Wednesday, 25 September 2013


And if they're NOT lying SCUM, then it's WELL PAST TIIME THEY PROVED IT, if they don't want a REAL GOOD FRYING! ;)


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  • After studying the results of last event me and our team have thought of more clever ways to relay the truth to people, while reducing the number of bans, censorships, or being marked as spam and increasing the amount of people that will see the information. Reducing risk and boosting efficiency. Instead of link blitzing mainstream facebook pages we will instead take top comment on every link. We will have a set of Main Trollers. The people who volunteer will have these steps to follow.

    Top Comment Main Troll

    1 Pick Video link

    2 Post video link to comment section

    3 Remove preview to entice curiosity

    4 Like your own status

    5 Repeat steps on another post


    These will be the steps the Trolls/Likers follow.

    1 Search for main troll comment on status

    Optional: Being friends with the main troll will make this task easier if he/she is not yet the top commenter. Other than that, you can search his name by clicking see all comments pressing ctrl+f and type MainT, after you type MainT it should zoom down to anyone using this text. Like their Status then continue to the next status on the page you are liking.

    2 Like main troll status so that it will become top comment

    3 repeat steps on every status Troller Comments on

    If you would like please place media facts and memes on the same status. However please limit video links. People will be reluctant to click multiple video links or dedicate time to watching multiple videos unless it is really enticing to them so we will lower the amount of videos and instead have quick facts for them to read about in memes.

    We had a very successful event previously. We can do this again and wake more people. Video views almost doubled last event and this event will be more effective. Please share this event with people willing to participate and have a bigger then the last.

    Specific date and time still in planning. Excepting Volunteer Main Trolls. I will make a status for you to volunteer. We need at least 1 per Mainstream media outlet possibly 2. I will add your names to the directions as we get volunteers.

    To volunteer for main troll, add video/meme suggestions and contribute to the planning of the upcoming event please join group.

    Share this Event as much as possible.


The White Rabbit!  


Don't understand the underlying concepts? U need read mor! ...

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