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Well I hate to say it, but it seems like the FIVE EYE, are determined to get their next highly slaughter-haus, nuclear DU-spread zone UP ... no surprise ...  illegally started war UP, but the venue(s) are as well as still in MAIN GENIE OIL GENOCIDE TRIX DEPT TARGET GOLAN HEIGHTS... but now also,  in Asia.; where the pesky European peoples' eyes, are well away, from FIVE EYES EYE plans for EWE; the KILLING FIELDS OF CHINA!

"US refuses to recognize new Chinese air defense zone

Nearing the tail end of his Asian tour on Friday, Vice President Joe Biden set in stone the United States’ stance on a budding conflict there regarding ownership of airspace in the East China Sea.
Amid growing tensions in the region, Mr. Biden said during a stop in Seoul, South Korea this week that the US wholeheartedly rejects China’s self-declared right to control airspace above the Diaoyu islands — a small section of the sea off Taiwan’s northern coast which has recently attracted international tension due to a row that’s erupted between regional powers.
Speaking at Yonsei University on Friday, Biden said, according to Reuters"I was absolutely clear on behalf of my president: We do not recognize the zone. It will have no effect on American operations. None. Zero.”
While making other stops in the area earlier this week, Biden met with leadership in Japan, where officials have long claimed the right to the region that China insists is within their new air defense zone.
"This action has raised regional tensions and increased the risk of accidents and miscalculation," the vice president said during a Tuesday press conference there, adding that the conflict “underscores the need for crisis management mechanisms and effective channels of communication between China and Japan to reduce the risk of escalation."
Biden was in Beijing only hours later and told a crowd on Wednesday that "China's recent and sudden announcement of the establishment of a new air defense identification zone has, to state the obvious, caused significant apprehension in the region.” His remarks attracted a firestorm of criticism form the way of the Chinese government and media, and when Biden exited a marathon meeting with President Xi Jinping in the capital after he reportedly appeared “solemn” and “weary-sounding,” and refrained from commenting explicitly on the airspace dispute.
Once in Seoul, however, the vice president became vocal about the issue and rejected China’s claims while warning "The possibility of miscalculation, a mistake, is real.”



"Foreign minister Julie Bishop has received scathing face-to-face criticism from China's foreign minister over Australia's stance on the East China Sea dispute.

China's foreign minister Wang Yi said Australia's stance puts bilateral relations at risk.

"The most important expectation that we have is that we need to respect each other's collective interests, accommodate any concerns and nurture a mutual trust," Mr Wang said at a strategic dialogue meeting in Beijing last night.

"In this area, I have to point out what Australia has said and done in terms of the Air Defence Identification Zone in the East China Sea. That position has jeopardised that mutual trust ... this is not what we desire to see."

The remarks were made in of reporters in place of the exchanges of pleasantries that usually precede a formal meeting.

And now, we know why Rothschild's been in China ... ?

Rough Translation:  "Free Lunch is you SHOUT outside the Restaurant
You'd better get up to speed fast on their new WW3 playground: ARCHIVE STARDATE

7th December 2013 ... Just watch this page change <g> .... BATTLE ON!

"The East China Sea is a marginal sea east of China. It is a part of the Pacific Ocean and covers an area of roughly 1,249,000 square kilometres (482,000 sq mi).


The East China Sea is bounded on the east by Kyūshū and the Ryukyu Islandsof Japan, on the south by the island of Taiwan, and on the west by mainland China and the Asian continent. It is connected with the South China Sea by theTaiwan Strait and with the Sea of Japan by the Korea Strait; it opens in the north to the Yellow Sea.
States with borders on the sea (clockwise from north) include: South Korea, Japan, Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People's Republic of China.


The International Hydrographic Organization defines the limits of the "Eastern China Sea (Tung Hai)" as follows:[1]
On the South.
The Northern limit of the South China Sea [From Fuki Kaku the North point of Formosa to Kiushan Tao (Turnabout Island) on to the South point of Haitan Tao (25°25' N) and thence Westward on the parallel of 25°24' North to the coast of Fukien], thence from Santyo the Northeastern point of Formosa to the West point of Yonakuni Island and thence to Haderuma Sima (24°03′ N, 123°47′ E).
On the East.
From Haderuma Sima a line including the Miyako Retto to the East point of Miyako Sima and thence to Okinan Kaku, the Southern extremity of Okinawa Sima through this island to Ada-Ko Sima (Sidmouth Island) on to the East point of Kikai Sima (28°20' N) through Tanegra Sima (30°30' N) to the North point thereof and on to Hi-Saki (31°17' N) in Kyusyu.
On the North.
From Nomo Saki (32°35' N) in Kyusyu to the South point of Hukae Sima (Goto Retto) and on through this island to Ose Saki (Cape Goto) and to Hunan Kan, the South point of Saisyu To (Quelpart), through this island to its Western extreme and thence along the parallel of 33°17' North to the mainland.
On the West.
The mainland of China.


The Yangtze River (Chang Jiang) is the largest river flowing into the East China Sea.

