Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Cybercriminals stole 4,100 bitcoins, or $1.2 million, from a digital bank in two separate hacks.

Bitcoin Heist Nets More Than $1 Million by NewsyVideos http://dai.ly/x1711d5/123013

Reminder, there are some places, quite safe to store HUGE amounts of bitcoin.

"This Swiss Cryptocurrency Trader Will Store Your Bitcoin In A Nuclear Bunker

Switzerland is famous for its secretive banks, Roger Federer, and chocolates. But during the Cold War the Swiss were also notorious for building enough fallout shelters to house the entire population, out of panic from the threat of nuclear annihilation. Since the collapse of communism many of the estimated 7,000 bunkers fell into misuse, relics of the atomic age. Recently, though, the Swiss government decided to allow private firms to buy or rent some of the shelters.
Pondering the utility of these grim concrete monoliths, one cryptocurrency trader saw the perfect Bitcoin vault. Richard Porubcan, a Swiss entrepreneur working under a pseudonym, has started turning several of the old shelters into what he describes as apocalypse-proof Bitcoin bunkers designed to allow super-secure mining, trade or storage of digital cash. He wants the facilities to serve as vital nodes in a “decentralized and neutral” shadow financial system.
“Bitcoin is gaining traction,” he said. “This means the hardware infrastructure needs to be secured in the best possible way. A former bunker of the Swiss Army supplies all we need to give this desired level of security.”
So who is this mysterious Porubcan? "

Meantime, over on the mainstream, we find the Bitcoiin boom, can no longer be ignored:

What Is Behind the Bitcoin Boom?

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