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Typhoon Usagi: Devastating storm hits Taiwan and China

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Thursday, 21 March 2013
#MKULTRA Michael Jackson & Dragon #CIA #NWO

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

#DOD Dept of Defence #WHISTLEBLOWER Operation Sedgewick #REAGAN #BlackOps #MKUltra2

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

An update from ... the Dragon... now BANNED on Twitter (we hope not permanently):

"A little story from Clare sharing a wee moment or two when tapped in some feelings that came through I do my best to share them into words.

"I am one of those survivors"

I am telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth in the light of christ or any holy book in man made land on Earth.

I was born into Slavery & bondage given a birth certificate number then transferred to births & Deaths in the UK for my offical announcement of my name & National insurance number to follow when 16. For US its your Security number.
This is so I am a commodity to the stock market for the Bankers & government for them to tax me and given me health care whilst they take revenue for that health care which in turn is poisoning me most of the time as doctors are not holistic more into treating the cause, not looking at the root of why the illness occured and ways for them to be well & heal, once unwell given medications even more conditions labels as a result.
I was a sufferer of this system at the age of 5. I will not go into the personal experience yet terrifying within the Hospital setting.

Of Course back to topic;

Whilst I have a Birth certificate issued this is owned by the #VATICAN whom in turn are also operated by the Bankers & the queen of England in the UK, for our monetary system the Federal reserve in the US.

I grew up in a world of Violence suffering, hardship, terror sometimes, greed seeing famine, seeing people go without, being homeless as a young child with my mother, always around negatives where were the positives.

As a young child I used those times as ways to escape the harsh realities of what was on the news, social condition, school, bullying, and the negative words, to believe in magic. I dissociated sometimes, tranced out more like day dreaming state call it, seeing magical realms far distant places, shores, crystal cities, dolphins Angelic beings.
Looking back realizing My connection to source god.

At 5 Already seeing spirit, ghosts, enterties, yes even #clowns demons, figures, shadows, apparitions, paranormal Phenomenon you may call it for the round about label.
By the way for most experiencers, those whom are aware whom they are, and their contact with other forces & dimensions both on Earth Astral & other dimensions. Most experiences start being recorded from age of 5 not sure why?

Maybe this is a Trigger age for Awakening or awareness. In children you can reason with them by the age of 7 yrs.

By the time I was 7 - 11 aware something really was not right. Not just within myself and what I was experiencing (too long to explain here. The view and perception the world something just was not right, did not feel right for me in my soul, how could such a beautiful world, be filled with so much misery, wars, fighting I did not know the cause.

Doing well at school though excelling being gifted and talented in my spare time I decided to learn about back then Ghosts & enterties and their place on us in the world.

My first what I call Awakening experience was at 15, knowing the dollar bill had the all seeing eye of horus, & occult symbolism, no more really than that, young girl enjoying life, so I am to believe in the reality of the world that we actual live in, or believe we live in.

Having grown up in hindsight some very personal negative situations too much to place openly these are healing chats, the types of conversations one likes to have with someone personally I believe. I realized I had a negative attachment a major one and even a few in my aura too, this was by the time i was 18.

I lived on my own from 16 yrs and brought myself up & learned to be an adult at a very young age being at college & working same time, becoming part of the matrix system, being conditioned to social dogma & religious ways by back them my Catholic faith.

I read & learned about these ghosts, & psychic attacks & negative vibrations, I decided to cleanse myself fully this was at 23 - 24 yrs of age. When I met my boys Father Ash. He went with me through many years of spiritual practice, prayers, long meditations, silence for weeks months, just as muslim would fast, I would not speak until late at night for limited time, limited food, lived a very quite, life away from technology conditioning in order to feel the connection I did to Source god.

Through those times of Cleansing I came to realize what Jesus meant by Going in the desert for 40 days, I used to think he was lost, & devil went to tempt him, but now my interpretation is, he went to cleanse himself, rid his own soul light from evil temptations sins that were not of source god Teachings, being a chosen one a prophet, the Devil tempted taunted him & he did not give up he fought & won.

I did this as Consciously as a woman I back then aware I would want children, and knowing Ash loved me & a good father having two sons, of his own, I knew I was cleansed to have my first child, a new creation into the world by love.

My calling from working in the matrix came from source to be a healer I do not like the label, as I am the vessel the unit to carry the light frequency energy waves vibration sound & breath Prana to the client in the form of Chi or KA.

