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And so, with loads times going off the chart, we suddenly realised, the easiest way to drop that; right now, outrageously long (especially on CHROME, which is TWICE as long as Firefox) load time, is to do what we were meant to do a month or more ago, and rip the below to a new page off the main (entire site's) template ... where they were never really meant to be in the first place!

Dare Ewe Become Human Again?

for coming up with shit even -I- am convinced is conspiracy theory but fastforward six months & he is fucking right!!!!

hey brother,you really do dig up the shit,your amazing,I'm glad that we hooked up.

NB; may need formatting/tidying up ... done within an hour or two; which means, likely, never<g>



... very useful for our common battles...thank you! Luca"

Completely in awe of both your campaigning strengths. The truth will out. It's gaining momentum.


Another accurate report on NSA and wiretapping Obama..:-) Read it first from you. :-)"

I remember well. You reported on it 6 months before MSM. Because conventional media is fucking useless.

you're doing good man spreading the words of truth. Lets hope an info war can stop all this corruption
I'd highly recommend ..for alt. Financial perspectives &

Glad someone still follows the money...

: good lord you are causing me to think about things I never would have imagined! My brain hurts :)  Dare U Sherf?

JESUS man I know from reading the blog you have done more damage to them than 100 people combined!

&lt;------ follow or miss out so bad you'll never ever get over it !

You send to the world the truth of Japan.Ireally appreciate your kindness. Tears. xxx ‏@mvm__mvm

DU Ewe Science?

@censorednewsnow TY for the #Nanobot #BioEngineering lecture on #Morgellons from #Chemtrails most important science lecture I will ever hear Ken Lundgreen ‏@implowshun

&lt;--- hands down the Best if u want the truth of what's really going on, a must follow or be left out.'

@JodiBenedict wrote 25 Apr

@censorednewsnow : thank you for sharing these videos with me. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10! … #HUMANS - watch

Excellent ... good work ... really very helpful information.Thanks a lot #OpBLACKHEATH Are Thunderbirds Go Rabbit?!

"Thanks for throwing up ed on your site. He deserves attention and to be thanked for his work. As do you guys white rabbit. Thanks!!"Anonymous "

"Really liked your website really got your point acrosss. Found it while going through google so wanted to tell you good job and you have a bookmark from me." PGP

"@censorednewsnow Thank you guys for all that you do. Making the world a little better everyday. Step by step. Brilliant,, *Cheers Mates!!! Thomas Levcovich

"freeman kai ‏@KaiHolloway Follow for every bit of info u can imagine on our shit state of affairs Respect @censorednewsnow"

#FF @censorednewsnow Because he gives us all the news we shouldn't know"

"This is very great thing you have shared with us. Now I found enough resources by your tips about this issue, Thank you Generic Propecia "

"@censorednewsnow You send to the world the truth of Japan.I really appreciate your kindness. Tears. xxx" m ‏@mvm__mvm"

HALLO SWEET #Followers VOLG DEZE @censorednewsnow follow this if you care for your #children #PAEDO #pedo #God #love

Decentralise Occupy ‏@endarken5h
#FF @censorednewsnow for coming up with shit even -I- am convinced is conspiracy theory but fastforward six months & he is fucking right!!!! #FREEDOM #LIFE #war @erwin_mulders

@censorednewsnow Thank you guys for all that you do. Making the world a little better everyday. Step by step. Brilliant,, *Cheers Mates!!! Thomas Levcovich ‏@TLevcovich

"This is the kind of manual that needs to be given and not the random misinformation that's at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc."


"If you wish to wake up to the real worldcheck out @censorednewsnow YouTube account its full of interesting coverups and TRUTHS. Follow him!"

 : good lord you are causing me to think about things I never would have imagined! My brain hurts :) Dare USherf?

Please √ out → Thank you for all the

... You were again first 2tweet about the mysterious death of whistle blower journalist - "

"This is such a great video I love your explaining aboutFracking. They just killed over 900 dolphins in Peru using sonar waves to test foroil. This is sick and happening all over for the corporate dollar. You guys are great THANK YOU!" Erin

When I 1st started on my journey forthe truth,I thought #Occupywas an adversary.I get it now @JodiBenedict

Good. Just saw Citizens hearing. Space Army. So much to read and watch. You old Treasure Trove you. :)

I got up at 7am and its now 10:43 I have been watching your videos all this time. Extremely interesting addictive material

Jesus had nothing to do with wakey wakey @Occupyadam and @censorednewsnow and all ur friends did I guess ;-)

Follow &gt; always really interesting and enlightening stories at Exposing the truth.

