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Revolutionary times require RESISTANCE!

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By Joe Harrison

The time has come to say enough is enough. The executive branch of our government is now completely out of control. We the people can no longer sit back and mind our own business and hope that our leaders will work everything out. The simple, cold hard fact is that we are completely without leadership right now. We must now act to take control of our country back.
I have heard from countless numbers of you wanting to know what we can do, there is one simple one word answer...RESIST!!!

Mr. Obama has deemed it appropriate to make the shutdown as painful as possible. You may ask why he would do that. The answer is because the Federal government is so over inflated with useless programs and employees, costing us billions each year, the average citizen has not noticed any ill effects from the sequester or the shutdown, so he is going to make sure we all feel the pain. The latest and most disgusting display of this is the fact that he has cut off the death benefits to our fallen servicemen. He did this to gain leverage but all he has done is to further alienate the people.

I will RESIST the Affordable Care Act. Other than the obvious reasons we have all heard a million times, here are few things to think about. If the United States was an insurance company and you were looking to insure with someone, would you seriously consider using a company that is so inept that it is 17 trillion dollars in debt? I would hope not. RESIST!!!       
The program is going to be run and enforced by the IRS, the most corrupt and unchecked law enforcement agency we have. Yes, the IRS is a law enforcement agency, the agents are armed, they can enter your home without a warrant or due process whether you are there or not, they can seize your bank account and every asset you have, once again without due process. Is this really an agency you want to handle your healthcare? Do you really want them having access to your most private information? RESIST!!!           
Take a note from the current situation, everything the federal government controls is being used as trump cards to force you to put pressure on your conservative leaders to bend to the will of Obama. What makes you think that your healthcare would be any different? He is threatening to cut off social security payments, don't you think he would cut off your healthcare if it suited his needs? RESIST!!!

I will RESIST any type of immigration reform. The only immigration reform we need is to enforce the laws of the United States, but apparently that's too big a task for the federal government. Yet again, they cannot handle this one, but we are supposed to trust them to handle our healthcare. While legal immigration has been the cornerstone of our country and should be embraced, illegal immigration is a crime that must be stopped. Somewhere between 8 and 12 million illegal immigrants are now here, they have swarmed across the country like a hoard of locusts devouring everything in their path. They have taken our jobs, they take government assistance that you pay for, they contribute nothing to society in return. RESIST!!!
We prevent members of the greatest generation ever from visiting the memorial to the war they fought, which would have cost the government nothing, yet allow the Washington mall to be open for an immigration reform rally. During the rally, over 200 participants were arrested, including 8 Democratic members of Congress. How much did that cost the taxpayers? Tell me again that we cannot afford to pay the death benefits to those service members families and see if I believe you.
No, I will not accept amnesty in any form, I will never accept these people. I will refuse to recognize them, I will do no business with them in any form. RESIST!!!

I will RESIST any attempt to violate my Constitutional rights, whether it be by Federal, State or local law enforcement agencies or any one else for that matter. That is all I have to say about that. RESIST!!!

While all of this is going on, we seem to have forgotten a few things, Ben Ghazi, The IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, Syria, common core education, just to name a few. There are so many that I can't recall them all at the moment, this is by far the most corrupt administration we have ever seen, it must come to an end one way or the other. RESIST!!!

There are currently several counties in the State of Colorado that are working on the secession process, bravo for them. They understand that there is no easy way out of the mess we are in and they are prepared to do something about it. We need to be doing this all across the country. Once counties start seceding, it will become entire states, that is when we will either see change, or we will become two separate countries; one proud and profitable, the other a broke and poor welfare state. RESIST!!!

So my new one word answer for every issue we are facing is RESIST. It will not take as many of us as you might think. Whatever the cost may be, it will pale in comparison to the costs of continuing down the path that we are now headed.
What say you? Will you RESIST?  "

Irish Joe Harrison
Follow me on Twitter @IrishJoeHarriso Or you can directly email me at You can also friend me on face book On May 5th 2012 I was involved in an accident in which I was rear ended on my Indian Motorcycle. I received many injuries, most of which have healed with the exception of the injuries to my brain from head trauma. My stories will be short because after I have written for a while, my brain gets exhausted and I literally pass out and takes most of the rest of the day for me to recover. I will write longer stories in series form. Please feel free to share anything I write anywhere you want, I do this so they will be read and appreciated. 

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