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"JFK, 9/11, and the Deep State: Hard Evidence in a Post-Snowden World"

Thousands turn out for Kennedy procession by reuters

And do you know, 300 million people, won't do anything about it; SLAVES.

A shameful peoples' cowering, like the COWARDS they are, from DEALING with the PROBLEM; a problem, of just 300 hundred people, or so; served by about another 30,000-50,000 most of whom, are just 'trying to get on', in the NAZI country, that once lead the free world, but now, sits at the top table in only one thing; GENOCIDE.  Ever more LAUGHED AT by the GLOBAL population, as they 'celebrate their freedoms', like the BRAINWASHED COMMUNISTS before them; clapping on their oppressor, to the sickening of the rest of the planet Earth.

Profile: President John F. Kennedy by WatchMojo

A nation wrought asunder, by it's inability to grasp one single fact: THE KENNEDY KILLERS RAN THE 911 INSIDE JOB; same peeps, SAME SLAUGHTERING. Only difference is, this time, AMERICANS HAVE NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER for DEALING with the PROBLEM of their DOMESTIC ENEMIES, by FORCE, if necessary. But only BRAVE peoples (you know, like the Muslims in Egypt, Muslims in Turkey, Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Muslims in Tunisia, Muslims in Libya, Muslims in Afghanistan, etc, etc, etc, have the bravery to do .... For Americans, are no more; replaced by FAT SLOB BLOBS playing with their COCKS, whilst their nation BURNS ...

Enough said; over to HEROES; consensus 911 ... PEOPLE WITH SOLUTIONS to the CONFUSION; perhaps, you'd better pay attention, especially,if you're usually too busy paying for your own destruction, to have NOTICED there is an INTERNATIONAL PANEL of EXPERTS, from MILITARY, LAW, and MANY OTHER disclipnes, now using DELPHI TECHNIQUE to get to the bottom of the problem of the thorniest PSYCHOLOGCAL OPERATION that ever DISGRACED Western culture; the GENOCIDE of MUSLIMS, based on LIES, LIES and MOR LIES!   ... One final note, the documentary mentioned below can be seen in full on one of Social Animal Ltd's other websites for YOU (strictly NOT for EWE) at this location:

And if you're a regular reader of The White Rabbit! ... And have always been wondering, WHO IS THIS RABBIT? ... I'd better make the embarrassing admission, up front: click the above link ;) (pops up). heh ... Somehow, I just always seem to end up POPPING UP ... just at the right moment, with the RIGHT QUESTIONS .... maybe if you're NOT a regular reader of ..... The White Rabbit!  You should BOOKMARK THIS SITE NOW - because the crooks, spooks, spies, theives and LIARS, have once again paid someone to WRECK most of our now five site's RSS feeds (on #OTB prehaps the 6th time?).... We quit for now, and EWE, better become YOU, and start to realise HOW YOUR PERCEPTIONS OF REALITY ARE BEING MOMEMENT BY MOMENT MANAGED, by the CRIMINAL SECRET SOCIEITIES THAT KENNEDY HIMSELF **NAMED** (video here)

"JFK, 9/11, and the Deep State: Hard Evidence in a Post-Snowden World

The 9/11 Consensus Panel Honors the Life of JFK

NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- This year, the 50thanniversary of JFK's assassination, saw Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald cast a sweeping spotlight over pervasive, illegal "deep state" spying on US citizens and allies. 
Widespread public awareness of these "state crimes against democracy" is a game-changer for re-opening the past as well as the present. 
To honor President Kennedy, the 9/11 Consensus Panel today highlights a scholarly work that meticulously exposes the Warren Commission's cover-up of his state-crime murder.
Oliver Stone wrote that James W. Douglass' "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why it Matters"
"is the best account I have read of this tragedy…it deserves the attention of all Americans; it is one of those rare books that, by helping us understand our history, has the power to change it."
Jim Douglass, whose work with the "unspeakable" helps us to grasp the ruthless nature of the deep state, writes:
"Dallas laid the foundation for 9/11. If you understand JFK's murder, you understand it all – including the obvious truth that buildings don't just fall down the way the U.S. government said they did. The JFK story is a lens of truth through which we can see our world and how to change it."
JFK scholar Craig Ciccone compares the events:
"The more I delved into 9/11, the sicker I became. The similarities between both cases – from the actual events to the "official" investigations – are frightening.  Like the JFK case, 9/11 boasts the unapologetic ignoring of the laws of physics and aerodynamics; the destruction of evidence; countless attempts to make the evidence fit a predetermined story; undeniable conflicts of interest of the investigating body; and the preposterous handling of the eye- and ear-witnesses."
Similarly, Dr. David Ray Griffin's scholarship shows that 38 years later, the deep state either permitted 9/11 to happen, or caused it to happen. 
The 9/11 Commission Report (described by Harper's Magazine as a "whitewash," defrauding the nation) contrived a cover-up that has been soundly refuted by many peer-reviewed engineering, physics, and chemistry studies.
2013 also saw the release of Massimo Mazzucco's expansive landmark documentary, replete with 9/11 witness testimonies, now joining the engineering classic, "Experts Speak Out."  
The peer-reviewed evidence of the 23-member 9/11 Consensus Panel is available in Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French, and English. 
SOURCE The 9/11 Consensus Panel " @
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Chikinki - Assassinator 13 by InterSessions

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John F. Kennedy assassination anniversary by ITN News

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Facing Facts: The Myths and Truths About Joseph Kennedy by tvnportal

TOP TUNE! These New Puritans: Fragment Two - live session video

These New Puritans: Fragment Two - live session video by Guardian
London-based band These New Puritans released their third album, Field of Reeds, in June 2013. A departure from the more bombastic tones of their earlier work, it is more quiet and thoughtful. Joined by jazz singer Elisa Rodrigues as well as live brass, they visit the Guardian studio to perform an exclusive live version of their single Fragment Two Mor!

THE DOCU-DRAMA  The Last Kennedy

A conspiracy to assassinate the first African American President as told by the assassin's wife is an engaging thriller that weaves suspense and intrigue into a story about the human spirit persevering in the face of tragedy.

The Last Kennedy by Craze Digital Movies
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