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Copyright madness: $1 million for 7 songs by RT News Channel

Extradition from the UK, for LINKING TO copyrighted materials, with SCOTLAND YARD on your tail, as we ever so frighteningly revealed, in this post, WAY back: yes yes, folks, we REALLY DID break that story WORLDWIDE (because the MSM didn't have the BALLS) ..

But STEAL copyrighted information and BE A GENERAL, and it's TAXPAYERS that pick up the tab on a FINE.


What WOULD the world come to if the US MILITARY had to obey the SAME LAWS, as FIVE HUNDRED MILLION EUROPEANS; shit, can't have THAT, now, CAN Ewe?!

"U.S. Government Caught Pirating Software

For years the U.S. military operated pirated copies of logistics software that was used to protect soldiers and shipments in critical missions. Apptricity, the makers of the software, accused the military of willful copyright infringement and sued the Government for nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in unpaid licenses. In a settlement just announced, the Obama administration has agreed to pay $50 million to settle the dispute.

mil-pirateIn recent years the U.S. Government has taken an aggressive stance towards copyright infringement, both at home and abroad.

“Piracy is theft, clean and simple,” Vice President Joe Biden said when he announced the Joint Strategic Plan to combat intellectual property theft.

However, at the same time the Vice President was launching the new anti-piracy strategy, software company Apptricity was involved in a multi-million dollar piracy dispute with the Government.

In 2004 Apptricity signed a contract with the U.S. Army to license enterprise software that manages troop and supply movements. The deal allowed the Government to use the software on five servers and 150 standalone devices, and since then it has been used in critical missions all over the world.

“The Army has used Apptricity’s integrated transportation logistics and asset management software across the Middle East and other theaters of operation. The Army has also used the software to coordinate emergency management initiatives, including efforts following the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti,” the company explains."

I guess you've got to keep tabs on all those MIND CONTROLLED DRUG MULES, somehow!

Friday, 29 November 2013

TOP TUNE! Headstylez - Silence Of Despair  



A message to the GENERALS seeking PRISON TIME for CHILDREN for COPYRIGHT offences, and to get TAXPAYERS, to pay, THEIR FINES.  Sometime, only music, suffices:

The Chronic - Fuck Yourself

The Chronic - Fuck Yourself by YourDanceFloorTv

You NAZI scum. 

But as you're paying out; DO FEEL FREE to send me MY FIFTY MILLION for all the UNAUTHORISED, COPYING of EVERY EMAIL, INSTANT MESSAGE, etc, I ever sent.

I'm waiting ... ;)


Friday, 29 November 2013


And WHAT ABOUT BONDS, whilst, we're AT IT!   you know, GENERALS, these ones: 

Whistleblower: Response on Rumor Mill News re "DG's" Remarks on the $134.5B in Bonds
By Whistleblower: A former agent of the OITC
Jul 12, 2009 - 9:35:00 PM

Date: Friday, 10-Jul-2009 15:05:03

'I do not desire to discredit Benjamin Fulford on the contents of his posting because much of what Benjamin states, in his postings, has real foundation.

However, I feel that on this one there is a little confusion, probably in the way Benjamin’s informant relayed this to Benjamin, which has resulted in the mixing of information within itself.

The first thing for me to say is that I will stick solidly to the content of my previous posting on this as it was based upon real documented intell information made available to us, which was further supported by Reuters, the first news service who released the story publicly and the Italian Police statement

Both Reuters and the Italian Police clearly stated that the persons involved were Japanese. On this issue, there is a big difference in visible characteristics between Japanese and Filipino, whereby I am of the opinion that the Immigration Police and Financial Police of Italy, after viewing of the passports of these two persons and from visible inspection, would not be confused as to the Nationality of these two people. If it was Chinese as to Japanese I could understand some confusion, but Filipino as to Japanese is as different as chalk and cheese especially if you look at the photographs posted. The information we have on the Japanese is from official intell sources which does in fact coincide with the statements of the Italian Police and Reuters.

