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CIA drug money and the stealing of the US Presidential Elections ... we did tell you all about the FIVE STAR TRUST, including publishing IN FULL the TOP SECRET FBI REPORT; naming the CIA and the 'ROTHSCHILD CARTEL' as the world's BIGGEST DRUG DEALERS & LAUNDERERS; responsible for the ASSASSINATION of TWENTY TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED individuals including 2,500 in the United States of America  to seize CONTROL of the GLOBAL NARCOTICS TRADE and to use the PROCEEDS OF CRIME to TAKEOVER planet earth!  UNTAXED, ILLICIT PROFITS, being used to BLACKMAIL, BRIBE and ASSASSINATE all in the way of the DARK CABAL wrapping it MAFIA IRON GRIP around DELUDED HUMAN worldwide, who FOOLISHLY THINK the CIA are GOOD GUYS (despite President Kennedy, OVER FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY, warning of the NEFARIOUS CRIMINAL NATURE, and INTENT on THEIR DESTRUCTION!  Onwards VICTIM of the CABAL; time to discover NOT JUST the DOMESTIC ASSASSINATION PROGRAM of the CIA, NOT JUST the GLOBAL NARCO-SLAUGHTER organised by ROTHSCHILD and the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY (drug cartel members inside EVERY US EMBASSY WORLDWIDE {isn't it time they were all SHUT DOWN?!?!?!} ... to the REAL REALITY about the STEALING of US ELECTION by CRIMINAL MAFIA SECRET GOVERNMENT ON ROID RAGE!!

"Votergate - More Details Emerge

By Wayne Madsen

Five Star Trust, the entity that, according to well-placed business and U.S. intelligence sources, is tied to the financing of a scheme to pay individuals posing as U.S. law enforcement and electronic voting machine technicians to rig the vote in favor of George W. Bush in at least four key states - Florida, Texas, Ohio, and California - represents a Byzantine network of offshore shell corporations and individuals tied to various Bush and Saudi-connected business enterprises.

Kevin Russell, a Nassau, Bahamas-based attorney representing Five Star Investments, Ltd., which maintains an office in Nassau and is the corporate entity that received a bank check for $29.6 million that was allegedly associated with paying vote rigging technicians, claims the check has not yet been cleared for payment. In addition, Five Star Investments claims the money has nothing to do with election scamming. Sources familiar with the vote rigging have reported that some of those involved in the operation balked when they were not paid the amount of money they were promised for their services and began revealing the nature of their roles.

In 1997, the U.S. District Court for the Seventh Circuit affirmed the conviction of Robert L. Ferrera, an individual that court records indicate was connected to Five Star Investments, Ltd. Ferrera was convicted of fraud involving $11 billion in counterfeit Mexican promissory notes. Ferrera claimed to be a general in the Mexican army and an official of the PRI party in Mexico. Judge George Marovich, at Ferrera's sentencing, said "there are aspects of this like the Over-the-Hill Gang." Moreover, the court proceedings referred to the case as "unusual." Ferrera and his associates used two shell corporations in their scheme, American Credit Corporation and Union International Bank and Trust, Ltd. of Grenada. In the case summary it is stated that Ferrera "assigned and delivered some of the Mexican notes to an associate in Lexington, Kentucky, who owned Five Star Investments, Ltd." According to information from the Internal Revenue Service, Tax ID Number 61-6234232 was issued to Five Star Trust, a Foreign Asset Protection Trust registered in the Isle of Man. Five Star Investments claims it has nothing to do with Five Star Trust.

Ferrera's name also surfaced in a 1994 Securities and Exchange Commission investigation of Northstar Investors' Trust of Bellevue, Washington. In that case, Grady Lewis Hand was indicted for a $3 million investment fraud. However, Hand was defended by the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration's secret "CENTAC" unit, Dennis Dayle. Hand and Dayle claimed the investment fraud was actually a CIA front to fund off-the-books intelligence operations being hidden from Congress. They said the money actually went to "General Robert L. Ferrera," said then to have worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA.

New information obtained from knowledgeable U.S. intelligence sources reveal that much of ex-Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos's billions of embezzled gold and money made its way into Five Star Trust, which was actually established in the late 1980s as a Houston-based repository for Marcos's ill-gotten loot. Some of the Marcos money was stashed in accounts in the Cook Islands, a dependency of New Zealand that has its own banking and corporation laws. Cook Islands accounts have been associated with some of the money used in the Votergate scandal.

