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Demmink the scumbag paedo who ran the Dutch GOVERNMENT legal system, until HEROES @OccupyAdam @JacquilineWxxx

"Voormalig topambtenaar Joris Demmink (Justitie) verzet zich tegen het horen van getuigen in de naar hem genoemde affaire.
Dat meldt Stichting De Roestige Spijker. De stichting voor onderzoeksjournalistiek en tegen doofpotten wil dat een stafambtenares van het ministerie van Justitie onder ede wordt gehoord. Volgens twee ex-collega's heeft deze ambtenares hun verteld dat zij in het verleden 'jonge jongens' voor Demmink heeft moeten regelen. De Roestige Spijker bepleit een getuigenverhoor van een aantal betrokkenen. De rechtbank in Utrecht buigt zich vrijdag 27 september over dit verzoek. Demmink heeft via zijn raadsman Knijff laten weten helemaal geen verhoor te wensen.
'Jonge jongens'"

Public Masturbation Allowed in Sweden After Man Beats Sex Crime Charge by newsbreaker


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The Demmink docu on Youtube is internationally viewed more than 260,000 times.
Former top official Joris Demmink (Justice) precludes the examination of witnesses in the affair named after him.
That says Foundation The Rusty Nail. The foundation for investigative journalism and against coverups wants a stafambtenares of the Ministry of Justice is heard under oath. According to two former colleagues female official has told them that they had to settle in the past. 'Young boys' for Demmink The Rusty Nail advocated an examination of a number of people involved. The court in Utrecht bends Friday, September 27th on this request. Demmink has indicated that it wishes. No questioning by his counsel Knijffelingstraat
'Young boys'
Through a leaked email to CDA Pieter Omtzigt, which later proved from former prison director Bart Molenkamp, ​​and whose Catholic Newspaper on this website on March 19, the first message was revealed that Molenkamp and his colleague Jacques Huet during a mission in 1992 had spoken with Demminks personal assistant, who would they have had to settle for him. 'young boys' complained The reason now to come back on was the growing scandal about the systematic protection of Demmink by Justice. Therefore, the two got their story to a notary Haarlem. De Volkskrant published about it on June 20.
The statements were Rusty Nail rise to questions. Witnesses According to the foundation is a thorough investigation into allegations of Demmink partly by the statements of the former prison directors unavoidable. The Rusty Nail wants to hear the former prison directors and their colleagues as soon as possible. But lawyer Adele van der Plas, Detective Klaas Langendoen and a man who claims to have been abused by Demmink minor. These three people are all featured in American English documentary Injustice: when child traffickers run a nation, on YouTube more than 260,000 times viewed. They also took the floor at the hearingon our top justice official in the U.S. Congress, which in the Netherlands onlyCatholic Newspaper and Algemeen Dagblad report did.
'Deep-rooted conspiracy'
Is a thorough investigation into the matter Demmink, despite claims to the contrary by Minister Opstelten, never existed. Meanwhile, all legal costs Demmink paid by the State. At the expense of the taxpayer resistance top lawyer Knijffelingstraat now on behalf of his client against a witness. Knijffelingstraat states that the foundation makes serious infringement of personal integrity Demmink and driven by a "deep-rooted conspiracy theory".
The Utrecht court discusses the request for the hearing of witnesses Friday, September 27th at 13:00.


"A Case of Corrupted Custody Combo ~ Clark County Nevada: Lawyer from Hell - Devil for a Judge - & - A Justice System in Purgatory 
All Corruption Emerges In A Specific Form ~ The Sacred vs Profane

The history of Corrupted Clark County Recorder Frances Deane (charged 2006/convicted 2010 for criminal activity in 2005) still needs to be interwoven with specific history presented here. I'm working on that now ~ That's where I've been ~ & dealing with FB changes ~"

obviously, must follows:   


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