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Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook

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Former Airman Charles Hall's Tall White Arcturian ETs that worked with the US Gov

Charles Hall's Millennial Hospitality book series, describing his encounters with a race of human-like extraterrestrials -- the "Tall Whites" (TW) - during a two year duty assignment at Nellis Air Force Base from 1965 to 1967, is a story with tremendous visual impact. Situated on Nevada's vast Desert National Wildlife Range, a scenic wilderness containing almost no artificial structures, the Nellis Ranges consist of almost nothing but breathtaking scenery.

Today Charles James Hall is an information technology specialist, actively employed in Albuquerqe, NM. In 1965-66, Airman First Class Charles Hall was Range Weather Observer for several gunnery ranges. There was nothing at all exotic about his official duty assignment, and that is what makes it possible for this story to be told today. Hall's job was to release and track weather balloons, measure the "winds aloft", and call in reports to Nellis. What was unique about his situation was that as he was performing his weather observing duties, he was almost continuously surrounded by a group of extraterrestrials observing him. Tall, white-skinned -- Hall eventually dubbed them "the Tall Whites" - somewhat human-looking but clearly not of any known Earthly race of human, the beings would be found in his weather shacks, all over his equipment, even watching him shower in his (otherwise-deserted) barracks, coming and going with complete freedom.

This curious feature of his work was apparently never directly discussed with his superiors. Did they know? Of course they did, and they let Hall know that every person who had previously held that assignment had been seriously attacked or at least warned away on threat of death. Over a period of seven years, at least 41 weather observers had been compromised while trying to perform their duties on the Nellis ranges. Some had required hospitalization and were given medical discharges from the air force, and some had been killed. One of them actually deserted the air force and moved away from the area. His buddies covered for him until the day of his actual discharge, when he showed up to sign the papers.

On one occasion the beings even turned on Hall without warning, grievously wounding him in the neck, and leaving him to bleed his life away in the desert dust. In that desperate situation, alone and miles from any human help, Hall found a way to save his own life by using his body weight to press his wound against the soft earth, stemming the flow.

Showing talent for being a survivor, Hall was eventually told he could have that lonely job on the ranges as long as he wanted, and was offered an officer track through the Air Force Academy and an eventual permanent assignment as Nellis Range commander (with time out for other career-enhancing assignments).

Hall's experiences were never classified but his orders were highly classified. The reason for this mysterious arrangement is novel and highly surprising. Hall's own explanation is provided under Correspondence in the sidebar at the right -- but it would be best to read the rest of this page before looking at that, because you will then be able to appreciate how it actually adds consistency to his story.

Hall's experience with the extraterrestrials at Nellis / Indian Springs is too long and complex to be told here. He has published the complete chronicle in his Millennial Hospitality quartet. Follow the link for access to excerpts at the publisher's website. Additional links to online pages containing research reports, a radio interview, and other material are provided in the sidebar at the right.

To "decode" the story as told in the first three books, simply apply the following:

Fictionalized Real
Las Vegas Las Vegas
Palm Meadows Las Vegas
Desert Center Nellis
Mojave Wells Indian Springs


Benjamin Fulford Update - November 12, 2013
The French, Saudi, Israeli and Japanese slave governments block new financial system
Posted by benjamin
November 12, 2013

The efforts to release vast amounts of funds and launch a new golden age for humanity and the planet are now being blocked by a small group of nations notably France, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Japan together with the Wall Street whore politicians in Washington D.C. However, the families that control these nations are negotiating with the White Dragon Society and its allies so good results are expected.

We are also still hearing credible reports of an imminent move by the Chinese, Russian and US militaries to begin mass arrests of cabalists but we also hear reports of high level blockage. What is certain is that negotiations are proceeding at a high level amid steadily increasing pressure on the cabal controlled countries and that time is not on the side of the cabal.

The planned “simulation” of a shut-down of the North American power grid for November 13th to 15th involving Chinese troops on US soil may be the turning point despite continuing cabal threats of nuclear terror.

The Japanese Yakuza also sent envoys last week to the White Dragon Society to ask about the future of North Korea and were told the WDS favored uniting North and South Korea and putting Kim Jong-un in a ceremonial position as Emperor of a United Korea while economic control would go to the Southern families.

The Rothschild family had previously offered Kim Jong-un the position of Emperor of Asia if he would start World War 3, according to a Rothschild family source. Fortunately, the North Koreans know the cabalists tell people in power whatever they want to hear only to betray them as soon as they get the chance.

The cooperation of the Japanese underworld is essential to starting the new financial system because the old system is being kept going in part by Saudi oil being sold at a price of pennies to the barrel to the Yakuza who sell it on at world prices to the Japanese and use the bulk of the profits to support the Bush, Rockefeller and other cabal controlled banks and corporations. Hopefully they will cooperate now that they know their Korean faction will be well treated. To sweeten the deal they were also promised a tunnel linking Japan and Korea, making it possible to send a train from Tokyo to London and generate lots of freight revenue for Korea.!"

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This is an interview with Captain Mark Richards conducted at Vacaville Prison on November 2, 2013. This is the first time in the over 30 years of his incarceration, that any journalist has interviewed him. I was not allowed to document this face-to-face interview with camera or any recording devices or to take notes during the interview. Everything you are about to see has been recalled from memory immediately after my meeting with him. Just prior to the interview I spoke briefly with his wife Jo Ann who also was present during the interview.

Navy Captain Mark Richards was an officer involved in the Dulce Battle as well as very active in the Secret Space Program and U.S. Space Command for many years prior to his being arrested and convicted of a murder he did not commit. This is a classic case of the government framing someone who they feel may be turning against them from within the military.

"...When the truth was evident that sub-humans and other creatures were being produced from abducted human females, impregnated against their will, a secret resistance group formed within the military and intelligence agencies of the U.S. Government that did not approve of the deals that had been made with the 'Off-worlders'. Many of these brave humans would be assassinated, or "died under mysterious circumstance," or would be silenced in other ways.

The Air Force Intelligence Officer that reportedly was the man who met with the Aliens at Holloman (Air Force Base) in 1964, was the legendary 'Dutchman,' Ellis Loyd Richards, Jr. - the same man who would reportedly order the attack on Dulce in 1979, and whose son, Captain Mark Richards, would lead the human attack on the facility."---E.D.H. Earth Defense Headquarter's

Technical Brief/ Winter - 2001 Edited by


Published by - Earth Defense Headquarters

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

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