Saturday, 26 October 2013


When you don't do your job properly, and expose a tyranny being built, as was your job.  Should anyone be surprised, or even desirous of helping, when the Gander, gets what it wouldn't stand up for the Goose, about?  Over to the latest tyranny news from the USA.

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Amazing how they have the courage to report on their own entaglements with tyranny, but fail, and continue to fail, at every turn, when it comes to busting the only story that really matters; the militacy coup, and junta, installed in the USA, by first, the political assassiantion of Kennedy, and then, of course, the massive mass murder, of the CIA, DoD, Pentagon, etc, on 911 itself.

"Armed agents seize records of reporter, Washington Times prepares legal action

Maryland state police and federal agents used a search warrant in an unrelated criminal investigation to seize the private reporting files of an award-winning former investigative journalist for The Washington Times who had exposed problems in the Homeland Security Department's Federal Air Marshal Service.

Reporter Audrey Hudson said the investigators, who included an agent for Homeland's Coast Guard service, took her private notes and government documents that she had obtained under the Freedom of Information Act during a predawn raid of her family home on Aug. 6.

The documents, some which chronicled her sources and her work at the Times about problems inside the Homeland Security Department, were seized under a warrant to search for unregistered firearms and a “potato gun” suspected of belonging to her husband, Paul Flanagan, a Coast Guard employee. Mr. Flanagan has not been charged with any wrongdoing since the raid.

The warrant, obtained by the Times, offered no specific permission to seize reporting notes or files.
The Washington Times said Friday it is preparing legal action to fight what it called an unwarranted intrusion on the First Amendment.

“While we appreciate law enforcement’s right to investigate legitimate concerns, there is no reason for agents to use an unrelated gun case to seize the First Amendment protected materials of a reporter,” Times Editor John Solomon said. “This violates the very premise of a free press, and it raises additional concerns when one of the seizing agencies was a frequent target of the reporter’s work."

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Americans clapped on as the power to assassinate, to torture, to disappear, Europeans, Asians, Africans, persons from the middle east; should we give a shit, when they get the genocide, the disappearances, the torture, the black prisons, they were only too happy, to see us have?

Rene Froger - Goodbye by Rene Froger Mor!

Or should the world rejoice, that finally, the machine is turning to mass murder, those, who most deserve it; those, who have most lost their humanity; the scared, fat, slob, blobs, of America, that won't lift a finger, to help themselves, as they wouldn't lift a finger, to help those outside of the USA?  America today; should the world simply not rejoice, at the GENOCIDE IN AMERICA?

Anyone fancy risking life and limb, to save people, that would torture us?  Only fools, seek to help their oppressor, and though the USA, may just be stuffed full to the fgunwales, of those, over here in Europe, we have something long lost in the USA, a sense of the REAL REALITY. Read it and weep:  the cocaine and heroin NUCLEAR GENOCIDE NATION of the United States of DHS SLAVES!

Saturday, 26 October 2013

I have long predicted the NAZI slave race, will dig their  own graves, and it seems, from 1st November, they will start, in earnest, doing so.

Just watch.  With no courage; the outcome, is certain.


The White Rabbit!  

note: sauces used in cooking up this particular Quantum Soup included:

'The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People versus The Banks.' Lord Acton.

That time is NOW!
The White Rabbit! 

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