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Here we go; the breakout of OPEN and PUBLIC DISCUSSION; phenomenal (no matter the outcome, somewhat; open discussion is the ONLY WAY FORWARDS, for HUMANity!

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Willie And The Poor Boys - Let's Talk It Over by Willie And The Poor Boys

"David P. Crayford responds: "14-11-2013: KAREN HUDES TALKS ABOUT COLLATERAL ACCOUNTS & MORE"
Posted By: igots2no [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 18-Nov-2013 23:49:40

In her video, Karen Hudes mentions the Collateral Accounts, so I have the right of response as it is connected to myself.
The first thing I noticed was how emotive, excitable, and to a degree, vicious this Karen Hudes is, which is not the normal character of a professional Lawyer. It does appear to me that she wants to get her own back on the World Bank. This is something that many people do when they have been sacked from a job; for which Karen Hudes is using a subject of which the only information she has on the subject is what she has gained from inside the World Bank. In order words, one sided information that does not inform her or the public of the real and genuine situation.
To be critical without being personal or vindictive, she claims she has worked for the World Bank for 20 years. I personally would have sacked her after 20 days because her attitude is totally wrong and she is not speaking as an experienced person completely knowledgeable of the subject matter she refers to.
I have now been aware that we (the OITC) dispatched to Karen Hudes a dossier containing factual information that would have allowed her to fully extended her knowledge to a point where she would have been more composed and more informative to the general public.
The package sent was marked “Top Secret” and she was pre-advised of the dispatch of same. However, upon receipt she immediately put the package into another envelope without even opening the package, and then re-addressing the envelope using roughly cut white card and cello-taping same to the envelope and then posting it back to the OITC.
Amazing, because any Lawyer is supposed to review all evidence and base that case upon the evidence, not upon personal opinions or viciousness.
Her reason why she returned our dossier, unopened, was that it was “Top Secret” and she was not interested in becoming involved in things like “Official Secrets Acts”, etc. So this lawyer is not interested in the real truth on behalf of the people, in this case the public, who she is trying to get her message across to. O.K it's “Top Secret” as such, but so what, you want the truth so you have to venture wherever necessary to find the truth, even if it means encroaching into the “Secret” and “Top Secret” arenas, otherwise you are not doing justice to the people you represent. What are you afraid of Ms Hudes.
In her video Karen Hudes mentions Wolfgang Struck, whom she has probably never even deeply investigated. We did some years ago and have been kept updated on this person. Struck is Senior CIA working out of Germany and has been active in several countries across Europe. Now he has linked up with Keith Scott in the Philippines and working with Keith Scott in stealing or abusing assets of the Collateral Accounts.
Struck is NOT the signatory of any accounts, that privilege lies entirely and legally with The International Treasury Controller as appointed by the Nations of the World.
She also mentions the 170,000 MT of Gold in Hawaii. That Gold is part of the Collateral Accounts and not to be touched or used by anyone other than The International Treasury Controller. In fact most of it has, and is unlawfully encumbered by America, so at the moment it can not be used by anyone until that unlawful encumbrance is totally removed.
I also noticed how similar her comments were to the many comments of others who have previously made comments about the Collateral Accounts, when they know only the equivalent of a grain of sand in the whole Sahara Desert. The same old, same old, same old, story by people who really know nothing but want to expose something and make a name for themselves. Jumping on a Bandwagon, so to speak.
I am actually saying to myself, “If only these people knew the truth, they would shut up and not embarrass themselves”, but I suppose you will always have in society those “Know it alls” who want to make a name for themselves, or who got the sack and want to get their own back on their previous employer, one way or another.
Could it be Ms Hudes you have been put out there, in the field to support all the others with similar stories, whereas the fact that you are a lawyer gives you credibility within the public arena, or suppose to.
So you have also written to the Japanese Government about their 12,000 MT. It is in fact 120,00 MT and yes it belongs to the Collateral Accounts and not under the control of the Japanese Government at all, and I believe you will find that the Japanese have a little but more common sense than you appear to give them credit for.
Whatever, I wouldn't employ you nor would I believe what you say because I hold official documentation that verifies all of what I have stated, and yes it is “Top Secret” so you do not want to see it Ms Hudes do you. Thank you for your incorrect and misleading input to a subject you know very little of. Get off the Bandwagon before you embarrass yourself even more than you have already done. We all know how corrupt the World Bank is, just as the IMF, but let the experts handle this based upon the real legal situation. We do not need a “Joker” in the pack who understands very little.
David P. Crayford"  .
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Marklion - Let's Walk & Talk by LineSession


"By David Crayford/Whistleblower
Nov 21, 2013 - 11:29:58 PM

Dear Candace,

The person who authored this article, referenced below, has a good point. However, he / she doesn’t appear to understand many aspects of this whole scenario which actually shows within his / her questions and of which some answers to same are expressed within Karen Hudes’s interview.

I will try to explain,

C: originating thread of this discussion

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Video: Karen Hudes - Quickly Becoming Everyone's Proverbial 'Thorn In The Side'.
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]Date: Wednesday, 20-Nov-2013 20:55:04

The author states, quote “The whistle blower community needs to get over their egos, and stop worrying about who has the last word.

The whistle blower community needs to get everything out in the open to the best of their abilities - network together - and do what they are capable of doing, period.

If you are a whistle blower that 'knows better' than Karen Hudes, or you know more than another whistle blower - which many claim is the case, I would ask;

"What Can You Do?"

I watched the recent back-and forth between David P Crayford and Karen Hudes.

Anyone can say; "You don't know what you are talking about."

Mr Crayford needs to explain, in detail, why he has a better mousetrap”.

This is very easy to ask, but as Karen Hudes states in the first part of her interview, “The OPPT are a front for the Jesuits”, and this is where the main problem lies.

Many of these people, Keenan, Wilcock, Scott, Drake, Casper, Fulford, White Dragon Society, White Hats, all appear to be “Front men” or “Mis-informants”, whereby if we reveal what we are doing and how we are doing it, they immediately either attempt to discredit it, or they use it because it is information that they have not previously held.

If you look back and review all my articles from 2008, and even before that on other community boards, you will find I have revealed many pieces of information, all of which have been badly used by these others who have literally “Muddied the Waters” in one way or another, making our job far more difficult and very time consuming. This extra time consumption reduces the time we have to undertake what we are mandated to do and therefore the enormous mess that has been create over the last 6 decades.

At the same time, you should have noticed how general and misleading the comments are by all these others. Just listen to Karen Hudes’s video when she talks about Yamashita and the Gold / Wealth which is a complete myth. She fails to recognise and refer to the London Treaty 1920/21 and The London Treaty Revisions 1929 between Nations, which is the true history. In addition she fails to recognise the 1968 Hague Treaty between Nations, The Schweitzer Conventions and many other Treaties and Agreements between Nations that have structured all factors around this wealth, with the one of the latest (January 1995) agreement being the Legal Appointment of an independent Legal Heir, Owner, Sole Arbiter, Controller, replacing the Trilateral, Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission --TTTGC (USA, France, and the UK) which was instituted under a side Treaty of the Bretton Woods Treaty.

Those persons named above even fail to recognise the fact that many Treaties / Agreements pre 1910 are Private Treaties / Agreements and definitely NOT available for public viewing, which is no different to full details of the author, or any other person, revealed openly for all to see, even confidential information that the author probably, or any other person, doesn’t want revealed anywhere at any time." Continues.

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