Tuesday, 19 November 2013


This thing was Bright! The Meteorite/Fireball was caught on cameras All across Moscow !

Huge Fireball Over Moscow Russia! Published on Nov 19, 2013

Previously: (and really, you must see the TOP post on this link, before you proceed! :) 

Who needs a revolution when GOD's THIS PISSED! <g>

TOP TUNE! The 3quietmen - "The Quiet Revolution"  

The 3quietmen - "The Quiet Revolution" by BlankTV http://dai.ly/xx7xsj/123013
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Mor! Mor FIREBALLS! ... the playlist!

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George Carlin - Voting is meaningless

TOP TUNE!  Tru-Paz - Revolution

Jon Regen - Revolution by The Orchard http://dai.ly/xv84b4/123013

The White Rabbit!  #BankstersRabbit   

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