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Banning Gold Coins & Confiscating Coins From Safe Deposit Boxes to Help the Economy ...

but before that, plenty too!

John McDonnell MP "this is not a recovery it's a robbery"

We're saying NUFFIK!

we've already said FAR FAR FAR TOO MUCH! ;)

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Updated - September 17, 2013 -

Neil Keenan and 30 other undisclosed individuals now have a copy of the financial world's 'Holy Grail' The Book of Codes a.k.a Maklumat Book.  You can read the latest update from Jean Haine's Blog at this link here (September 17, 2013)

What is the Maklumat Book and the Book of Codes?

These Books and Ledgers define the information that is held in the Federal Reserve screen system. They contain the secret code cyphers and data on legal decisions, treaties and other arrangements. Upon information and belief, they provide information pertaining to all the accounts and sub-accounts that contain the gold and other assets, as well as information pertaining to the financial instruments issued against the gold.

Further, they specify and provide the factual information as to what is in the Global Accounts, such as who owns the gold and the source of its ownership. The protection and security of these Books is, therefore, of the utmost importance and central to the authentication and verification process.-- FROM Case 1:11-cv-08500-JFK Document 1 Filed 11/23/11 Page 78 of 114 - Paragraph 166 (ACTUAL PAGE 75 per numbering on document)

Basically the Book of Codes identifies all the people involved in controlling the world or at least those individuals who took part in manipulating the global monetary system.  These people are called Illuminati, Commitee of 300, Dark Cabal, New World Order, etc.  What ever label you put on them, they have one thing in common. To keep humanity enslaved under their rule and authority.  They claim it is their right because of their bloodlines that lead back to extraterrestrial/spiritual lineage. But that is a whole other can of worms.

You may have remembered from your past research of a Committee of 300 member that goes by the name of Spiritual White Boy.  One of his bank accounts is said to contain US dollars in the amount of $1,030,000,000,000,000,000 .  Yes, you read that correctly. One thousand and thirty quadrillion US Dollars. This money was obtained by using the Book of Codes (Maklumat Book).


Mor? Dare Ewe?

WTF! SWAT Told to "Stand Down" at Navy Yard Shooting!

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Mor! We love her we DO we Do we DO!

"Here's a montage of attorneys who lied, cheated, stole, acted as trustees on my trust, represented me in my divorce, while hiding facts about my trust and attorney generals who ignored me when I
reported the original crimes. They instead sat back and watched 85% more crime occur to my trust and me, as I first reported an 80M$ embezzlement of my trust in 2004. I still had two homes at that time and some money. Now I've got one foot in the streets, as Larry and I fight for our lives, and that of our one tiny dog.

You'll never hear about stories such as ours from the media; trust me they know! AND THE SHILLs ARE HARD AT WORK DEMANDING THESE STORIES OF TRUTH stop!

THIS IS A FACT AND MY CONTRIBUTION TO YOUR WELL BEING; PLEASE REVIEW MY FB WALL AND MY BLOG BEFORE YOU DECIDE NOT TO BELIEVE ME; and pick up & read this revealing; filled with manipulation; gaslighting; federal crimes and a love story all tied up in one book; GOD'S ON OUR SIDE SWEETIE! BUT THE DEVIL HAS CONTROL!

When you hire a law firm or an attorney this is what you can expect for your hourly or contingency fees. And, just so you know, you have just signed your death warrant!

1) Federal crimes committed in your contract; yes even if you exercise your right to another attorney's opinion about the crime filled contract; because the other opinion will support their criminal colleague since they are very most likely being bribed to shut up or lie! $$$$$$$$$

2) Once pass the criminal contract stage, unbeknownst to you yet, your attorney will immediately start lying about the laws. His agenda is to actually protect that whom you're suing because they most likely have more money than you and your attorney's kind gesture towards them during the trying times will be remembered and the defendant will next time hire your attorney to represent them, especially if the defendant is a financial institution! Yes! Financial institutions can always be counted on to pay; you can't. Attorneys like this; they don't care about the law or justice! $$$$$$$$

SIDE NOTE: Did you know that many financial institutions will hire all the law firms in their state that handle banking issues? Yep! Why would they do this?