That being said, I did state that there was a third person (There may have been others) with these two Japanese who was carrying a Diplomatic Passport and that the two Japanese were under Diplomatic protection. We still do not know who that third person is, as the names of Diplomatic passport holders are rarely released until the applicable country authorizes such a release of information.

Let me now refer to Wilfredo Saurin. We are fully aware of Wilfredo Saurin and of the fact that for many years he has attempted to utilize instruments such as the 1933/34 FR Bonds and other assets that he obtains from his many contacts in the Philippines. Yes, Wilfredo Saurin is Filipino as are many of his associates, but Wilfredo Saurin lives, and has done for many years, in Bangkok.

I stated in my previous post on this that the two Japanese did actually stay in Bangkok for a period of 2 weeks before traveling on to Italy on an Alitalia flight.

It may therefore be practical and possible that the two Japanese made contact with Wilfredo Saurin in Bangkok, and obtained the FR Bonds during that contact time. It may also be that Wilfredo Saurin flew with the Japanese to Italy, but he does not have a Diplomatic Passport. This is only my opinion as we do not yet have any information that would support this, but logically it makes sense.

We are also aware that in approximately 2004/5 Wilfredo Saurin claims he holds a letter from the Federal Reserve granting him appointed, by the Federal Reserve, to handle the assets of the Collateral Accounts.

I have not seen this letter, but one of our officers has. We can not state whether this is a forgery, fake, or actually real.

If real, it brings into question many issues, the main one being that the Federal Reserve hold no authority whatsoever over the Collateral Accounts or any part thereof, so what are they doing issuing a Letter of Authority to a person, no matter who that person is, granting such authority. The Federal Reserve know very well who the Legal Heir and Owner is of the Collateral Accounts, and they also know that legally they are obliged to undertake the instructions of the Legal Heir and Owner of the Collateral Accounts, failure of which would be construed as fraudulent activity on the part of the Federal Reserve. To supplement that point, Wilfredo Saurin is not engaged by the OITC and does not hold any authority issued by the Legal Heir and Owner of the Collateral Accounts.

If the aforementioned letter is fake, then it compliments the illicit activities of these people, or the people involved.

Wilfredo Saurin also claims that he is the legal Heir of the Sultan of Sulu, being the son born to one of the previous Sultan’s Filipino wives. Whether this is true or not I have no idea and wouldn’t waste my time on researching this based upon the person involved.

In respect of DG’s comments

a). In order for Bernanke and Smith to sign for a ‘bank instrument confirmation’ they would need to have possession of the original instrument, which this confirmation letter is based upon?

If they had the original instrument(s), the US Treasury Notes of 1933/34, then they have committed fraud (goes without saying, but I said it).

I could not agree more with this comment. Bernanke and Smith would be fully aware of who the real owners were of these instruments (1933/34 FR Bonds), and should have confiscated them immediately upon receipt. There again, we are use to the fraudulent activities of the Federal Reserve, both generally and in respect of assets of the Collateral Accounts, so what is claimed they did is not surprising or unusual as far as we are concerned.

b). If you read this article here: you will find that Saurin has been known to do this in the past as well. So what we have here is a classic money laundering case involving the Federal Reserve.

Not only Money Laundering, but Fraud, Wire Transfer Fraud, Criminal Deception, and all by what should be a respectable institution working under the rules of the BIS in the protection and stable operation of the country’s financial system. I believe Bernanke and Smith have actually incited a criminal action, been part of it, and on the basis on issuing that Letter of Confirmation (if real) have actually self confessed to the crime.

c). The Federal Reserve Bank instrument confirmation letter refers to two US Treasury cheques numbers. Are these separate instruments from those confiscated in Italy? Or are they instruments layered against the US
Treasury notes 1933/34 confiscated in Italy?