Back then running a large company with children still giving birth, now child 3 whilst working 7 days a week, my children all as babies with me every day working whilst I breast fed at work, & my will power determination to be a business woman & mother, partner, friend to all my social group.

Earning half what I paid in TAX, to then not enjoy my children as they had to be put into nursery to slave to work to then not enjoy my home, because I was too busy working like a nutter to enjoy what I had that I did not enjoy as I was slaving.

Enslaved in a corporate world, I was a mortgage underwriter for banks & building societies used to correct peoples credit files, estate agent & office manager. for Ash's financial services company for many years, sitting in meetings, corporate decisions, marketing, deadlines & paperwork admin & staff.

The hot tub business was a great Social tool & gained me experience in sales face to face & running multi faceted business. Crying for my passion my calling healing.

In these times I used to go on cleanses or spiritual practice or started my passion about Kundalini which I will always practice rest of my life one way shape or form, maybe next yr take up my qualification so in my later years I can become a teacher of Yoga
I call these times Sabbatical's Why, I became sensitive even more to people, vibrations, words, impressions, feeling them, sometimes feeling sick at work no apparent reason, drained, zonked, head aches, symptoms that were strange. I realized I was empathic too.

I used to come home do my psychic protection go to my spiritual church and sit with people more suited to myself, or around my friends that have known me many years, and live very similar lives to me, and are aware of the unseen forces, and their influence if we do not keep our ego shadow self in check.

Having experienced both bullying in school and the workplace this generally happens when one is talented gifted, got unique qualities, stands out, will speak out, non conform to the system government establishment. At school Girls Jealous, at work men with ego's because I could demonstrate confidence in the work place not with words with my skills and demonstrating information facts and deliver reports and information when required.

In those years I also was a step mum to two lovely boys now 17 & 16 thriving doing well & good young polite respectful men.
Even though I am not with the boys father we are friends why? "no judgements, no control, no fear to ask each other help without their being an agenda" We understood we both individually went on a journey, and we went on one together two people living our lives for a time sharing caring our hearts, and from this we also have three beautiful boys.

Ash Awake and aware I had to go on a spiritual journey last years I decided to go on my own, live on my own, with the boys, Ash has his own life, and we have the children shared between us. I can do my own thing, run my own life he his. We do not interfere with either or our personal lives, unless one of us asks for help.
I did it to prove to myself I had the willpower to heal myself and the life of past. we learn by our lessons, both Ash & myself did we are better people for it today.

This is demonstrated by the 5 beautiful boys we are raising as parents.

Through the last years I went on a search for self. when "I was here the whole time"

I did get lost sometimes, felt down some deep holes, some times felt I was sinking unwell lost lonely a lepar, in those times I seeked Jesus, and each time, through my faith in him, I have turned some not nice situations, times, and memories into something magical for myself and having learned from the experience.

I have learned not to judge observe & listen
Understand sometimes speak when spoken to polite makes good manners
also answer someones question even with I do not want to answer, I would rather not answer than tell a lie, I would only tell a lie to protect someone, yet if it meant these days too save someone from a crime, I would ask them to search their own moral compass and make their own choices, and not to include me as I know I am then karmically involved.

I am courteous & respectful to those that are courteous to me, normally very quiet, shy, calm relaxed person.

I respect people's boundaries and privacy, I wonder did some people I will mention shortly respect mine?
Then ask yourself why I did Go on a mission to talk negatively about someone I really truly dislike.

I do I write all this tonight.

All twitlongers except some changes, as when I discovered the clown through #MKULTRa that was done on me, over a period of 9 months prior to her appearing. as @galaxyclowns11.

I knew God was showing me the women & another whom is a worker for Jackson's, to harm me last yrs.

Aida is paid by Joe Randy & Jermaine. Aida has confirmed in her Emails & the twitlongers I already shared that she is a illuminati #MKULTRA operative for many yrs, so she will just work under orders.

@hummearthlove & @galaxyclowns11 one person is Foot, we proved this the other day how, by Snarls account in the people mention has foot attached which meant Taylor or whom ever her real name is Jozee, made Snarls Account.

Humm the #CLOWN is Mike's friend, whom he had in some personal info, and she was aware of my galactic connections, as I said bits "my mistake" to share. She did not believe, and did her level best to ensure she poisoned Mike's mind, in the time he spent with her.
I gave bits to Mike in emails about my spiritual journey the ups, the downs the crashes, world ending in my heart when awakening having another enlightening experience 2011 talking like parabels not understanding I had just woken my kundalini.

