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Update on occult control of African governmennts; just in from GABON, UK, and Jersey

But first ..

Thingstarter: Better Homeless Signs

Thingstarter: Better Homeless Signs by Above Average

EXTRACTED (part only; full interview at the link in French and English)


Some people approach you to obtain human organs. Is this true?

It's true, it has happened to me several times. I received the visit of Ministers. CEOs of private and state companies. Those who left Yaoundé to come to Bertoua because they wanted to be discreet about their shenanigans. They arrived at midnight, themselves driving their cars. Some preferred to sodomize the dead, according to the practice imposed on them in their occult environment. Others who were not brave, paid me so that I could deliver to their office. This always happened between 23h and midnight.

I was asked because I maintained the business well. For the cadavers, I had no compunction in doing this. I could earn 500,000 CFA francs per month. Delivery within departments dis not always concern ministers; there were also employees who were practicing these things to access higher positions.

What are the ministries and companies where you were making deliveries?

I will not give you the names of ministers (laughs) because I have to protect you. In my case, I'm not afraid of anybody and they know me, they cannot reach me. Many ministers with whom I have dealt are still in office, others are in prison.

When I delivered the organs to these people, the meeting points were the (hotel name removed; Editor's note), and often (...). They contacted me a week before, I got the number of a room. And when I arrived at the hotel, I did not stop at the front desk. I went directly into the room and I placed the package that was either the tongue, teeth, heart, it depended on the practice. I was paid by delivery 55 000 or 100 000 CFA francs. I made deliveries to... The ministries were... ( willfully omits to print the companies named; Editor's note)

All the people who needed to receive deliveries, wanted access to a post. There are those who were put of these organs on their clothes for a year, when they went to work. I assure you, I have no respect for some ministers. They are monsters hiding under suits. Some of them are addicted to the most bizarre practices."  Continues

Isn't it time WE put an end to this once at for all .. .

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Of course, over in Jersey, we have four people who never did sue for defamation, gainiing 'justice' over someone, denied his right, many might believe, to defend thetruth, in a Jersey Court.  Neat, for some, some, might think.

"Former Jersey minister Stuart Syvret to be jailed over blog allegations

Former Channel Islands politician sentenced to three months in prison for refusing to take down 'highly defamatory' articles

Jersey's former health minister has been sentenced to three months in prison after refusing to take down articles on his blog making serious allegations against a number of people on the island.

Stuart Syvret, described by one judge as "a thorn in the side of the [Jersey] establishment", did not attend the court hearing in the royal court in St Helier on Monday but was arrested at his home after locking himself in his flat.

According to John Hemming, a Liberal Democrat MP, Syvret has been unfairly prosecuted for revealing information in the public interest, including evidence that a nurse on the island may have killed some of his patients.

Hemming accuses the Jersey judiciary of behaving oppressively by misusing the Data Protection Act in order to silence its critics."  Continues.

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And then we have this gem:

"The CIA is Leading Massive Arms Deliveries to Rebels in Syria, Saudi Arabia is Training Terrorists

Posted by Charleston Voice
Global Research, November 10, 2013

“The Americans hold the key to these arms deliveries. Without them, they couldn’t happen.

CIA agents lead convoys of arms deliveries joined by the Free Syrian Army and Jordanian secret services…”

A French reporter has provided details on how the US, Saudi Arabia and Jordan have been supplying tons of weapons to the militants operating inside Syria, Press TV reports.

Georges Malbrunot of Le Figaro newspaper revealed how the CIA is leading massive arms deliveries to the militants in Syria.

“The Americans hold the key to these arms deliveries. Without them, they couldn’t happen. CIA agents lead convoys of arms deliveries joined by the Free Syrian Army and Jordanian secret services. The Saudis work behind the scene in charge of financing and arranging arms deliveries from eastern Europe to Jordan,” Malbrunot said.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Saudi Arabia and Jordan have supplied about 600 tons of weapons in 2013 alone to the militants in Syria.
Sources told Malbrunot that the weapons convoys are escorted by unmanned aircraft guided from a CIA-led command center in Jordan.

