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Well I never, just how far and how fast have we come, that the man running the world's dirtiest money laundering outfit; responsible many believe, for simply LOADS of JESUIT Bank of America LAUNDERING of STOLEN LOOT and of course, most famously, somewhere down the line from the HUGE simply HUGE HUGE HUGE sums of cash in BANK OF AMERICA CASH BOXES found by the Pakistani ISI, the LAUNDERING OF THE HEROIN TRADE, we now get piety on a grander scale than could ever have been imagined (though of course, the German lawyer appointed to do this clearing up, is all rather conveniently someone who just so happens to have been working for a GERMAN ARMS MANUFACTURER before appointment ... Well now, hypocracy from the Vatican, well I never. Nevertheless, of course, it's a welcome development.

Talking With Angels - Film Short

Talking With Angels by MiShorts Shorts

"Set in 1970s Salford in the north of England, amidst a forgotten landscape of decaying, half-demolished post war slums, 10 year-old Alan struggles to hold his poverty-stricken family together. To achieve this, he must negotiate the twin pressures of his mother's schizophrenia and the threat of Social Services actions. The film introduces a talented, largely untrained cast and crew drawn from the area, supported by professional filmmakers.  Download the HD version
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"Pope condemns idolatry of cash in capitalism

Head of Catholic church condemns economic system and calls for society with people, not money, at its heart 

 Lizzy Davies in Rome, Sunday 22 September 2013 18.37 BST

Pope Francis has called for a global economic system that puts people and not "an idol called money" at its heart, drawing on the hardship of his immigrant family as he sympathised with unemployed workers in a part of Italy that has suffered greatly from the recession.

 Addressing about 20,000 people in the Sardinian capital of Cagliari, the Argentinian pontiff said that his parents had "lost everything" after they emigrated from Italy and that he understood the suffering that came from joblessness.

 "Where there is no work, there is no dignity," he said, in ad-libbed remarks after listening to three locals, including an unemployed worker who spoke of how joblessness "weakens the spirit". But the problem went far beyond the Italian island, said Francis, who has called for wholesale reform of the financial system.

 "This is not just a problem of Sardinia; it is not just a problem of Italy or of some countries in Europe," he said. "It is the consequence of a global choice, an economic system which leads to this tragedy; an economic system which has at its centre an idol called money."

 The 76-year-old said that God had wanted men and women to be at the heart of the world. "But now, in this ethics-less system, there is an idol at the centre and the world has become the idolater of this 'money-god'," he added."

RIOT FROM WRONG - Awarding Winning Doco on Youth in Revolt. Tweet

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Regulators Charge JP Morgan Over $1 Billion in Penalties

One thing I learned from Riot From Wrong is that 19 young people can get closer to the truth than 90% of working journalists’. Everyone in the UK who has ever expressed an opinion on the riots (namely everyone) needs to see this as soon as possible. Dan Hancox / Guardian Newspaper

RIOT FROM WRONG - Awarding Winning Doco on Youth in Revolt. by futureartists

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