Monday, 23 September 2013


And so, today being the day the Orion that was in touch, said they were going to the UN, we thought we'd take a peek at our stats:  interesting, hey!


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Dare you?

Statistics For The Various Aspects Of #OTB Growth Rates

Yes yes! Every last one of those stats, shows PEOPLE WANT THIS INFORMATION and they WANT IT NOW!  On ALL measures in that list of TWENTY, we're at OVER 100% growth.  And the key one, I can tell you (was this hard fought for or WHAT), is the fact that people are now staying FIVE TIMES LONGER than they were even perhaps just a few months ago.  They're starting, to understand, where the REAL REALITY LIVES! ;)  Right here, on #OTB!

Galactic Federation of Light Saul September-15-2013

Time, I think, for a TUNE!  HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Rockstar Bday Celebration" Music Is The Drug 072 With Corey Biggs

With a splendid Leo Love, from the Cherry Heavens above, Welcome back to the Rockstar Bday Celebration. I am thankful for the many well wishes and blessing and have all the listeners as part of my life in building my "Music is the Drug" Dream! Enjoy the next 2 hours of my favorite music selection for you as the better than good Rockstars of the World!  Again!!!!!!!!!!!!
With that being said we have 20 day to reach our goal for "Music is the Drug World Tour' thru "Kickstarter"  Whether its 1 dollar of 30 dollars, pledge today, as with " Kickstarter" fundraising, its all or nothing! Have the best day of your life and enjoy!

Corey Biggs Tracklist
1. Belize (Riva Starr Remix) - Coyu
2. Hooter (Carl Craig Remix) - Ultramarine
3. Aruba (Satoshi Tommie Stripped - Coyu
4. Island Breeze (Dirty Birthday Remix_
5. Smile on My Face - Viktor Novak
6. Alright, Lets Go - Tamer Malki
7. Robot Heart (Thorsten Hammer & Mikalogic Remix) -Art Department
8. Gravity - Pan-Pot
9. Danzante - Hector
10. Hi Life (Cheek Bold Cove) - Hector
11. No sympathy - Maya Jane Coles
12. Five Boroughs (león remix) - Sante'
13. Show Patience - Boot Slap
14. Universal Principle - Flying High
15. Gel Abril - Vision is Feat Mr. Black Master
16. Stay High Baby - Maceo Plex
17. Women Beat Their Men (Cevin's
18. She Lied Again (Original Mix) - Will Monotone
19. Something Says - Jan Blomqvist
20. Spiel Mir Lied Vom Glück - Klankgkuenstier & Sheman
21. Sometimes (Playmaker Main Room Remix) - Etoile Feat. Tiger Lily
22. City City - Katie Cruel 23. Marea - Ben Hoo
24. Foundation - Deaf Pillow
25. Don Aldredo - H.O.S.H
26. Whitmey Na - Raz Ohara
27. Bengang (DJ T. Edit) - Paul Kalkbrenner
28. Antimatter - Abnormal Boyz, Vinz Exe


The White Rabbit!  


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