3) Based on what has already been revealed here, your attorney will progress in your law suit with his/her agenda front row and center:>) $$$$$$$$

4) Your attorney will now manipulate your lawsuit based on his/her agenda and goals which could amount to refraining from subeonaing documents of proof; you'll be lied to as to why if you're alert enough to ask? But even if you are you'll get whatever treatment from your attorney that your curiosity dictates; if your pretty dumb about the law, as I once was, they don't have to work very hard to do this; if you're smart about the law, which I've grown to be, they'll just withdraw from your case(s) and put in writing a standard, "difference of opinion" statement. If you want to challenge this you'll have to seek out another law firm who sues attorneys, but this is a lie too! These law firms are plants in the industry who scope out potential trouble for their colleagues and mislead the potential client with more lies as to why they won't take the criminal case against an attorney who's a criminal; usually it's c#@p about statutes and more lies! $$$$$$$$

SIDE NOTE: No, your state bars don't care about all this federal crime; actually they sanction it:>) They only prosecute scapegoats in their mist. You know like an honest attorney doing right by the law, so even if you happen to be an honest attorney you'll at some point have to decide, "I must become a criminal like my colleagues or be suspended by the state bar. Hum, which should I be." $$$$$$$$

5) But if all continues on your case with your attorney who's a criminal and the state bar and attorney general ignore your complaints about him/her you'll continue to watch your attorney withhold documents from the judge; lie to the judge; create amended complaints to the court excluding most of the federal crime committed against you, if it happens to be a suit against a financial institution. You'll be thinking, "Gee my attorney is purposely protecting the financial institution not me? And, I've reported him while the authorities will do nothing. I can't fire him because, I'll have to pay him anyway? Hell what do I do? No other law firm will sue my attorney who's a hardened criminal? Looks like I'm going down!:>(( $$$$$$$$

SIDE NOTE: Below is what's occurring yet there's nothing you can do because no one of authority will intervene?

18 USC § 4 - Misprision of felony

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

SIDE NOTE: This law is broken everyday by Eric Holder and most state attorney generals as they purposely ignore all federal financial crimes committed by the financial institutions, financial elite and attorneys. Then the attorneys and judges manipulate documents; other attorneys withhold proof of federal crimes from judges; then still other judges claim certain proof (you know the undeniable proof) won't be accepted as evidence! What's worse the media won't say a word including alternative! We live in a very sick country!!!

6) In fact attorneys know they will never be held accountable for anything they do so believe me they are having a field day, especially lately with all the federal crimes and foreclosures by national financial institutions! They are even becoming sloppy with their advertizing on their websites; they can get away with as much as 85% lies in their CVs these days. This is advertizing fraud, but hell this is alright too? It's alright that an attorney destroy their clients life with federal crimes and throw them into the streets! $$$$$$$$

7) In fact your attorney can take on a case for you worth millions of dollars stolen from you by a number of financial institutions committing federal crimes and purposely not address the federal crimes stated in the contract between you but instead arrogantly steal your home; all your belongings and your settlement should you actually get one? Your attorney will call these funds, "his cost" and won't have to prove these costs to anyone, certainly not you! And, there isn't a thing you can do about it! $$$$$$$$

WELCOME TO THE USA!!!! Here's a partial list of the attorneys who in one way or another destroyed my life with federal crimes, malfeasance, corruption; moral turpitude and misprision of felony. The missing photo at the moment is of Michael P. Bryant Esq. of Orange County, California. There might be more attorneys I have since forgotten? I'm sure I'll remember who as soon as I hit, "Post""

Dare U?

My ELF Weapon': More Proof Navy Yard Shooter Targeted with Mind Control Weapons

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