Islands and reefs[edit]

There is a cluster of submerged reefs in the northern East China Sea. These include:
  • Socotra Rock, also called Suyan Rock or Ieodo, subject of an EEZ dispute between the People's Republic of China and South Korea.
  • Hupijiao Rock (虎皮礁)
  • Yajiao Rock (鸭礁)


An 1836 French map of China and Japan, referring to the East China Sea asMer de Corée (Sea of Korea).
During the 19th century, the sea was known as the Mer de Corée (Sea of Korea) in French. It was one of the three main seas within East Asia, the other two beingMer du Japon (Sea of Japan) to the north and Mer de Chine (Sea of China, today the South China Sea) to the south.
Until World War II, the sea was referred to as 東支那海 (Higashi Shina Kai; "EastShina Sea") in Japanese. In 2004, official documents of the Japanese Foreign Ministry and other departments switched to the name 東シナ海 (pronounced the same), which has become the standard usage in Japan.

EEZ disputes[edit]

There are disputes between the People's Republic of China (PRC), Japan, andSouth Korea over the extent of their respective exclusive economic zones.
The dispute between the PRC and Japan concerns the different application of the 1982 UNCLOS, which both nations have ratified.[2] China proposed the application of UNCLOS, considering the natural prolongation of its continental shelf, advocating that the EEZ extends as far as the Okinawa Trough.[3][4] Its Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that "the natural prolongation of the continental shelf of China in the East China Sea extends to the Okinawa Trough and beyond 200 nautical miles from the baselines from which the breadth of the territorial sea of China is measured,"[3] which is applicable to the relevant UNCLOS provisions that support China's right to the natural shelf.[3][4] In 2012, China presented a submission under the UNCLOS concerning the outer limits of the continental shelf to the UN.[5][6] Japan, based on UNCLOS, proposed the Median line division of the EEZ.[7]

View of East China Sea from Yeliou, Taiwan
Under the United NationsLaw of the Sea, the PRC claims the disputed ocean territory as its own Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) due to its being part of PRC's natural extension of its continental shelf, while Japan claims the disputed ocean territory as its own EEZ because it is within 200 nautical miles (370 km) from Japan's coast, and proposed a median line as the boundary between the EEZ of China and Japan. About 40,000 square kilometers of EEZ are in dispute. China and Japan both claim 200 nautical miles EEZ rights, but the East China Sea width is only 360 nautical miles. China claims an EEZ extending to the eastern end of the Chinese continental shelf (based on UNCLOS III) which goes deep into the Japanese's claimed EEZ.[8]
In 1995, the People's Republic of China (PRC) discovered an undersea natural gasfield in the East China Sea, namely the Chunxiao gas field,[9] which lies within the Chinese EEZ while Japan believes it is connected to other possible reserves beyond the median line.[10] Japan has objected to PRC development of natural gas resources in the East China Sea near an area where the two countries Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) claims overlap. The specific development in dispute is the PRC's drilling in the Chunxiao gas field, which is located in undisputed areas on China's side, three or four miles (6 km) west of the median line proposed by Japan. Japan maintains that although the Chunxiao gas field rigs are on the PRC side of a median line that Tokyo regards as the two sides' sea boundary, they may tap into a field that stretches underground into the disputed area.[11] Japan therefore seeks a share in the natural gas resources. The gas fields in the Xihu Sag area in the East China Sea (Canxue, Baoyunting, Chunxiao, Duanqiao, Wuyunting, and Tianwaitian) are estimated to hold proven reserves of 364 BCF of natural gas[12]Commercial operations began 2006. In June 2008, both sides agreed to jointly develop the Chunxiao gas fields.[11]
Rounds of disputes about island ownership in the East China Sea have triggered both official and civilian protests between China and Japan.[13]
The dispute between PRC and South Korea concerns Socotra Rock, a submerged reef on which South Korea has constructed the Ieodo Ocean Research Station. While neither country claims the rock as territory, the PRC has objected to Korean activities there as a breach of its EEZ rights.

East China Sea in astronomy[edit]

Possibly, East China Sea (Donghai in Chinese) is represented with the star Eta Serpentis in asterism Left WallHeavenly Market enclosure (see Chinese constellation).[14]

See also[edit]


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Wikipedia says NOT to be confused with ..

"The South China Sea is a marginal sea that is part of the Pacific Ocean, encompassing an area from the Singapore and Malacca Straits to the Strait of Taiwan of around 3,500,000 square kilometres (1,400,000 sq mi). The area's importance largely results from one-third of the world's shipping transiting through its waters, and that it is believed to hold huge oil and gas reserves beneath its seabed.[2]
It is located
The minute South China Sea Islands, collectively an archipelago, number in the hundreds. The sea and its mostly uninhabited islands are subject to competing claims of sovereignty by several countries. These claims are also reflected in the variety of names used for the islands and the sea.
Sounds like all we WESTERNERS had better brush UP on our EASTERN SEAS!

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"Direct U.S. military involvement ended on 15 August 1973 as a result of theCase–Church Amendment passed by the U.S. Congress.[37] The capture of Saigon by the North Vietnamese Army in April 1975 marked the end of the war, and North and South Vietnam were reunified the following year. The war exacted a huge human cost in terms of fatalities (see Vietnam War casualties). Estimates of the number of Vietnamese service members and civilians killed vary from 800,000[38] to 3.1 million.[22][25] Some 200,000–300,000Cambodians,[26][27][28] 20,000–200,000 Laotians,[39][40][41][42][43][44] and 58,220 U.S. service members also died in the conflict.[A 2]"

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