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Patriot Scouts

Patriot Scouts
By Joe Harrison

I have been noticing a very disturbing turn for the worse across the country and it involves our young people. They are literally being bombarded with everything you can think of to lower their moral values. Every TV show is peppered with gay and lesbian characters and they are told that this is all normal and acceptable. Stars of every kind are being touted as heroes because they have overcome some sort of addiction, whether that be drugs or alcohol. Let me be clear on the fact that although it is a good thing to overcome these addictions, it does not make you a hero, it only makes you almost normal. Millions of people every day go through their entire lives, dealing with all of its stresses and temptations and they do not succumb, these are the real heroes. Even the Boy Scouts have been bullied into accepting gays and the Girl Scouts have become just another business venture selling cookies. Even the commercials on TV are borderline pornographic.

So what are we to do about it? I have come up with what I believe to be a very simple solution. Every single Christian based church could start their own group of what I call Patriot Scouts. There would be a division for boys as well as one for girls.

These kids would be taught the principals of a constitutional government as well as all the rights that go with it, the most important of which is the freedom of religion. They would know that it is OK to be Christian. They would learn the true history of the United States and be proud of it. They would take part in all the same activities as other scouts such as camping, hiking, etc.
They would learn respect for their elders by doing things such as volunteering to visit nursing homes where they would also gather knowledge of years past when our county was still great by listening to the stories of the people there.
They would learn humility by volunteering for organizations such as the Special Olympics, even if they only attended the events to show support for the participants. They would learn the true meaning of the term "There but for the grace of God go I".
They would learn to stand by each other no matter what. They would not need to join a gang or hang out with a bad crowd, they would have their own crowd, always supporting each other.
Do you remember your first day in High School? Wouldn't you prefer on your kids first day, if they were met with fellow, older Scouts to show them the ropes and look out for them?
They would learn responsibility, leadership skills and discipline. Instead of learning about abortion and the morning after pill at age 13, they would learn to have the moral backbone to avoid needing them.

Would it not be an awesome thing to see a group like this in every Christian church? The denomination would not matter. All would have to work together, whether it be foot washing Baptist, Mormons, Methodist, Catholics or even the people that babble in tongues. What ever your beliefs are, one thing is certain, the key to the survival of Christianity today, lies with the young people.

For those of you who dabble in politics, do you know what you have when these kids turn 18?  Voters. Not only that, but they would almost certainly be conservative voters. How important would that be at a time when we are about to give legal status to millions upon millions of illegal aliens?

Here's the rub, in order for this to work, it's going to need volunteers...that means YOU. Yes, it will be hard work, yes I know you are all way too busy to spend any time with your kids, yes I know it's much easier and convenient for you to just let them stay closed up in their room, watching TV, playing video games and vedging out on the internet.

If you don't get my point, read that last paragraph again, if you still don't get it, read it a third time.

I would be very interested to see if anyone actually takes this seriously and makes a move, so please keep us updated."

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