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Exclusive video footage on the Westgate attack

Published on 22 Sep 2013

This exclusive raw video was taken by an eye witness at the Westgate Mall in Kenya and sent to CCTV Africa. The owner was trapped in the mall for 5 hours before being rescued by the police. The eye witness has requested to remain anonymous.


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Only one thiing for it!


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And Kenyan Culture; the music playlist!

Alex Jones Kenya Shooting - Including David Icke

Of course, AMERICANS:

"Three American psychos join Islamic attack on Nairobi mall [VIDEO]

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You know, Kenya; where they do Democracy (unlike in the USA):

Interesting DISTRACTION hey, fifty + dead, certainly wipes off the REAL NEWS, on CORRUPTION in NIGERIA, right?

"Convicted former Delta State Governor, Chief James Ibori, hid some of his assets in an indigenous integrated oil company, Oando Plc, according to a British prosecutor.The prosecutor was quoted by Reuters in a report on Monday as saying that the former governor, who is serving a 13-year jail term in the United Kingdom for fraud and money-laundering, hid some of his assets in the oil firm; adding that money passed from Oando’s accounts into Ibori’s Swiss accounts.
Ibori had in February 2012 pleaded guilty to 10 counts of fraud and money-laundering worth £50m.
Prosecutor Sasha Wass was quoted as telling the court that she would be presenting evidence that Ibori had “asserted ownership of a large part” of Oando, Nigeria’s biggest home-grown oil firm, which is listed in Lagos, Johannesburg and Toronto.
“The Crown will assert that Oando is a company where James Ibori has hidden assets,” Wass said, giving no further details.

One of the biggest embezzlement cases seen in Britain, the successful prosecution of Ibori was also a rare example of a senior Nigerian politician being held to account for the corruption that blights Africa’s most populous country.
At the time of Ibori’s sentencing in April 2012, Judge Anthony Pitts said the £50m that he had admitted to stealing might be a “ludicrously low” fraction of his total booty, which could be more than £200m."  Continues.

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