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And so when you hand over your borders to an American GITMO contractor, it seems promoting truth in journalism, is not the only thing you need fear, if you're crossing the border into the UK.

"A spiritual leader who was due to lead a 1,500-strong yoga class was detained at Heathrow airport for eight hours, his supporters have said.
Swami Ramdevji, 47, who is also known as Baba Ramdev, was expected to lead the class in Glasgow on Monday.
But his supporters said he was stopped at Heathrow Airport on Friday.

Ramdevji was given a 24-hour visa and instructed to return to Terminal Five on Saturday afternoon, when supporters fear he will be told to leave.
The organisers of his visit said they have contacted Hindu temples throughout the UK asking for supporters to protest at the airport against the move.
Ramdevji reportedly has an 85 million-strong worldwide following and his own television channel in India.
I wonder why the UK wouldn't want an ANTI-CORRUPTION campaigner to have entry?

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"A Sri Lankan Airlines plane travelling from Colombo to Heathrow was forced to make an emergency landing at Stansted, police have said.

Two men were arrested on suspicion of endangering the A330 Airbus which was carrying 267 passengers and crew.

Essex Police boarded the aircraft shortly after 19:30 BST and arrested the pair.

The remaining passengers were taken to a reception centre before being transferred to Heathrow.

A spokesman for Stansted said: "A Sri Lankan Airlines Airbus A330 diverted into Stansted at approximately 19.30 this evening [Friday].

"The aircraft, which was flying from Colombo to Heathrow, landed safely with Essex Police in attendance.

"The airport is open and flights are arriving and departing as normal."

A spokesman for Essex Police said: "Officers boarded the aircraft and arrested two men on suspicion of endangering an aircraft." Continues.

Meantime, over in Kenya (that's in Africa, Yank ;)) <g>

Nairobi mall shooting: Kenya Red Cross say at least 15 dead by ITN News

"A gun battle inside a shopping centre in the Kenyan capital Nairobi has left at least 20 people dead, the Kenyan Red Cross says.

The gunmen attacked Westgate centre - one of the city's most exclusive. Dozens of shoppers fled, several are still feared trapped inside.

Some reports suggested it was an attempted robbery - but officials say it might be a "terrorist" attack.

Somali militant group al-Shabab had threatened to strike the centre.

They are opposed to Kenya sending troops to fight in Somalia.
Continue reading the main story
“Start Quote

I could hear a continuous exchange of fire and few loud explosions”Suresh Kumar
In pictures: Nairobi shootout

No group has admitted responsibility.

Officers have now surrounded the building in an attempt to evacuate remaining shoppers. A military helicopter has landed nearby.

Police told AFP news agency that gunmen had taken at least seven people hostage.

Eyewitnesses say masked attackers threw grenades into the building at about midday local time (09:00 GMT)." Continues


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