Martin causing me all sorts, the whole mess in the other twitlongers I had to go to to reveal truths.

I shared parts of my journey with Mike he shared my heart with a women that is his friend but also they have double crossed each other.

I have just not included AIDA new account called @MiriyamFatima in last twitlonger.

I really wished Mike you had of trusted in me when I was called to help you love.

Bit like Paris, I see some similarities a young lady trapped by people do they really care? When there are people that are on twitter involved with illuminati & Joe Jackson & family ties etc Handlers and body guards. When really a young adult requires family mother father to be around for lifes situations guidance and challenges for a teenager.

Her cries for help, evening finding maybe even fighting Demons, some maybe her own, and some put on her by a family associated around the occult as @lamj_snarl admitted he used occult arts.

so this means @hummearthlove as his friend is well aware too being his friend many years how to use negative forces against people.

I do pray for Paris, my words months ago were just words, like many were not intentional acts, I too was upset for her, mortified with the news. I felt for myself seen similar experiences, I am appauled at what the family has done, and also the lack of real help for each other. helping to make a change and assist each other as they claim they love each other. Which we all know is not true.

Reason for writing this above, @hummearthlove @galaxyclowns11

Humm knows Mike yet in her @cornflake777 she claims she loves Children like @hummearthlove does always preaching do stuff for children? so other than her own what does she actually do? Also she Tweets paris & Prince when been desperate before for mike when having to deal with my words that she is a #CLOWN for months and months on end to reveal the truth.

So Mike this woman that claims she loves you! why is she not taking Paris under her wing as a good parent and a friend of yours that you love.

Humm being a friend whom is well aware of the occult having associated around Mike whom as snarl admitted he is aware and having being involved see his TL for more information @Lamj_snarl

What is she doing to help, anyone as she is aware of #MKULTRA having used it on me & also on mike & other people in her accounts.

#CLown of twitter has involved many people over the yrs as well as the crew surrounding with AIDA & some of the Jackson's.
How many innocent people have you defamed to try to silence us?
how many lives have you harmed?
how many peoples reputations?
Reemmber Doug? wonder why he stays away oh yes your #CLOWN as Foot

See the Karmic Trail she has left for you to carry the weight on your shoulders to protect the lying scheming manipulative person she truly is.

We stay away Mike because of the people you surround yourself with sorry but its true.

Your so called Friend & the other ones in your family i call them negs, or #reptiod Cabal antennas being used by the Dark side of the Agenda on Earth.

So this lightworker Rainbow Warrior will finish my story being my own Guru, interested in spiritual practice, quantum mechanics, healing, stars, cosmos, universal and natural laws.

My focus Mike are

Fighting for my freedom for myself and my children's future and all gods children I am blessed to have the pleasure to assist.
Being a good mum, and doing better every day.
Knowing there are no mistakes only lessons we either learn & grow from them or allow them to define us.
I have always known two wrongs do not make a right, by calling #cLOWN but she is just that, as her name suggests. I had to show my truth the light in honesty.

I will always love you that will never change, my sentiment my heart does not change, however you chose to support something I morally do not agree with in my heart, to allow your friend to hurt many people along the way Mike.

Life is for living dear friend/s

keeping it real in our hearts my avatar is me I am a #Dragon fire of Eternal breath & light on Earth & heaven.

i am interesting in exposing

13 blood lines
Bilderbergs, rothchilds
Queen, vatican Banks
reptilian agenda

Next mission find a way to obtain my real birth certificate to be a sovereign being on earth.

providing security and safety for my family and children and friends and protect our privacy.

BTW - When we have real friends we do not control, harm abuse the friendship, plus some of us really know each other, you know can vouch for each other, knowing us personally, anita, laura, Damon, Mike uk Today, KAI and some more, lightworkers, and some Twitter people i have had regular contact for over a year and half consistently.

I love you my friends, my only interest clearing the past,
creating a beautiful future for myself and those I care about and am Blessed when this is finally over to share my heart with without the #CLOWN being around to negatively interfere in some way to dampen our spirits our vibe with her nortorious lies.

Keeping it real always
Dragon x"


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Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Forced Sex - TACTICS TRIX DEPT **EXPOSED**

Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Forced Sex by NewsyVideos Tweet

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Kids Dirty Trix Dept The White Rabbit!  


Don't understand the underlying concepts? U need read mor! ...

Secure Encrypted Authenticated and Anonymous Email Implemented  The White Rabbit!

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