Confusion here. The Federal Reserve confirmation Letter refers to US Treasury Cheques. Wait a minute, the Federal Reserve is in no position to confirm US Treasury Cheques,. Confirmation should be through the US Treasury. Two separate legal entities, one a private organization (Federal Reserve) and the other being a Government Authority / organization (US Treasury). That smells worse than a mountain of raw sewage.

As a guess, irrespective of the above but based upon knowledge and experience, I would say that to cover up the illegal use of the 1933/34 FR Bonds, other instruments would be issued against them and then a bank somewhere would receive Swift verification from the Federal Reserve (acting on behalf of the US Treasury as their Client), enabling the Bank, once verified, to issue a credit line against the new instruments.

d). The letter is dated May 11, 2006. Have the funds made available to Raiffeisen Bank beneficiary Matthias Supersberger been utilized in any manner? For example, an illegal bank-trading program, sometimes referred to as High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)? If they have, Leo Wanta would be impressed.

More than likely based upon our knowledge of how these frauds work. Supersberger ……. Sounds like something out of McDonalds rather than a legitimate person. I would certainly investigate that factor.

e). Benjamin Fulford makes the claim that the managers of the new financial system will utilize these funds for the ending of wars and other humanitarian projects? These funds may have been generated in an illegal manner using the fiat system. Since it is the goal of many that the new system is gold backed, why would a fiat currency be used in this manner? Any comments?

If Benjamin is referring to the proposed new Financial System that we have designed, I can say that we do not need to even think about trading and using the funds accordingly. The assets of the Collateral Accounts would cover what was required, hundreds of times over, and still leave substantial change on account.

I can only assume therefore that some Chinese Group that Benjamin knows about is also proposing a new Financial System using some assets somewhere to generate further funds out of “Trading” to support their proposals.

Excuse me, but that is not what “Trading Programs’ are for. If that is the case, then bring on the IMF and World Bank who are desperate for money and have just received, or about to receive, and extra $500 bill USD in “TAXPAYERS” money to support them. Let them use the “Trading Programs” instead of always putting the onus on the “TAXPAYER”

Even if such “Programs” were allowed for such use, the generated funds would be “Fiat” money with no intrinsic value or backing, which in turn would only support the existing “Fiat” Financial System which all of us appreciate is structurally destroyed and generally beyond repair.

Maybe that is exactly what Bernanke / US Government, is trying to do. Support the existing dysfunctional system by illegal means using someone else’s assets through “Trading Programs”, thus protecting the Federal Reserve and its elitist / banking supporters as well as a Financial System that is corrupt and benefits only a very small portion of society.


There is so much going on behind the scenes at the moment that no one knows what new Fairy Tales the Federal Reserve and US Government are going to come up with next.

It’s like the recent G8 communiqué and Obama’s visit to Ghana. Suddenly there is going to be a few billion USD thrown around to help Africa support itself by investing in Agriculture, etc. That is in 2009, when in 2005 our proposals for Africa submitted to the G8 were discarded and ignored. Those proposals would have seen $900 bill USD injected into Africa by the OITC whereby many countries would be well on their way to recovery by now, but no, the Politicians must have their way and get their “Brownie Points” for re-election next time.




Quantum Correction 911 COUP!



Put THAT in your DATABASE and MARK IT WELL, for where YOU'RE GOING, see ...

There's NO COMPUTERS ;) 

This next bit isn't for EWE, it's ONLY for YOU: HUMAN!













VENEZUELA #SouthAmerica #Latino TRUTH!



If you reached here, and you didn't send THEM ALL, then YOU FAILED Ewe HUMAN!

#BITCOIN Banking #BTC #Unbanked Billions #XBOX MillIon Sales 1st Day #GAMES

See, MOST people, CAN and DO pay, for their things, it's ONLY you Generals, that STEAL.

People's lives

People's Homes

People's CHILDREN.

With your FAKE war on TERROR; your FAKE OBL **BULLSHIT** and your FAKE LIVES and even FAKER integrity. HAHAHA   ... 


The White Rabbit!  
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