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TOM WATSON: 'News International is like the mafia' by ITN News

Well now then, now then, now then NOW THEN!  Having suffered ALMOST MURDER at the hands of MENWITH HILL MAFIA criminally interfering with this website, and it's owner's ability to EAT, MONTH in, MONTH OUT; for TWO YEARS ... we have ONE PARLIAMENTARIAN **DEMANDIING ANSWERS**! USA BASES & BRITISH TELECOMMUNICATIONS **MURDERS** from UK MILITARY BASES; HOOOOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAY! 
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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

We proudly present; HERO TOM WATSON's letter to the INSANE BALD DWARF!

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"Letter to William Hague

The Rt Hon William Hague MP
Foreign Secretary
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
7 November 2013
Dear Mr Hague
I am writing regarding the report in yesterday’s Independent that a UK airbase, RAF Croughton, “sent secrets from [Angela] Merkel’s phone straight to the CIA:”
My first concern is the damage that this revelation could do to Anglo-German relations. I should stress that it is a red herring to suggest that the damage is being caused by the newspaper revelation; it is caused by the act itself, the fact that Britain was apparently involved in this intrusion upon a close ally. Given how important our relationship with Germany is, it is worrying to hear that a British military base may have been involved. This in itself demands prompt action at the highest level.
Secondly, as you may be aware from my Parliamentary Questions and those of other members, there is increasing concern that the same base is also providing support for US drone operations carried out outside Afghanistan in violation of international law.[1] This follows reports that RAF Croughton provides a communications link to a secret US drone base in Djibouti, from which the US carries out strikes in Yemen. [2]
Although Parliament has been told by the Minister of State for the Armed Forces Andrew Robathan MP that RAF Croughton is part of a ‘world wide US Defence communications network’ and the base ‘supports a variety of communications activities,’ [3] many Parliamentary Questions remain unanswered. [4]
In particular, the Minister of State for the Armed Forces Andrew Robathan MP has told Parliament that the Ministry of Defence ‘does not hold information on whether RAF Croughton is used to support US drones operations. [5] This is a real concern given yesterday’s report, together with those of GCHQ/NSA/CIA data sharing. [6] Unlike the US, we in the UK consider such strikes in Yemen, Pakistan and Somalia are unlawful under international and domestic law. Targeted killing is not permitted under the UK’s Counter-Terrorism Pursue policy, as Sir David Ormand has recently acknowledged in his written evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee. This creates a tension with allies who take a different view – a tension which comes to the fore when we share British information and British territory with the US.
The use of RAF Croughton by the NSA, CIA and other US officials puts our country at real risk of complicity in both unlawful eavesdropping and the unlawful killing of civilians overseas by the US. These allegations also undermine our relations with other key allies. The time has come for the use to which RAF Croughton is put to be subject to public scrutiny – proper investigation is needed. The damage to UK interests as a result of reported activities at the base is such that a policy of “neither confirming nor denying” will no longer address the concerns of Parliamentarians or the British public.
In these circumstances, I ask you to:
1. Carry out a full investigation on the ‘communications’ and other activities carried out at RAF Croughton by US and UK officials;
2. Make a statement to the House at the next possible opportunity revealing our government policy regarding the use of RAF Croughton (and other UK bases) by the US to include the eavesdropping on 

leaders of close European allies; and the covert drone strike programme undertaken by the CIA and US Special Forces in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere;
3. Publish any Memorandums of Understanding or other arrangements with the US Government regarding restrictions or conditions under which the MOD makes RAF Croughton available for use by the US;
4. If your investigation lends weight to any allegation of UK complicity in US wrongdoing (or the potential for complicity) at RAF Croughton, raise this directly with US Secretary of State John Kerry so that the position of the UK Government is clear; and
5. Take all necessary steps to ensure that any use of RAF Croughton by US and UK agencies to carry out such activities is brought to an end, restrictions are enforced and safeguards put in place to ensure this cannot happen in future.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely

Tom Watson
Member of Parliament for West Bromwich East
Cc The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP, Secretary of State for Defence
1 See for example my PQ on 21 October 2013 to the Member for Birmingham, Yardley asking about the support provided at RAF Croughton:;
2 See for example:
3 Hansard 25 March 2013: Column 941W
4 See the APPG on Drones Submission to the Defence Committee on this point
5 Hansard 25 March 2013: Column 940W "
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