The report runs counter to the US claim that it is opposed to arming the militants.

Many believe that the arms transfers could plague the region for years.

Meanwhile, a new report says Saudi Arabia is training foreign-backed militants in Syria as part of a new push to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad."  Continues.

The Spirit of Baikal (RT Documentary)

With all that heart-eating, eat your heart out; American policy .. we thought you could do with something nice to start the day, for a change ... Well, at least TWO things, actually:

"I BELIEVE IN YOU" - LVictoria by Tim Heslin

U readin' ... Operation Cleansweep ?


Satanic Ritual Kid Sex Abuse
WANTA - All Coverage
LLOYDS Whistleblower
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WANTA: 27T Bush Theft
OBAMA - Hitler Youth
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COLUMBIA Police Hacktivist
1700+ AE911TRUTH
Lawyers for 911 Truth
ITCCS Satanic Vatican Mason Necro Conspiracy- See more at:

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IOR Arms Dealer Appointed
Paedo Pope
Satanic Kid Sex Abuse
Mass Arrests - Catholic
Catholic Child Sex Abuse
Paedo Catholic Child Sex- See more at:


NZ Recognition The White Rabbit!
BBC Savile Sutcliff Rip Justice
Victim: Investigate MASONS!
Top Met Cop: COVERUP!
#PaedoBritain No 10 Paedo
Dot Connector > JERSEY
Extradizione Papa
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Cameron and Clegg: Speaking with one voice to cover up child abuse

Dear Mr.Cameron and Mr.Clegg,
Thank you for your virtually identical replies to my Open Letter to Mr. Cameron and as you obviously speak with one voice I will reply to both of you.
I beg to differ with you both that the issues I raise are a matter for the Home Office.
They are issues for Government and Parliament.
I did anticipate that the response I would receive would be dismissive and derisory.
Perhaps I expected more than a 5 line response to a letter of several thousand words but I knew that it was naive of me to think that politicians would stick to their promises and honour their soundbites.
On what basis is the Home Office best placed to respond to the issues I raise.
Are you both saying that the Home Office will set up the same investigative process that was immediately set up by Parliament to look in to the behaviour of the BBC in the wake of the Savile revelations,remembering Mr. Cameron’s statements in October 2012 that ” collusion should never happen again” and ” that ALL institutions should look inwards and examine their role in past collusion and cover ups “.
Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue of why Mrs. Thatcher invited Savile to Chequers for 11 years and demanded his knighthood in the face of allegedly strong opposition from her advisers.
Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue of why Peter Morrison was knighted and allowed to achieve high office in his party despite a former Minister stating that it was well known in Government circles that he was a perderast.
Are you saying that the Home Office will address the role of the security services and allegedly fellow MP’s in blocking Police investigations in to Cyril Smith’s paedophile career.
Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue that Morrison, Smith and Savile were knighted many years after many key people in authority allegedly knew they were paedophiles.
Are you saying that the Home Office will address the issue of  the statement by Chief Whip Tim Fortescue that paedophile activity by an MP was recorded in the Dirt Book and used for political leverage in the lobby rather than a referral to the Police.It is ironic now that you both feel that such issues need to be passed to the Home Office rather than address them at the highest level of Government and Parliament.
You will know that as well as my ” Open Letter “  I wrote to you both and Ed Milliband asking you all to ” forget your political roles and act as fathers of young children, decent citizens and show the moral courage to stop the cover-ups and allow all abusers to face justice regardless of their privileged position in society “.
You have made it very clear to me how little regard you have for a person like myself whose only motivation is to ensure that the wrongs of the past are addressed by the most powerful institutions in our society, as there is now no doubt that a small minority of people within those institutions both individually and collectively have abused the most vulnerable children in our society.
Yours respectfully,
_____________ (the source of Tom Watson’s PMQ)"

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