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Tom Heneghan!  Just in!  Let's celebrate with the UNMASKING of the SECRET GOVERNMENT!

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"Wednesday   November 20, 2013

 Derivatives Remain Hybrid aka Ass Backwards

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

News of Panther Energy Trading manipulating the commodity markets shows that High Frequency Trading is causing more problems than it is solving and needs to be reformed. 

UNITED States of America -  It can now be reported that the derivative exposure of the worldwide banking casinos continue to escalate exponentially the exposure directly linked to UBS Switzerland, JPMorgan Chase, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), the Royal Bank of Canada, U.S. Saudi-owned Citibank, the Bank of New York Mellon, and all major Italian and Spanish banks, along with none other than the Bank of England, to margin insolvency with cross-collateralized derivatives making all of these crooked banks counter parties to each other.

They all continue to manipulate the LIBOR rate (ass backwards derivatives and algorithms) tied to euro dollars in an attempt to keep interest rates low when their borrowing costs, which are now being exposed, will make interest rates skyrocket on both ends of the yield curve.

Algorithms are based on a finite theorem, which is based on the prime number one and prime number ten and it is completely linear.

The algorithms have now become exponential meaning that there is no more mean number or standard deviation as defined in basic calculus.

Definition:  What we have here, folks, in the worldwide financial markets is bogus algorith-generated spreads and ghost orders that are enabling massive bank fraud using high frequency electronic trading to create what is simply defined as an old-fashioned, computer-generated, mafia style CME Group-Chicago's numbers racket.

Note:  What these crooked banks are doing is using ass backwards algorithms and derivatives to create alleged lines of credit among each other when there is no real cash in the system at all!

There is NO QE2, there is NO QE3 and there is not going to be any QE4.

What we have here, folks, is a massive PONZI SCHEME among worldwide banks.

P.S.  The Bush-Clinton-Obama Crime Family Syndicate continues their lies and distortions.

The Obama health care debacle is nothing more than a media cover up for the massive criminal activity by the Nazi Paperclip NSA continued UN-Constitutional espionage against the American People.

Note:  Today Bill and Hillary Clinton visited the grave of our late assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

Message to Bill and Hillary Clinton and George W. BushFRAUD:  HOW DARE YOU!  

The joint U.S.-French Intelligence Task Force have absolute proof that you coordinated the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr. as to enable the political future fortunes of homosexual George W. BushFRAUD and neo-con Nazi lesbian Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

It is interesting that little bitch punk Nazi BushFRAUD recently went on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

Message to Leno and BushFRAUD:  You both belong in a detention center.

It is important to remember that homosexual BushFRAUD used Dick Cheney and the NSA to STEAL the year 2000 presidential election, run a Cheney-scripted 9/11 BLACK OP, which imposed martial law on the American People using the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act, which is still ILLEGALLY on the books.

Homosexual BushFRAUD then committed total treason and genocide by lying about the existence of WMDs in Iraq and taking the American People into an ILLEGAL war, which did nothing more than LOOT $7 TRILLION of the American treasury on the behalf of Nazi Dick Cheney's Halliburton and turned the nation of Iraq into a stooge state of the Shiite government of Iran.

Then BushFRAUD fired then U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow and replaced him with Goldman Sachs puppet Henry Paulson who then allowed crooked banks to sell and trade bogus mortgage-backed securities (no real collateral behind the transactions) that then created the 2007 (Bear Stearns) and 2008 Lehman Brothers debacle that destroyed the U.S. economy for a generation and turned the U.S. banking system into zombie status.

In closing final message to President Barack Obama:  Quit using non-educated misfit, Hollywood actress Oprah Winfrey as a shield to defend your lack of competence and ability to be a real president.

Message to actress Oprah Winfrey:  Your degree at the Tennessee State University does not include a basic understanding of the Constitution of the United States so quite playing the tribalistic race card and spend your next two weeks reading the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights.

You can not outsource leadership, Barack.

Here is your direct order tonight on behalf of the American People:  Sign an Executive Order now to stop the NSA treason and espionage against the American People and put an end to these banking casinos and call for the immediate restoration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Glass-Steagall Act, which protected the savings deposits of the American People for over 60 years.

I won't hold my breath, Barack, because we all know now you are CIA and going back to Indonesia had George Herbert Walker Bush as your 'handler'.

NO Bush!  NO Bitch!  NO Bank, NO Stooge!
As we live free or die, Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated, natural born REAL President of the United States."

Reminder, for DUMBO: The Pet Goat!

Quantum Correction 911 COUP!

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"21 November 2013 Last updated at 15:48

Hacking trial: Goodman warned 'We could all end up in jail'

Mr Goodman denies charges of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office

The News of the World's royal editor warned "We could all end up in jail" if payments to police officers were traced, the Old Bailey has heard.

Clive Goodman wrote the warning in an email to the PA of managing editor Stuart Kuttner, the prosecution says.

Two recipients were "in uniform" but Mr Goodman said they were untraceable, the jury heard.

Mr Goodman denies conspiracy to commit misconduct, while Mr Kuttner denies phone hacking charges.

The jury in what is widely known as the phone-hacking trial was also shown emails apparently exchanged between former NoW editor Andy Coulson and news editor Ian Edmondson

They dated from 2006, when the paper was working on a story about a glamour model who alleged her unborn child was the result of an affair with Calum Best, the son of the late George Best.

In the emails as shown to the jury, Mr Coulson and Mr Edmondson seem concerned that the exclusive story might be leaked by Mr Best before they are ready to publish. One apparently shows Mr Coulson giving Mr Edmondson the instruction "Do his phone."   Continues!


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"Chinese officials must stop using torture to extract confessions from suspects, the Supreme Court has ruled.
The court said on its official microblog that using "freezing, starving, extreme heat, fire branding or extreme exhaustion" to extract confessions was also illegal.
It is the latest in a series of moves aimed at reforming the Chinese police and other security agencies.
Last week, China said it was abolishing "re-education through labour" camps.
The system, which started in the 1950s, allowed the police to send anyone to prison for up to four years without a trial. It was almost impossible to appeal against a sentence under the system.
The new announcement comes a week after Chinese officials concluded a four-day, closed-door meeting in Beijing at which a number of reforms were agreed.
The Supreme Court has ordered lower courts to exclude evidence obtained by torture "in a bid to promote fair justice", state-run Xinhua news agency says." Continues.

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I Want My Money 1

I Want My Money 1 by Real Nollywood Movies

Tony (Sylvester Madu) marries Nicole (Ini Edo) For His Personal Reasons, While Nicole has A Secret Lover Frankie (Pat Attah).They Both Live In Deceit And Their After Face Blackmail.

I Want My Money 2 by Real Nollywood Movies



On The Money: Why to invest in Russia (ft. Jim Rogers)

On The Money: Why to invest in Russia (ft. Jim Rogers) by RT News Channel

After 46 years of successful investing, Jim Rogers is turning his attention to Russia. What has changed in Russia's economic environment? Have investment risks been reduced? What's making emerging markets more and more attractive? Peter Lavelle is joined by Jim Rogers, Ben Aris and Yaroslav Lissovolik to discuss what's driving foreign investors to Russian markets.

Money in US election - not to be missed, if Ewe did miss it when first broadcast!

Money in US election by PressTV 

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Turin Brakes - Mind Over Money by Turin Brakes

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