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Welcome to the real world

Welcome to the real world by welcome_real_world


Your excuse GONE!  And MY XMAS PRESENTS ORDERED!       Spread NEWS! 

"Dirigido y producido por Lalo García y Txell Sabartés

NOTE: $1.738 billion is $1738 billion

ENG_This is a portrait about Eurosatory -last edition-, one the world's major arms trade fairs where all kind of professionals of this sector obtain information, buy and sell material for the war.
A vision that wants to transmit the feelings, thoughts and contradictions that generates to the visitor unconnected to this industry.

ESP_Es un retrato de Eurosatory -última edición-, una de las ferias de armamento más importantes del mundo donde todo tipo de profesionales del sector se informan, compran y venden material para la guerra.
Una mirada que quiere transmitir las sensaciones, reflexiones y contradicciones que genera al visitante ajeno a esta industria.

CAT_És un retrat d'Eurosatory -última edició-, una de les fires d'armament més important del món on tot tipus de professionals del sector s'informen, compren i venen material per a la guerra.
Una mirada que vol transmetre les sensacions, reflexions i contradiccions que genera al visitant aliè a aquesta indústria.


"Ambassador Angola accusation against PowNews reporter
by Servaas van der Laan 22 Nov 2013

Ook de Angolese ambassade gaat aangifte doen tegen Danny Ghosen
The Angolan embassy will declare against Danny Ghosen - Photo: PowNews
After the declaration of PowNews reporter Danny Ghosen against an employee of the Angolan embassy, ​​the ambassador of Angola shall now return to Ghosen. The diplomat accused the reporter of 'trespassing'.That has PowNed Director Dominique Weesie said Friday at Pauw & Witteman .


Foreign Minister Frans Timmermans (PvdA) confirmed Friday in a letter to parliament that Ambassador Jose Luis De Almeida considering declaration.

"That means that Danny must soon be on the plane to Angola," joked Weesie during the broadcast.


Earlier on Friday gave the ambassador the reporter still apologize for the fact that he was assaulted by an embassy employee. De Almeida said it will cooperate in the criminal investigation that runs against the employee. Fully cooperate

But now it appears that the Angolan Head of Mission finds that Ghosen has violated the rules. The Africans have contact with the police and consider a complaint of trespassing, Timmermans writes in the letter.

Diplomatic ties

Monday, the secretary-general of the Angolan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Netherlands. He will speak with his Dutch colleague Renee Jones-Bos to ensure that the diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and Angola not deteriorate as a result of this incident.

The letter also shows that Carpenter has no plans to following this case, the Angolan ambassador 'persona non grata' to explain.

TOP TUNE! Creed - With Arms Wide Open  

Creed - With Arms Wide Open by Creed



"On the second day of a four-day trek to Cape Melville a team led by Dr Conrad Hoskin, from James Cook University, and Dr Tim Laman, from Harvard University, discovered three reptile species, including a "bizarre-looking" leaf-tailed gecko, a golden-coloured skink and a boulder-dwelling frog — species that have been isolated from their closest cousins for millions of years.
"We're talking about animals that are ancient — they would have been around in the rainforest of Gondwana... rainforest that's been there for all time," said Dr Hoskin.
Accessible only by helicopter, the upland plateau area is a 1.8 by 1.8 mile patch which sits on a "monstrous wall" of "millions of giant, piled up boulders the size of houses and cars". The whole mountain range is around nine miles long and three wide.
Having known of the range for more than a decade, Dr Hoskin's interest was reignited when the advent of Google Earth allowed him to view it from above. But nothing could prepare him for finally setting foot there and seeing an "incredible rainforest" with "good earth" and "clear, flowing streams"."


Popey Pope ... Mafia Don; gives out telephoone calls, for the callous killings, orchostrated by those,part of the very system he embodies, and emboldens, with it's mind control over a billion HUMAN who have not yet learned to THINK.

"Pope Francis has made one of his trademark out-of-the-blue calls to express his concern for children who are dying of cancer and leukaemia allegedly caused by toxic waste burnt by the mafia in an area of Italy known as the Land of Fires.
The Pope called the mobile phone of a nun, identified only as Sister Teresa, as she was in the middle of teaching a classroom of children in the town of Casal di Principe, a stronghold of the Camorra mafia near Naples.
She was one of 150,000 people who sent the Jesuit Pope postcards with photographs of children who have died of cancer and other illnesses in the region north of Naples, which is known in Italian as “La Terra dei Fuochi”.
She had written her mobile phone number on one of the postcards, along with a prayer for the dead children.
Like many of the people who have received impromptu phone calls from Pope Francis since he was elected eight months ago, she initially thought the call was a prank and did not believe that the pontiff was on the other end of the line."
i.e in news for The Pet Goat!
Just don't TELL A SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About the PIRATE PROBLEM in SOMALIA being linked to this MAFIA dumpinig TOXIC SHIT so bad even the COMORRA won't touch dumping it mainland ... right onto their children's food-source: the SEA! ;) 

Hell Whatever you do, DON'T MENTION THAT TRUTH! 


The Proclaimers - These Arms Of Mine by The Proclaimers




Directly contradicts narrative in State Department review report

We did tell you:


But Ewe never listen to ....

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