Wednesday, 18 September 2013


And not a SERIOUS bank reform in sight!

And they think we're BUYING THIS BULLSHIT?  Really?  Selected extracts; we could all do with some good humour, whilst SHELL OIL (Mr Cable's ex-employer) gets on with the GENIE SARIN SLAUGHTER and the DESIGNED GENETIC DESTRUCTION of the HUMAN RACE!

" 'I'll resign from Cabinet if my private red lines are crossed', says Cable as he makes bid to become Chancellor in Labour government
  • Business Secretary has made a bid to be Chancellor in a Labour government
  • He said it's a possibility that power sharing deal with the Tories will collapse
  • One fellow Lib Dem minister dismissed his speech as ‘just awful’


PUBLISHED: 00:45, 17 September 2013 | UPDATED: 07:51, 17 September 2013

Vince Cable stunned colleagues last night by declaring that the Coalition could break up before the election and indicating that he has private ‘red lines’ that would prompt him to walk out of the Cabinet.

In an act of open rebellion, the Business Secretary made a bid to be Chancellor in a Labour government and savaged his Tory coalition colleagues.
Mr Cable said it is ‘a possibility’ that the power sharing deal with the Tories will collapse before 2015 – directly contradicting his leader Nick Clegg, who has repeatedly said the Coalition will survive until polling day.

The veteran minister also faced Tory anger last night after dismissing his Conservative colleagues as ‘nasty’, ‘callous’ and ‘ugly’ opportunists.

Tory MP branded 'shameful, crass and disgusting' for claiming Lib Dem Sarah Teather was a bad families minister 'because she didn't produce one of her own'
Revealed: Secret Lib Dem plan to increase tax for millions on over £50,000 hidden in email to ministers (which also reminds them they are supposed to be cheerful)
'Nasty Tories have reverted to type': Cable launches extraordinary attack on coalition partners triggering calls to resign
Furious Clegg bats away Tory attempts to steal Lib Dems' flagship tax cut in row over conference poster
Allies of Mr Cable have privately suggested that if there is a hung Parliament, he could become Chancellor in a coalition with Labour and oust Mr Clegg as Lib Dem leader – a move they call ‘Plan V’."


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Let's not forget WHO BROUGHT US SECRET TRIALS (and then tried to play GOOD GUY), let's not forget, WHO DIDN'T DEMAND THE MASS ARREST of the BILDERBERG ATTENDEES!

Yes, yes, that would be ONE VINCENT CABLE; and to call the Tories OPPORTUNISTIC whilst seeking to DUMP your OWN PARTY in favour of the LIBOUR LABOUR WAR CRIMES bLAIR Party, well now Mr Vincent Cable, we've decided it's TIME, to come up with a NICE NEW NAME for YOU, like a very FOREIGN SECRETary continues with his INSANE BALD DWARF plans for GENIE OIL GENOCIDE and the EXPORTATION OF DEATH, DESTRUCTION and WAR!

Click & RT #OccupyTheBanks << nMOR!

Stay posted! ;) 


#ANONYMOUS US Special Forces #FakeDeath OSAMA
#DOD Dept of Defence #WHISTLEBLOWER 


Which we rather like to make OVERT! ;')

Let's not forget, there's URGENT BUSINESS to be attended to in WESTMINSTER:

Friday, 13 September 2013

You'd better believe it!  URGENT INDEED!  What ever you do though, DON'T TELL A SOUL!!!!!!!!!! About the URGENT MP BRIBERY for GENIE OIL MAGIK TRIX GENOCIDE!

And don't you DARE mention SHELL, MOBIL, and ALL the other ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS, obviously they're in NO WAY WHATSOEVER, let me be 100% clear, implicated in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, with the


Reverse News Time Flux 2 Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hell no, might ruin LOADS OF BEER in the BAR!

World Exclusive 11th Sept

And that would NEVER do!


The White Rabbit!  


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