Monday, 14 October 2013


Monday, 14 October 2013

"Alert" Comet- ISON and Destruction on Satellites? , 8-29-2013


In front top fellow believer in NOW!

""In the Name of the Blessed CREATOR of the Universe, and on behalf of the House of Abraham, the House of David & the original and true Royal Family of Albion, Scota and Alba, We lay claim to Our Throne and Our Crown, to the Corporation of the City of London and all assets of the financial center of London, including but not limited to the Corporation of the City of London and the Crown Corporation. We lay claim to all Crown lands and all assets of the Crown and the Throne, which are Ours by Sovereign Right of birth and Universal Law, as the true and direct descendants of the House of Abraham and the House of David, and Heirs to Our Throne, this magnificent and ancient heirloom which We have held in sacred trust for thousands of years, uniting the Heavens with the Earth in Sanctity and Life lived with Purpose and Respect for Universal Law. We shall express and invoke Our Sovereign Right, Divine Decree and Universal Law to assess how to best utilize these, Our assets, to end human slavery, war, child abuse, hunger and poverty forever. Any and all attempts to deceive the Crown and defraud the People of the Realm shall be answered with Just, stern and if necessary, fiery tests to set an example that resonates throughout the ages and assists the fallen ones to purify their souls, helping them to return to Our CREATOR. We invoke the Blessed Beauty, Universal Law and the Light of the One, the Pure, the Magnificent to fulfill this Clarion Call and assist Our Cause. We call upon ALL true, freedom-loving Citizens of the Realm, and we raise the banner of Freedom, and the banner of the Three Lions, which we have flown in Scota, Alba and Albion for thousands of years, well before the United Kingdom has existed and before Our Throne was co-opted and tragically used for genocidal enslavement carried out by those corrupt and insidious schemers that have controlled the Crown through blackmail and debt slavery for centuries. This Crown and this Throne are the heirlooms of Our Family! No longer! We say no longer. We are here to END this. We ask our good Brothers and Sisters to PEACEFULLY secure the Corporation of the City of London and the assets of the Realm. We send forth Our expression of Divine Will in clear and open terms to all governmental and military forces of the Realm. We give our word that no claim shall remain upon the innocent and ethical banks and financial corporations which have committed no crimes.. We are only interested in the assets of those vile traitors that have committed Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes of the worst possible degree. We also give our promise that our intention is to Keep the Peace while we assess and develop the best possible government possible for the good People of the Realm. We are here to establish Peace on Earth, ending all wars with the help of the good People, the influence and prestige of the British Monarchy. We are the true British Royal Family. All of you, dear and good People, by the 100s of thousands, Our Kin, are the true British Royals. We come forth, leaving the preferred veilings of privacy, to deliver the Sacred Groves World Peace Plan and end human slavery, support human rights and end the excessive tax, among many, many other key projects (see links below). We shall put a stern fire into the pits of vipers that abuse and enslave the children of the Realm and shine a clear Light upon all such things. For verily, whosever layeth a hand upon Our Children layeth a hand upon the Kingdom, as those same false ones who would enslave Our Sisters would then enslave Our CREATOR! This is Universal Law. We are here to establish Justice and the Rule of Law. Again -- We ARE and I AM suggesting a period of transition, restoration and education in which we may ascend to levels of evolution so that we may abandon the need for rulers altogether--if we are ready! But we are not there yet. More soon, much much more. Oh, and yes. Of course, We can prove all of this. No problem. We shall call the Court to assemble. And to be very, very clear: We do not wish and will NOT support ANY violence against the current regime. We offer Love to Queen Elizabeth and place her family under the protection of Our prayers and Our House. Please support this. No violence. Period. Here is Our letter to Queen Elizabeth. With the House of Windsor We wish to be just and merciful. It is not fair for the many innocent to pay for the crimes of the very few. That being said--have you, dear reader, committed war crimes or defrauded the Realm? Worried about the possibility of execution or life imprisonment? Testify. Give up your superiors. Turn yourself over. We will be VERY merciful to those that come forward with evidence, if done so NOW. Peace to You All <3 Oh yes!! Please lend me your kind patience while I learn to spell our language correctly. Yes, I was born in America. Please don't hold it against me. Lol. Oh #irony of ironies. With Much Love, I AM truly at Your Service, Beloved Cousins, Brothers and Sisters, Crown Prince Joseph House of Abraham and Moses, House of David, The New Kingdom & Kingdom of Judah <3 House of Love (yeah yall prolly shoulda hosted those Global Peace Conferences when I was asking nicely for like .... THREE YEARS. Never too late! I don't wish for this. I wish to be an artist <3 ) — with Beritish Royal Family."


Click & RT #OccupyTheBanks << nMOR!



The White Rabbit!  

The White Rabbit! note: sauces used in cooking up this particular Quantum Soup included:

Let's ROLL!  'The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People versus The Banks.' Lord Acton. EWE HUMAN!

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