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Just in; machine translated straight to page DIG U HUMAN!

Christian Mistress - "Pentagram and Crucifix" Relapse Records by BlankTV


"Huge pentagram was found on Gugl folders in an isolated region of Kazakhstan, west of the city Lisakovsk. It is suspected that this is a military facility unknown use.

Circumference of a circle is over 1000 meters and contains clearly defined, mathematically correct pentagram. Pentagram within a circle is used in ritual magic and inverted pentagram in black magic.

Only few days ago, when you zoom in on the pentagram Guglovoj folder, two strange locations would appear, one was called "Adam" and the other "Lucifer."

However, since the story procurela on the Internet, these sites are missing a zoom Pentagram is now disabled.

On Gugl folders used by north - south, the pentagram is inverted. Is it supposed to be so? In any case, the symbol is used in ritual magic."


... like

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The White Rabbit!  

I ask U Human in America!  WHERE IS YOUR RUDOLF HES?

""CONFESSION daughter of Rudolf Hess, the creator of concentration camps "AUSCHWITZ"

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Eighty Brigit lives in a modest home in America. Every night she sleeps under the watchful eye of her beloved father - photo Rudolf Hess (Rudolf Höss) hanging above her bed.

Brigitte Hess lives  secluded in  Northern Virginia.  now retired and was working in a fashion shop in Washington for more than 30 years.  Since she was diagnosed with cancer during walks around talking to doctors looking for a cure. Anyone who has seen the way to the hospital, you'd think it comes most ordinary grandmother in the world.
However,  Brigit and come on a little secret - she is the daughter  of Rudolf Hoess ,  commander of Auschwitz ,  which is a good part of her childhood spent looking at the Nazi death camp. Eighty Brigit  lives in a modest home in  America.  every night, she still sleeps under the watchful eye of his beloved father - photo  Rudolf Hess  hanging above her bed. - He was the finest man in the world. He was very gentle and kind to us - remember to Brigit.

Hess and his family
That  "the finest man in the world "built  Auschwitz  gas chambers perfected and transformed the old military barracks in  Poland  in the killing machine capable to erase the lives of  2,000 lj surprising per hour.By the end of  the Second World War,  there has  killed 1.1 million Jews , 20,000 Roma and tens of thousands of Polish and Russian political prisoners. As such, Brigitin father was one of the greatest mass murderers in history!
- He had to do it! They threatened him! And he was the only  one in a series of SS . There were others who would have done if he refused - are convinced that  Brigit  's father who recalls the joint lunches,  reading "Hansel and Gretel"  and how to deal with her ​​and her siblings play in the garden.
Brigit  then it might not have been aware of, but it is known today - their play and socializing occurred in the middle of the  Auschwitz  where the Hess family since 1940. up in 1944. she lived.
The arrest of criminal Rudolf Hess
From the upper floors, they could see the barracks where the  prisoners lived and crematorium.  Brigitina What mother described as " paradise "was hell for millions.
Still, the Hess family - were cooks, nannies, gardeners, maids ... all of these people were prisoners regime which served Brigitin father. The house was furnished and decorated with things seized from those who are daily sent to the gas chamber. In the garden,  Bridget  was playing on the slide and a large replica of the aircraft built by the prisoners.
It was a life of luxury, only a few steps away from the greatest horror films ever seen in the history of mankind. 
As the war neared its end,  Rudolf Hess  and his family fled to the north. Bridget stayed with her ​​mother, while her father changed identity and hid on a  farm near the Danish border.
Their plan at the right time to escape to  South America  is disrupted when their shelter discovered in 1946.year. Hess was the first person from the Nazi leadership to recognize the existence of genocide in Auschwitz . He testified in  Ninberškom process,  and then hanged beside the crematoria of Auschwitz."

Continues. (in Original Serbian)


Satyricon The Pentagram Burns by Roadrunner Records


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