Sunday, 17 November 2013

#BTC The New Euro? #Conférence #LABESL

Is Bitcoin The New Euro?

Originally dubbed 'the single currency,' the euro has been around for a decade and in the work for two decades. At the time, it was something revolutionary, a bold initiative that could have failed multiple times. Yet, it hasn't become the universal currency and the European Central Bank is now testing the boundaries of the euro. Bitcoin could be the surprising yet beautifully designed world cryptocurrency that will take the euro's dreams to the next level. We will discuss this at Disrupt Europe later this month.



Writing And Blogging

Not everyone knows that GitHub has a secondary service, GitHub Pages, for hosting blogs and other sites. One high0profile user was President Obama, whose dev team hosted his campaign blog there. You don’t need to know any code to use GitHub Pages, though unsurprisingly there's a way to edit your entire blog in raw code.
Even if you’re into more intense writing projects, like a book, you can use GitHub’s text editing functions to collaborate with one or more co-writers and editors. One writer, JJ Merelo, is publishing his science fiction novel, Hoborg, entirely on GitHub, where you can read it or even suggest edits. GitHub even offers a Zen Writing Mode, so you can really get in the zone.

Legal Documents

In an age where many startups are based on software development, it makes sense that GitHub is a startup company hub. Now, lawyers are giving this potential client group easy access to the legal documents they might need. 
The first pioneer was Twitter lawyer Benjamin Lee, who posted the company’s patent agreement to GitHub where it could be analyzed, edited and cloned. And earlier this year, Fenwick & West, one of Silicon Valley’s top legal firms, posted a 30-page set of legal documents for startups to use when lining up venture funding. It only makes sense that the legal work startups use is as open source as the software they create.
GitHub CEO Tom Preston-Werner has said that the service puts developers first. But with this many uses, he won't be surprised when the rest of us start using it to our own advantage. Today's GitHub user doesn't actually need to be acquainted with Git. Want to learn Git anyway? Read our tutorial."
#OT TOP TUNE: Cut Copy - Free Your Mind by musicfusion

Bonus: 'Bitcoin'

Conférence sur le " Bitcoin " organisée par le LAB ESL d'Epitech.

Bitcoin by Epitech

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