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"The NSA spies on its own people because the US government & the corporate elite, who they represent, hate the American people & consider us their enemy. Every American knows that for there to be real change in the United States, it'll get ugly, real ugly fast. It's the only way. What else could possibly happen when a government declares war on its own people?"

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"Joris Demmink and Marc Dutroux 

By Patrick Savalle (Patman) , published on 02-03-2011 21:26, 27 comments, sections: New World Order , Societies and Religions , Politics , Netherlands

Area Developer Jan Poot (Chipshol) recently launched a website about Demmink case. According legged it is high time for a parliamentary and for criminal investigation into the practices of pedo-accused Demmink Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice. Now Include the Volkskrant, Telegraaf and NRC Handelsblad refuse recently been Demmink ads (who were previously posted), decided Paw website start. For Zapruder intimates this case is very well known, but people who do not hang out here every day, catching probably only extremely vague snippets of this case. Not because Micha Kat (which has long been investigating this matter and has built an outstanding record) connection with the normal public now has long ago lost the last place.So we were pleasantly surprised with this bright article JeroenG placed on our ZapLog. We take the integral over.

By JeroenG

In 2004, writes the German newspaper Die Welt on its website that Marc Dutroux , the Belgian kidnapper, rapist and murderer of several girls, "is part of an international pedophile ring." An investigation commissioned by Michel Bourlet, the prosecutor of Dutroux, is written "only allows the following conclusion: Dutroux has collaborated with pederastennetwerk that was active throughout europe. The center of the ring was on the Amsterdam Red Light District, where Dutroux according to several witnesses saw. "

"The summary of the report," said Die Welt : "Dutroux and his aides kidnapped girls, ring the other little boys." central figure in this last ring, according to Die Welt one Robby van der Plancken, "in 1993 witnesses the abduction of the then 12-year-old Berlin boy Manuel Schadwald in the Netherlands. "Four years later have Dutch journalists on various witness statements that seem to indicate that Manuel was put in one of the Rotterdam brothels that were run by the German Lothar at work Glandorf.
In Glandorfs clubs would, writes in December 2003 , also high places make their appearance. "For example, a senior official of the Ministry of Justice who always arrived in a taxi and made ​​his entrance with a bag over his head. Oops. Who could that have been? "It seems to go well here Joris Demmink, the current Secretary-General of Justice , who had come two months earlier by a discredited joint report by Panorama and Gaykrant (p148) in which he was accused of abuse of underage boys.
This is, somewhat fragile link between Dutroux - by Robby van der Plancken, Manuel Schadwald and Lothar Glandorf - and Joris Demmink laid. But there is more. April 1998 spends the current affairs program Network attention to the Trade-in-children-team (HIK-team), which was established to detect. Manuel Schadwald by the Rotterdam police in 1994

The report is a voiced by actors tapverslag the HIK team played placed at (06:28) . "The man you heard asking for children, is an officer who has a high position in the government, in this conversation," says the voice-over while in the image tapverslag of the conversation between "Loth." And "George" appears. "Loth." Stands for Lothar Glandorf, but this "Joris" Joris Demmink?
In 2004 the broadcast to the attention of that inquire at Network editor Roelf van Til. "However, Joris Van Til says that this works to his best memory at VWS and after his conviction has been. No sanction [...] In VWS know the press officer of the naked head to scoop, only George but according to its not really a top official but only one department "might work" Joris "even then not for VWS?. - or he has never worked?

Three years later, does the condemned in 2002 to life Kurd Hüseyin Baybasin declaration against Joris Demmink pedophilia, unlawful detention of himself, and participation in a criminal organization. EénVandaag pays attention to this and late broadcast a conversation between Lothar and hear Joris ( 3:24) that nine years earlier in Network was to listen. This time the voice-over, however, "a senior official of justice ". Then it is to Joris Demmink?

Journalist Micha Kat call three weeks later with Bas Haan , who between 2000 and 2006 forNetwork has worked . This assures him that? [T] he broadcast on HIK team did have Joris Demmink of justice [was]. "Also publicist Stan de Jong speaks about that time an(anonymous) journalist . "He told me that his network colleagues have ensured that the senior official Joris, who addressed in the network broadcast on the Rotterdam HIK study (Trade In Children) 1994, George D. indeed him is. Would be no question. "A chilling mistaken with another senior Joris

Yet Joris Demmink so, or not? Five days later, Stan takes on . The George in the Networkbroadcast's not Demmink, know his anonymous source, "a person close to the former HIK team (Trade In Children) of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond police," to tell him. "Well," oreert Stan, "apparently has EénVandaag to conclusions drawn that Jorissen were the same and the memory of the creators of what Network in abandoned them at this point." Maybe, but really reliable come Stan and his anonymous sources not.
Lidy Nicolasen also joins in the Volkskrant with this. "There is a (re-enacted) call, which a posh voice asks for boys available for that night," writes Lidy. "The suggestion lies thick on here speaks Demmink, the voice belongs to one George." What Lidy not mention is that according EenVandaag to a "high court official will." And the posh of the voice is naturally irrelevant. "The posh voice is that of an unknown," not Nicolasen continues, "including the George who was sentenced to community service . That happened in 1998. That George was lower, now dismissed official WVC [former VWS]. " EénVandaag so was wrong according Lidy, but we have not heard from her. And that EénVandaag was mistaken, is understandable, but why would Network before Joris Demmink had fallen into disrepute than speak of a " high official? "

Nicolasen has more strings to its bow: "Demmink was on November 1, 2002 Secretary-General, after screening of the AIVD. The Secret Service can not miss a judicial conviction and can never be the chief executive of Justice. Convicted Conclusive evidence? No, because the whispering campaign says Demmink also the AIVD on a string. "AccordingPanorama (P154) , however, believe "senior officials" make sure that "[m] inister Donner" a negative report of the AIVD and the National Police aside [would] have pushed. "No condemnation so missed. And not the AIVD, but the minister on a string.

The sequel to Donner, Minister Hirsch Ballin, has been on parliamentary questions , note bene including Fred Teeven , the current staatsscecretaris of justice and security, replied that the screening of the AIVD "led to an issue of no objection." He also denies that the "top official of Justice" HIK-examination occurred. If Panorama is right, however, and Hirsch Ballin has thus lied about the screening, might have. he also lied about the HIK research

"It was actually told by investigators that Berlin had been the quest for Schadwald nowhere would lead it to hear their Dutch colleagues" writes Die Welt . "" I had to explain nothing to say on the matter. Let this matter rest, "advised the Amsterdam detective friendly. And then he adds this striking sentence: "The case Schadwald is at a disadvantage. '" Had this detective silence, so others could lie undisturbed when needed? Lying about who the "George" from the HIK study was, for example?"






Friday, 25 October 2013

"Marc Dutroux

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"Christine Ann Sands one of the chief organizers and one of the few public faces of Anonymous spoke to the Voice of Russia, in an exclusive interview, about the Million Mask March, Hacktivism, WikiLeaks and the truth movement. According to Ms. Sands the American people have been hijacked by evil forces that were behind the 9-11 attacks and that continue to control the US government, the media and political parties.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday, 25 October 2013

The White Rabbit!  

note: sauces used in cooking up this particular Quantum Soup included:
'The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People versus The Banks.' Lord Acton.

That time is NOW!

The White Rabbit! 

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