Sunday, 17 November 2013



Block Bernard Moore he is another perp/criminal trying to set up targeted individuals especially those of us who are national security Witnesses. It's important to stop these criminals in their tracks. They are trying to set up every TI by focusing on the erroneous term "mind controlled victims" no matter what you write or post or say. TIs are torture victims who also endure weaponry to interfere with brain functioning, and some TIs also endure the Medusa weaponry aka (pulsed microwave audiograms) the auditory harassment. This means that private hire mercenaries/corporate paramilitary intend to murder or engage in another false flag operation and blame innocent torture victims aka TIs. This is the strategy of using project artichoke victims while the hired private mercenary does the killing the innocent torture victim who is catatonic is blamed for the murders. Heads up, Dianne Feinstein is supposed to get that gun control passed. She has no qualms about using torture victims and private hire mercenaries to get the job done. The same goes for the Clintons and their psyops defense contractors. don't fall for it, its a setup, and according to a famous International whistleblower their days are numbered. Please share this information with other TIs."


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Rick Ross Details Jay Z Collabo "The Devil Is a Lie" by Fuse
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