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Comment just made on this (joke of an) article on (didn't check, but I think CFR).

People, it's time to drop the fear, and GET STUCK IN to these NAZI, and OUT THEM!

ALL COPYRIGHT ON THIS ONE COMMENT IS WAIVED; please distribute it FAR and WIDE,and EMAIL IT TO  EVERYONE YOU KNOW, right now.  ENOUGH of this NAZI bullshit, let's get this TAKE-DOWN underway, and TODAY!

One NAZI NSA Director, coming up for listing for MASS ARREST, any day now (only time constraints mean he's not ALREADY listed over on

Million Vet March at the WWII Memorial
Live streaming video by Ustream
"General Alexander deserves nothing but a criminal trial.

These videos should be enough to explain all, even to the idiots in the USA, who support this illegal and illegitimate criminal regime, that has mass murdered, by criminal illegal invasion, over 2,000,000 innocent poeple:

Right there, you have enough to understand General Alexander is a 911 Perp, but it gets much, much worse.

Do note, the video was given to ABC News on the day of 911, and never broadcast.

3) WTC WERE BLOWN UP USING (at a minimum, Thermite & Nuke(s), possibly also D.E.W.)

Now then, try to tell Americans these FACTS, and GUESS WHO USES CRIMINAL MEANS to stop that information being sent to US Nationals, well now, do peek:

People, General Alexander should be fried in an electric chair, him, and one boat load of other DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF AMERICA.

You fool no one but yourselves with this nonsense about Osama Bin Laden, as all who are paying even a base amount of attention know, he died in early 2000's, and the US assassinated the would be elected female President of Pakistan, for telling the world this fact.  Video of that here:
Of course, SEALS were working out non of them killed OBL, and thus, SEAL TEAM 6 were also murdered by your NAZI regime, to cover that fact up (and you idiots bought it, again ... or are you also complicit)...

The CIA did 911 (along with main Perp Israel, Netanyahu, Saudi (Bush) Intel; the world know it.  We translated the Honorary President of the Italian Supreme Court; Obama told he would also be prosecuted if he did not prosecute hte perps: he has not.

If I get this:

And I could go ON and ON with proof of that (see "Hacking the Rabbit (tryin')" on site), how do you think the entire legal professions of the European Union feel about your CRIMINAL NAZI REGIME, also hitting Honorary Judges of the Italian Supreme Court with this sort of nonesense:

More NSA work right here; covering up the fact that Bush was going to NUKE Texas: nice, hey;
NB: see comment to that page full of truth, WIPED by NSA.

I could go on, and on, and on; but if the above isn't enough, well, I'm wasting my time here, clearly (and having read the above peice of tripe, understand fully now role in this NAZI regime.

Interesting times, we hung propagandists of the last NAZI regime to mass murder, illegal invade, genocide, torture, disappear, and indefinitely detain, and we're gong to do it this time, too, note, editor.  :)

If I ever see any tripe like this on, I will be publicly calling for the editor of this rag, to be tried for war crimes.

And just for the record, the US used the Sarin,

and now, the whole world wants to see simply THOUSAND of the totally genocidal BASTARDS that run your CRIMINAL MAFIA GOVT, fried, and WE WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS.

Get on with it, or suffer the consequence.  You have no friends left; none.


Your last remaining friend of America.
PS Everyone simply wanted you nuked into total oblivion, where you belong, even I have to admit.  Perhaps you may wish on that score, to note,who it is the NSA has arranging that for you:
PPS. This comment posted at this location (I deeply suspect it won't make it through moderation, which would be great, because with then have it's editor listed for MASS ARREST, too.
PPPS. Oh go on,just for fun:

Location of comment (likely to be deleted asap; if so, we KNOW they're GUILTY ;)) ...

Now why don't you all start doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING, and of course, letting me know which NAZI PROPAGANDA rags delete you post so we can collect a NICE LONG LIST OF NAZI MEDIA and theNAMES of their OWNERS,and their EDITORS and their  JOURNALISTS, so we can start to MASS ARREST them, EXTRADITE them, or much more preferably, so the US Militia can pay them a nice visit ....    

Or god forbid, even US Law Enforcement (not all bad:

PROOF THE COMMENT WENT TO BOARD (so you know if it disappears FP is NAZI and in need of a good electric chair, just like the General - 911 PERPS or AIDING and ABETTING mass murderers of US Citizens (and those from 180 odd other countries):


Click & RT #OccupyTheBanks << nMOR!


But of course, if you want the FULL UNEXPURGATE FACTS, you need THIS DOCUMENTARY, and RIGHT NOW,if you want to SAVE PLANET EARTH:

#911WARCRIMESTRIALS 911 - The New Pearl Harbor #911TRUTH


"Dare U continue down the Hole?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

No second video was uploaded, we assume therefore, Robert Conners, is now dead.

Bet you're such a slave, you won't even click the above link, to find out what he said, that got him killed.  Oh well, someone's getting prepared for your UNPREPAREDNESS TO USE FORCE!

The White Rabbit!  

The White Rabbit! note: sauces used in cooking up this particular Quantum Soup included:

Let's ROLL!  'The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People versus The Banks.' Lord Acton. EWE HUMAN!

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