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Midnight Madness at the Xbox One Launch Party! | DweebCast | OraTV by Dweebcast

Microsoft says it sold more than 1 million Xbox One units during its launch Friday, marking the start of a console war against Sony's PlayStation 4.

Microsoft Sells 1 Million Xbox One Units In First 24 Hours by NewsyVideos

Could the BTC  Protocol Replace all of Wall Street?  XBox One. iphones, Ipads, Mobile phones, PC Games, and more!

Bitcoin Offers Banking to the Unbanked Billions

The second in a series on the Breakthrough Benefits of Bitcoin, this episode highlights bitcoin's ability to provide full banking services for over half the world's population, the unbanked billions. Few realize how badly the unbanked epidemic has hit even the US. Can leapfrogging technology, like bitcoin provide the ultimate solution?

This is the 13th installment on WBN, the World Bitcoin Network. We hope you'll enjoy our upstart, independent news network, dedicated entirely to the world of bitcoins. If you are a journalist and you are interested in joining the team, or if you have comments, suggestions or critiques, let us know And remember the official WBN launch is coming up : January 1st, 2014.

Makes me wonder what colour the bankers are at breakfast every morning.

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Me, I just can't imagine ...

Onwards: XBOX ONE!

For those, that just don't know ... an intro:

"Xbox One is a video game console developed and manufactured by Microsoft. Announced on May 21, 2013, it is the successor to the Xbox 360 and is the third console in the Xbox family.[4] It directly competes with Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's Wii U as part of the eighth generation of video game consoles.[11][12] Xbox One was released across North America, several European markets, Australia, and New Zealand on November 22, 2013,[1] and is scheduled for release in Japan and the remaining European markets in 2014.[13] Microsoft and various publications have classified the device as an "all-in-one entertainment system",[14][15] making it a competitor to other home media devices such as the Apple TV and the Google TV platforms.[16][17][18]

Moving away from the Xbox 360's PowerPC-based architecture and back into the x86 architecture used in the first Xbox, the console features an AMD processor built around the x86-64 instruction set. Xbox One places an increased emphasis on entertainment integration, offering split-screen multitasking of applications, the ability to overlay live television programming from an existing set-top box, and improved second screen support. The console includes a newly upgraded Kinect motion sensing peripheral, previously an optional attachment for the Xbox 360. Microsoft is emphasizing the Kinect's integration with Xbox One through features such as a built-in Skype client for videoconferencing, user recognition and tracking, and the ability to use voice commands and gestures to navigate the console's user interface. New gaming functionality will include an expanded Xbox Live service, improved Kinect functionality, cloud computing, the ability to automatically record and share video highlights from gameplay, and support for live streaming gameplay online.

The console's initial policies surrounding online connectivity requirements, mandatory integration with Kinect, ambiguous restrictions on the resale and sharing of used games, and the higher price than its direct competitors led to mostly mixed reviews and concerns after the console's reveal. In response to these criticisms, Microsoft announced they would be dropping these restrictions.[19][20][21]

An Insider's Look at the Xbox One Controller

Microsoft has said that the official Xbox One controller will be supported on Windows PCs some time during 2014. The new drivers will apparently allow the "seamless" use of the new pad with games that currently are designed to work with the Xbox 360 controller. The delay is due in part to the very different architectures between the two controllers explained Microsoft.

Xbox Brings Video And TV Show Streaming To The Web

Xbox has made another move from being gaming-focused to being all about home entertainment. Microsoft announced Wednesday that it has brought the Xbox Video store to the Web. What this means is users can now watch movies and TV shows from their Xbox or Windows 8.1 device in Web browsers using Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in.

Xbox Brings Video And TV Show Streaming To The Web by wochit

IN-DEPTH - XBox One How-To

5 Black Friday Tech Tips! CryptoLocker Trojan Holds Data For Ransom. XBOX ONE HDMI Problems, Samsung 7100 HDTV vs. 8000, Fiber vs. Cable, PS4 Update! - Tekzilla

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Next up;

How to Make a Digital Currency

Source(s) included

    "A full decade before the financial crisis of 2008, then US Representative Joeseph Kennedy held a press conference to lash out against the abuses of banks.
    But his wasn't an attack on the big banks, it was on the smallest.
    Kennedy pounded the neon-sign check cashing centers that are staples of urban areas, calling them the "the worst predatory beasts in the urban jungle".................
    whose victims are exclusively the nation's poor.

    Sure, payday loan centers offer advances on paychecks, but their rates are some of the highest on earth, hovering close to 30%.

    So, with such high interest, how can these debt machines exist?
    Well what many don't understand is that while over half the world's population has no access to banking........

    many of the same rules apply here at home, leaving scores of people unbanked even in the most developed countries.

    In the US alone, over 10 million households have no bank account at all, and not for lack of wanting.

    To cash a check, send money, get a loan or even save, America's poor are forced to pay soaring rates for the same services the rich get for free.

    Simple, basic banking, it turns out, is one of the major reasons why it is often more expensive to be poor.

    The irony though is biting.

    Most agree that banking services are an essential tool for escaping poverty.
    Money in a bank is less likely to get stolen, it is easier to move, receive, invest and protect.
    With data suggesting that the drawbacks of being unbanked hit women even harder.
    Still, with these mounting problems it seems likely that leapfrogging technology and not the largess of banks will provide the solution.
    In the economics of development, leapfrogging applies to any technology....... that has proved so cumbersome and expensive............

    that the third world skipped it entirely by adopting an ultra-cheap digital version.
    For most of the world's poor who never had landlines, record players or even reliable mail services.....................their now ubiquitous cellphones have provided all three at far less cost.
    But as the leapfrogging technology continues, many pundits suggest that banking could be next.

    And this doesn't mean banking BY phone where users can access their account information from afar.........

    but instead banking WITH your phone where all banking and money resides entirely inside your cellphone.

    No bank required anywhere.

    This sci-fi worthy idea seemed utterly impossible until the 2009 development of bitcoin.
    A combination of currency and protocol, bitcoin is ideally suited to provide full financial services to the world's unbanked billions.

    And the benefits seem almost exaggerated.

    With no fees, background checks, required documents, or age limits, bitcoin elimates the harsh exclusions of traditional banks.........
    instead, offering, instant & free accounts to anyone with a cross border openness that is reminiscent of email.

    Better still, bitcoin's protocol provides an ever growing list of features...................
    Which, as Naval Ravikant suggests, include free escrows, wills, trusts, notaries, revokable chargebacks, proof of contracts and more.
    Like others, Ravikant makes the remarkable claim that bitcoin has the tools to replace EVERYTHING that is done on Wallstreet..................
    putting them in the hands of........well, anyone.

    For the world's unbanked billions, this extreme openness and thrift could be a breath of fresh air.

    For Joseph Kennedy it might help clean up the neon despair of urban america.
    For microfinance institutions, accounting and distribution become infinitely easier.
    And for the rest of us, well.....adding 3.5 billion people into the world's economy could bring benefits no one can forsee.

    That future, however....

    depends entirely on how we decide to use our little leap-frog banks"

You made it! Prize!

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