandal, evidencing “rogue” CIA operations, is being quickly shoved under the rug. Considering the CIA is an organization that openly runs “secret” prisons, assassination teams and a fleet of terror drones, that when they aren’t blowing up wedding parties in Yemen are running drugs out of Afghanistan, what can a “rogue” operation mean?

Is there actually something worse than the pattern of unilateral lawlessness that the CIA and other US agencies admit to on a daily basis?


Since 2004, the CIA has been largely privatized, under control of extremist political groups in the US and working against national interests. It has made the United States feared, not as a competent enemy but rather as a nation under the control of criminal elements willing to use any and all capabilities, military, diplomatic or scientific, on behalf of bizarre apocalyptic theories or corporate greed.

Recent discoveries in the Caucuses that American medical and agricultural research facilities are, in fact, biological and chemical weapons facilities adds only one “tile” to a mosaic whose pattern is more than clear.

Let’s look at “Levinson.”

Real stories seldom get out and when they do, they are “spun” into an unrecognizable monstrosity and planted with conspiracy theories or unfounded allegations. Such is the nature of the “new” mainstream media.

Were it ever told, the real story, the real threat to the United States and the real threat to nations that are subject to American clandestine operations has been the full and unlimited penetration of every command authority and agency.

When America attacks, no one can be sure if the order came from Washington, Tel Aviv, Zurich or Wall Street.


And our comment to this man; actually EWE ...
"PayPal president David Marcus: Bitcoin is good, NFC is bad

The leader of the payments business looks to the future and says Bitcoin is a good idea -- but not yet actually a currency. Tap-to-pay, meanwhile, is a dud."

As indeed, is THIS!
"CIA Agents in Benghazi confirm "Stand down" report and reveal 2011 CIA memo not to expect air support
December 16, 2013 • 3:50PM
According to a story published by AP entitled "CIA Benghazi team clash led to `stand down' report" in testimony before a House Intelligence subcommittee, chaired by Rep. Lynn Westmorland (R-Ga.), a team of CIA agents who were in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, confirmed that they were indeed told to stand down twice when they tried to go to the US mission when it came under attack and that a CIA memo circulated in August 2011 had made it clear that they should not expect any air support if they came under attack. This testimony confirms earlier reports even though the article itself claims that it confirms the Obama administration's denials that there was a stand down order.
The AP wire reports according to "a congressman and others who heard their congressional testimony or were briefed on it" that there was "a standing order for them to avoid violent encounters."
According to AP the CIA leaders in Benghazi decided they and their security contractor team should wait before rushing from their annex to the mission about a mile away. They said they were trying to first gather intelligence and round up Libyan militia allies armed with heavy weapons. Some CIA security contractors disagreed with their bosses and wanted to move more quickly.
Rep. Westmoreland said, "The team leader knew he was on his own." He explained that the lack of air support was clear to all CIA employees working in Libya because of a 2011 CIA memorandum sent to employees after NATO forces ended their mission in support of the Libyan revolution.
"It basically told people in Benghazi ... if you are attacked, you get your 'package' (the personnel they are charged with protecting) and you get out."
A senior intelligence official confirmed to AP that the CIA officers on the ground in Benghazi responded to the diplomats' call for help by trying "to rally local support for the rescue effort and secure heavier weapons." When it became "clear that this additional support could not be rapidly obtained," the team moved toward the diplomatic compound.
One contractor testified that he shouted repeatedly over the agency's radio system to his CIA security boss that they should request combat aircraft. But the security chief explained to lawmakers that he ignored his subordinate's demands because he said he knew that no combat aircraft were available for such a mission, Westmoreland told AP.
Westmoreland said the CIA security contractors loaded into two vehicles, with weapons ready, the moment they heard the radio call for help from the diplomatic building. Some wanted to rush to the U.S. compound roughly a mile away, and their agitation grew as they heard increasing panic when the diplomats reported the militants were setting the compound on fire.
At least one of those security contractors, a former U.S. Army Ranger, was told to "wait" at least twice, and he argued with his security team leader, according to his testimony, related by Westmoreland.
According to previous accounts by U.S. officials, the attacks began at approximately 9:40 p.m., and the CIA team arrived roughly 25 minutes into the attack.
According to the AP report none of the CIA agents and contractors thought that if they had left right away they could have saved Chris Stevens or Shawn Smith. However, the annex was only one mile away from the mission and neither Stevens nor Smith died immediately. If they had left as soon as they had heard calls for help, it is possible they could have saved them. Both reportedly died due to smoke inhalation.
The existence of a CIA memo from a year earlier indicating that the U.S. operatives in Benghazi were there on their own and could not expect air support means that this was a predetermined policy of the Obama administration to hang U.S. forces out to dry.
The idea that the CIA would delay rescuing U.S. forces in order to seek military support from some al-Qaeda linked militia against other al-Qaeda linked militia shows just how absurd the Obama policy of allying with al-Qaeda to overthrow Qaddafi was.
The officers who testified behind closed doors are releasing a book in September 2014.

Meantime, it seems our intelligence service is so clever ..

"MI6 'turned blind eye' to torture of rendered detainees, finds Gibson report
UK intelligence agencies 'totally unprepared' for US response to 9/11 and years later 'cooperated with interrogations'
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