Sunday, 17 November 2013

#MOVIE #CLASSICS This Is What Democracy Looks Like #PROTEST

This Is What Democracy Looks Like by Craze Digital Movies

Best Syria Read (in ages)

"Assad Gains Momentum in Syrian Civil War

Saturday, 16 Nov 2013 01:33 PM

Forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad have firmly seized the momentum in the country's civil war in recent weeks, capturing one rebel stronghold after another and triumphantly planting the two-starred Syrian government flag amid shattered buildings and rubble-strewn streets.
Despite global outrage over the use of chemical weapons, Assad's government is successfully exploiting divisions among the opposition, dwindling foreign help for the rebel cause and significant local support, all linked to the same thing: discomfort with the Islamic extremists who have become a major part of the rebellion.
The battlefield gains would strengthen the government's hand in peace talks sought by the world community.
Both the Syrian government and the opposition have said they are ready to attend a proposed peace conference in Geneva that the U.S. and Russia are trying to convene, although it remains unclear whether the meeting will indeed take place. The Western-backed opposition in exile, which has little support among rebel fighters inside Syria and even less control over them, has set several conditions for its participation, chief among them that Assad must not be part of a transitional government — a notion Damascus has roundly rejected."

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From The Earth To The Moon

From The Earth To The Moon by Craze Digital Movies 

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