Since the late 1980s, Five Star Trust has been supplemented by additional money from the Saudis. "


TOP TUNE! Prisoner - Rigolò  

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Of course, I'm ABSOLUTELY SURE, that means there was NO CROSS AGREEMENT on STEALING ELECTIONS, hey ... by this DARK CRIMINAL CABAL ...

"Millions of innocent British citizens may have been spied on by the US after an agreement with Tony Blair’s Government, it was claimed on Wednesday.

Secret memos suggested a deal was approved allowing the American National Security Agency to store and analyse the phone, email and internet records of Britons “incidentally” caught up in surveillance operations. One suggests that the US were prepared to carry out such surveillance without notifying their UK partners, despite assurances otherwise.

The policy was revealed in documents stolen by Edward Snowden, the former CIA contractor, according to the Guardian and Channel 4 News. It suggests a dramatic change in an agreement between the US and UK reached in 1946.

A memo from June 2007 suggests Britain agreed the Americans could “unminimise” British landline numbers as early as 2004. Previously, data on people “incidentally” caught in any dragnet on individuals not suspected of wrongdoing was supposed to be “minimised”, or deleted. The new policy was claimed to have been extended to data from mobile, email, fax and the internet in the same way in the latter days of the Blair administration."  Continues.

Hell, I mean, NO WAY that sort of NEFARIOUS BACKGROUND CONTROL of the ELECTION PROCESS could have been engineered, hey: NOT IN THE UNITED KINGDOM .. Right! ;)

Hell no, that's why we TESTED AND PROVED IT! ;)

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Heh! ... We don't like to leave things to U Ewe; you're have just written it off as CONspiracy Theory otehrwise, right!


Must Watch of the Week - Broken Britain 

'Broken Britain' is based on true events.British Soldiers return from Afghanistan to mourn a dead colleague, but bouncers at a local bar have other ideas #occupymedia .. A must watch ...

Broken Britain - A Mark Ashmore Film by futureartists Send:

Mor! Gold Hunt Adventure time ... requires inspiration! Tunes, for whilst you PLAN! :) 

The adventures of Tintin Orchestra: Prisoners of the Sun

The adventures of Tintin Orchestra: prisoners of the sun by dango-shimura

What DO YOU have to say HEAD OF GCHQ?

Sunday, 13 October 2013 The issue which has swept down the centuries & which will have 2b fought sooner or later is The People V The Banks
- See more at:

 The Nuclear Option: Obama Mocks the Constitution via @BreitbartNews #IMPEACHOBAMA NOW
— ~OATHKEEPER~III%~ (@dwstude23) November 22, 2013

Movie of the Week! Action Heroes Full Movie

Action Heroes Full Movie by Action_Sports_Hub

The full-length movie "Action Heroes" features a variety of german top-riders in mountainbiking:  Felix Rosendahl, Jonas Berndt, Patrick Schweika, Sascha Dietzel, Julian Puczkus, Tobi Wrobel, Niki Leitner, Marius Hoppensack, Amir Kabbani, Hendrik Tafel, Patrick Rasche, Boris Beyer, Ludwig Jäger, Stephan Peters, Robin Specht, Carlo Dieckmann and Mike Plümacher  

Hell INFLATION, what inflation:

"In fact, the average India fund has returned a measly 1.97pc over the period. In effect, £10,000 invested two years ago is worth £10,197 today, a lot less than you would have expected.

Even the best-performing India fund, First State Indian Subcontinent, trailed the Indian stock market with a return of 16.53pc.

If you are wondering what on earth could have happened to create such glaring anomalies, look no further than a collapse in India's currency.

Today, each Indian rupee is worth 20pc less in pounds than it was two years ago, according to data firm FE Trustnet.

This wild swing has almost completely offset the share price gains for British savers, whose investments are priced in sterling."


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Dan Dyer - Prisoner Of Fear (live) by BlastroNetworks

no MOR!!!!!!!!!!!

We did TELL EWE:




"Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland addresses the media outside New Scotland Yard

Police revealed further details on Friday of the shocking conditions in which their three alleged victims were kept.

The women, a 69-year-old from Malaysia, a 57-year-old from Ireland and 30-year-old Briton, were allegedly subjected to decades of physical abuse and beatings after being brainwashed by their captors.

Detective Inspector Kevin Hyland of the Metropolitan Police’s human trafficking unit said: “Whilst we do not believe that they have been subjected to sexual abuse, we know that there has been physical abuse, described as beatings - however there is nothing to suggest that the suspects were violent towards others outside of the address.”"  Continues.

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