Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Just a small announcement, which we thought we'd celebrate by closing a tune - a tune for the time, of our time; a tune, for the people, of our world; a tune for the global revolution in human consciousness, that is; the opening of the human mind.. New times; new places; it required extra-special attention to the finer arts of dealing with the wet farts that form those that live by fleecing us; too stupid, even themselves to understand how what they operate destroys all in it's path, especially corroding the souls of those who seek huge fortune, at any expense.  It's time, in short, for ...


Muse - Uprising by Muse

It's TIME for AUTOMATED SMOOTHER BITCOIN MARKETS; from which you, can benefit RIGHT NOW; in helping to create the STABILITY OF PRICE of BTC, and also, in the process,  make a small miint, on other peoples mines! ;)

Also in addition to the world's second largest repository (we believe) of videos now able to grace our pages, we've also decided to partner with

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Welcome! :)

God Is an Astronaut - Reverse World by The Orchard

To your new FUTURES. :)

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