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Now then, now then, now then, we've covered the WIZARD SAVILE (?); onto DADDY BUSH!

But for BUSH, you need grasp a hard nettle, harder than even ....

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"The Alien Brain/ Illuminati Connection

By Stew Webb

Bush with his Baphomet the Goat Headed Demon Hat
It’s important that the reader first get some basic understanding of the Illuminati Alien connection. Many in the UFO field are not aware that Aliens are the Fallen Angels as described in the Bible. These Aliens and their helpers are demonic in nature and fear Jesus Christ. This has been proven by MUFON investigator Joe Jordan through his own research. Joe now has well over 400 fully documented cases where an alien abduction was immediately stopped in the name of Jesus Christ! He states correctly in the video that this secret is the biggest secret in the entire UFO field! This is the secret that is never told in the alien movies, TV shows, books and even at the UFO conferences! The evidence that Joe collected actually led him to Christ as he was an atheist when the first Christians began telling him their stories!

Here is the evidence from Joe Jordan.

Mor & Today's MUST READ (despite Stew's deeply held Christian beliefs, for reason's we're not going to go into right now for want of time, and safety, we think the 'alternative' truth of the Bible (the missiing book(s) ... do tell a story which whether true or not, needs to be unuderstood, ini order to place context onto current events .... ONWARDS! 

And obviously on a ROLL! .... VT also has this ... Dare you?

"Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids

by Preston James

Who is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain pulling the strings?

Once a Bright and Rising Star, a great economic engine and the hope of the World, America has been transformed into an International Terror Factory with a collapsing economy.

The USG has become an enemy of the American People and a blight on the World.

How could this happen and where does the real power lie?

Who has been pulling all the strings and taking America apart at the seams, trashing the Constitution, Bill or Rights and everything American Soldiers have fought for since the Declaration of Independence?

How can we make sense out of this confusing mess?

Sometimes the most incredulous things one CANNOT imagine, actually turn out to be true.

How much do you really want to know about who runs the world?

To understand who are the real Powers That Be (PTB), one must be willing to temporarily enter the twilight zone and take a trip deep into a rabbit hole.

True Pyramid Power is the bureaucratic political organizing of society into power control hierarchies, some known and the most powerful ones unknown, it is not the power of the Giza pyramids.

The top Covert Power in the world is referred to by many as ”the top of the pyramid” and these top controllers are always hidden by many layers of Cutouts who are more than willing to do their dirty work. Such is the nature of hierarchies and bureaucracies which have power funneled upward into a few select individuals who are the Leaders of the World and the true Powers That Be (PTB). These top controllers are best referred to as Kingpins.

Note: This is a long article with sections that some readers will find irrelevant, tiring or boring. Bold print subject headings have been provided which can be scanned. Those sections which seem interesting can be read in full.

The Old Black European Nobility (OBN) has been alleged to be the top world controllers and have been reputed to have Third Force or secret alien power, including Psi-power.

It is generally recognized by top researchers of covert world power that the top of the pyramid are select individuals who are representatives of the “Old Black Nobility”(OBN) of Europe which go all the way back to Venice, Rome and even perhaps even to ancient Babylon.

These folks are known for their secret knowledge and skills in the “Black Arts” using “human alchemy”, the powers of trauma based mindkontrol, numerous “magickal” arts, the power of secret assassinations using poisons, and allegedly deep and conventionally unknown Psi-power. They have been reputed to have a lust for shedding human blood and human sacrifice and it has been alleged that they have been anointed with what has been anecdotally referred to as “teaming power of Lucifer”.

Some have alleged that Vlad the Impaler was the model user of this Third Force pure evil and serves as an historical example of unbridled terror and murder, an illustration of what the characteristics are of those at the top of the pyramid of control that truly run the world today who seem to crave mass death from war and eugenics.


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