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#KEISERREPORT Official Full Documentary REINCARNATED (ft. Snoop Dogg):

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As the so called US “Budget Crisis” continues to cause many American’s to worry over the financial state of the federal government, I have decided to write my first blog post in months to express my own displeasure with our idiot elected officials.
Two longtime Pennsylvania residents, Charles Kunsman and Leo Keim, together worked for Bethlehem Steel for 80 years. But in 2001, the second largest steel producer in the U.S. went bankrupt, putting thousands out of work. Company managers were blamed for the steel industry’s collapse, just as politicians – the nation’s managers – are being held responsible for the recent government problems.
“I feel like government isn’t doing their job and I don’t trust them,” said Keim.
The budget deal in Congress left a bittersweet mood in the capital, much as a local issue does in the Lehigh Valley: the conversion of the seven-kilometer-long steel plant into a music and arts center that not everyone wanted.
“Somewhat. Not everybody can be happy,” commented Kunsman.
All around the area, the impact of the government shutdown can be clearly seen.
Dennis Scholl works at a city park. Instead of spraying pesticide on invasive plants like Japanese knotweed or poison ivy, the city hired goats as an organic solution to the weed problem.
“They eat the leaves and the stems and they take it right down to the ground,” explained Scholl.
Three of these goats are still working hard, but their brothers and sisters were furloughed from national parks all over the country.  Larry Cihanek, owner of Green Goats Farm, had to bring 28 other goats home when the parks closed. He said the fear of another shutdown will raise his prices next time.
“It’s like any other business: you know what your costs are. If I truly expected to have to pull [the goats] in and out and whatnot, I’d figure out extra transportation and feed costs,” said Cihanek.
Lastly, waitress Laura Marie Kotran is still Laura Marie Buffi – despite getting married two weeks ago.
She’s still waiting for a new Social Security card to show the change to her new married name, but that office is now backlogged following the furloughs.
“It’s just irritating. It is irritating. I’m not happy about it… what are my other choices?” wondered Kotran.
Congress may have finished its work on the budget and the debt, but many Americans are assessing what they’re left with now that the shutdown is over.
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MAX KEISER: State Sanction Profits - America open air prison like Gaza KEISER REPORT 


But at least this time, it's FUNNY!
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REINCARNATED (ft. Snoop Dogg): Official Full Documentary by PayeTaChatte

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

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