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The Jehovah's Witnesses organisation keeps a sex offenders register that nobody outside the church is allowed to see, a former "elder" tells Panorama.

Bill Bowen, who has spent his lifetime as a Jehovah's Witness and nearly twenty years as an elder, says the organisation covers up abuse by keeping this database secret.

His sources indicate there are 23,720 abusers on the list - who are protected by the system.

"They [the Jehovah's Witnesses] do not want people to know that they have this problem", he tellsPanorama.

"And by covering it up they just hurt one person. By letting it out, then they hurt the image of the church."

Bible-based policy"



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Jehovahs Witnesses be banned?

Jehovahs Witnesses, known for their doomsday prophecies, are seen as an extremist cult by the Russian authorities. Banned in many countries, their activities could soon become illegal in Russia as well.

Jehovahs Witnesses be banned? by RT News Channel

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Witness Recounts Jfk Assassination by tvnportal
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