... I watched that interview on your site with the woman talking to ITCCS , man just blew my mind. Shocking

you guys are fucking ace

When I woke helped me get informed them if you need to hear the about the and

love you site,keep up the good work.

: thanks to you, I never have the TV on, and I nag the hell out of my husband when he tries to watch the news.

cheers bro, its a huge relief to know there is folk like you out there working :-)

i enjoy conversation abt MK Ultra w/ hear about the popes resignation 6 mths prior 2 thx 2

omg u have done it again uncle rabbit thx again for yer hard work u rock my friend @LotusAlchemist writes

you are finding the most fascinating things.. always wow-info, thank you for your tireless work ))

And so, there you go, all on a nice spangly new page, and in about 20 seconds after I hit publish on this page, they will be deleted from the template, and voila, the biggeest load time increase in a long time, implimented (and fast!) ... Sorry, I let this list get so long before removing it to here! :)

Click & RT #OccupyTheBanks << nMOR!

Whilst we're at it, and are just about to (try for the nth time) to sort out a bit of the content, here's some of the comments that DID make it from the bottom pastepad/junk area, to the main template (sidebars); just in case we end up dumping some of those too; now, our history ...

USMC @TyDyedinTampa Shot

"Since following you I deleted ALL MSMapps: CBS NBC CNNABC. All Bullshite! It is amazing to think I've Lived This Long In The Dark. So much I have Seen sincefollowing the White Rabbit down the hole!"

Walter Caraway Writes

"Such clever work & exposure! Keep up the wonderful works guys I've included you guys to my blogroll."

@Consensus911.org Wrote" ... Exactly, CNN! Thanks for all you do. I, a newbie, am learning a lot about Twitter from the way you use it!"

Writes @endarken
'Nice job on #Snowden Nobel nomination.. You were at least a week ahead? @censorednewsnow <- miles ahead of the pack!

@AnCapDalek Writes

' hey great stuff that you put out <3 defenantly the best stuff so far'

Of course, my all time, and never changing favourite, from my all time favourite reader of The White Rabbit! ...

"I'm going with my gut and love on this! WONDERLAND MESSAGE"

We Get Compliments

"How refreshing to just POST w/o censorship. Thanks."

Sara J ‏@sonmist7 Writes

"You are finding the most fascinating things.. always wow-info, thank you for your tireless work : )"

"U make Alex Jones look Amateur!" writes

Tweet & FB Info-Graphic!

Click and Retweet Hash #OccupyTheBanks
──█──█─█─█─█▄█─█▄█──█ ─

'Your hard work & dedication is an inspiration to us all" Big Softie #JohnKellyHUMAN writes ;) xx


"@censorednewsnow To Read all of this info, is just staggering to say the least."

Japan's bigest info warrior in the West!

m ‏@m_catnap Writes

 Thank you. Japan is a peaceful country if silently. Really horrible country. Be killed by disguised as suicide

And my friend! ;)



#CrowdActivism You Do Big Things!: #GLOBAL Call  (We Are The Many) http://www.crowdactivism.com/2013/03/first-post.html FOLLOW & HELP > @KaiHolloway @censorednewsnow RT4V


Love what you're doing... The Techtivist ‏

Venture Capital Texas Writes

"Very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. I've joined your RSS feed & look forward toseeking more of your wonderful post. .. sharedyour website in my social networks!"

Private investor?

>>>>>>> c 4 V > 

Bee Smart :) Invest in smart peeps ;) 

'Another accurate report on NSA and wiretappingObama..:-) Read it 1st from you:-)' Writes @colleenmenzies

Invest in TRUTH:

Writes @Me_thePeople

''@censorednewsnow Deserves A Pulitzer'

And soon, we hope to bring to the world a nice, simple LONG OVERDUE IDEA!

The White Rabbit!  


Don't understand the underlying concepts? U need read mor! ...

Secure Encrypted Authenticated and Anonymous Email Implemented  The White Rabbit!

Sauces used in cooking up this particular Quantum Soup included:

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