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#DARKCABAL 'To Daryl Luke & All Americans' #USrEVOLUTION #POEM

We think the same John, as here,

"Excellent ... good work ... really very helpful information.Thanks a lot# OpBLACKHEATH Are Thunderbirds Go Rabbit?! "

and thus, we hope he doesn't mind the repost:

"Darylluke, and all Americans

It is to the great credit of the Bikers and Truckers who are taking a stand.
And to the Vets too. Welcome, a nation is depending upon you,
And the message is being heard throughout the land,
While the Political Whores live in a bubble in Disneyland,

A Century ago the Fed stole your Nations Fiscal Liberty,
To enslave you with their Taxes while they rode on you free,
Ever greater taxes have brought you nothing but pain,
But for them, all they touch is a certain gain,
Hand in Hand with the Military Industrial Cabal, they invade and rape each land,
But now emerging nations are taking a stand,

Obama thought he could mess in Syria, and with a few Warships, it was his domain as a a slam dunk,
Until Putin faced him down, saying - You really want go for it, how lucky do you feel Punk?
Times are changing , but its the same old sound,
The rattle of another Zionist collecting can, as more deficits come back around,
Lew is screaming Gimme, Gimme,Gimme more,
We have to feed all the greed of our Cabal mother whore,
We need more money to go start yet another war,
Half a million Contractors need to be fed,
Who cares if we leave another million innocent civilians dead,
Don't bother us with issues of conscience or stress,
We own the Beltway, and Justice, We OWN the Fed, and WE own the Press.

With 60 M Americans living below the poverty line,
Yet the Cabal and Wall Street get ever richer all the time,
When Contractors are paid $5B in advance fees,
Indifferent to 60M Americans plight, distraught on their knees,

Yet in DC, as they carve up the pie, it's yet more needing folk they are dissin,
60 M without a pot to ???
So to all you Bikers who rode and each Patriot with a Truck,
Stand firm on the line, and for their attempt to block your freedom to protest, who gives a ?
America was great when forged in confrontation,
Its time to rekindle the Spirit of the Nation,
So before they leave a great nation for dead,
End the Cabal and end the Fed.
Washington is the new Alamo
The Zionists and Kenyan, they all have to go.
It's time for the Nation to stand up and say NO!"


"darylluke8 October 2013 08:07
Are u saying RULE OF LAW returns? If not, this is a futile "gesture". TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE.


john8 October 2013 08:16
That will ONLY happen when Americans get off their Butts and mass demand it. Otherwise, they WILL pass into the night. Wake up or fold up time. A new beginning - or end of empire. Which? No one will do it for you. Do, or die. Those are the options."

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No need to worry if there's a panic collapse though; plenty of food in teh shop ;)


"An excellent summation John. Many from around the globe await and ponder.... when will the Americans finally stand up enmasse and take their country back from this horde of value destroying parasites. The Bikers, Truckers and Vets is an inspiring beginning, even though the gutless, shill media whores largely ignored it. Perhaps the last straw will be when BigBro starts dipping into their personal bank accounts (without consent) to keep that ObummaCare fiasco going."

"I just watched a live feed for almost one hour and saw at LEAST 25,000 vets demonstrating in DC. ZERO MSM coverage, of course....Feed kept getting knocked off-air. And, finally it is completely down, when he said he would broadcast ONE MORE hour."


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Let's ROLL!  'The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is The People versus The Banks.' Lord Acton. EWE HUMAN!

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