Sunday, 10 November 2013

#UN #UnitedStates & #Israel Lose Voting Rights #UNESCO #UNITEDNATIONS

Kids UP!

North Korean Children Playing The Guitar by videobash

or down ..

Study: 40% of Americans experience at least 1 year in poverty by PressTV

With a caution on the authenticity ... still not sure if the account below is Snowden (and I have asked Twitter to verify the account; don't you want to know, too ;) ... Onwards:
United States And Israel Lose Voting Rights At Unesco

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Surveillance Helped Stop 'Dozens' of Attacks: US National Security Agency Chief by tvnportal

Just now: DEAD

TOP TUNE! Ewe Love Em Ewe Do! :)

Yuna Performs "I Want You Back" Acoustic Performance! by ClevverMusic We ... The White Rabbit! We Know! :) SEND IT SLAVE!

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Military spendiing whilst AMERICANS DIE IN THE EMPIRE DIRT!

Navy Christens Next Generation Aircraft Carrier by associatedpress

Tally Ho; no matter provided the military is glorified! Right! ;)

North Korea Party Rock Anthem ft. Kim Jong Il by videobash

Can't think where I've seen that sort of thing before ... Can Ewe?

#OccupyTheBanks Operation #OTB

There's always music?

TOP TUNE! Caroline Loeb - Mots Croisés (Clip Officiel)

Caroline Loeb - Mots Croisés (Clip Officiel) by clubmusic80s

Failing that, BANG ON!

The White Rabbit!  

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